I’ll Say It….I Told You So

Due to pressure from me the FSC was forced to make a statement today about what happened to the performer subsidy fund, here it is:

Performer Subsidy Fund

For August and September, the fund was used to pay for performer treatment and testing for syphilis. We are getting the final invoices from the providers this week. It looks as if there will be some money left over and we will use the remaining funds to subsidize performers who have tested for their regular test panel in the month of September. The first checks for the performer subsidy fund should go out Monday October 8th. Next month all funds should go to subsidizing performers for regular tests.

Thank you again for your help and cooperation,

Diane Duke

FSC Chief Executive Officer

Imagine that….I got it right again….Here is my direct quote  “ten to one the FSC will say they spent it on the preventative Penicillin shots….but wait that was supposedly paid for by Fabian and Evil Angel and a few others……so where is that money?

For the record a Penicillin shot costs about 4 bucks.

Bottom line  They are LYING to you.

If you buy this nonsense you are too dumb to be in porn.

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I’ll Say It….I Told You So

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4 Responses

  1. I qoute gomer pile on this issue suprise suprise. Not really for nothing FSC does any more suprise me.

  2. Ricco, I will take a guess. I think the next thing will be that Diane Duke stole $80K or thereabouts of Fabian’s test reimbursement money. Since Fabian, Kink and Evil Angel paid for the penicillin shots/Zithromax pills and Diane said later that the reimbursement money went to that as well (which we know is a bold-faced lie) Diane pocketing the money is the likely explanation. Peter Acworth (FSC board member and Kink.com owner/CEO) will then loan the FBI agents a pair of handcuffs to haul Diane off to jail. FYI I estimated that the penicillin shot charade cost about $14K, not even close to what Diane is claiming.

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