If It Were Your Life, What Would You Do?

I have a friend, a relative young fellow, younger than myself, who has been diagnosed with cancer.  He is a likeable guy, honest and very much forthright about his life.   I’m not going to go into details about his disease because that isn’t what this is about.  It is his story that made me think and inspired this update.

He has done everything the doctors told him to do. But it hasn’t been enough.  At this point he is out of options, from the standpoint of American Doctors anyway.  He stays on top of the latest news in research and trials.

In a recent trial at the Mayo Clinic a lady was cured of cervical cancer by being injected with the Measles Virus. You may read about it on The Mayo Clinic Website HERE.

The problem is that he can’t get the treatment here, for his best hope to beat this cancer he  will have to seek expensive experimental therapy overseas.  Dr. Kevin Harrington  from the Institute  of Cancer Research in London is doing studies right now.  Time is really of the essence.

He understands that this treatment is experimental and not necessarily a cure but, if you were in his shoes what would you do?  It isn’t like he has other choices except to wait, hope and pray.  I know if it were me I would fight, I would do whatever it took and take whatever chances were reasonable.  Personally I think that at this point this is the right decision.

A friend of his has started a go fund me campaign that explains more about it and about him.  Some of you may know him, he is “one of ours” and I would encourage you to spare a bit if you can to help this guy get a chance.  It can’t hurt and it could be a life changer for him and his family, even if it only buys more time.

This is his gofundme.  Lets try to put him over the top.

As you all know I don’t do this sort of thing but this one hits close to home for me and if my readers can help I am happy to give this a plug, Because I know this person and I know that this is legit,  I wish I could say i will match anything donated by my readers but I honestly don’t make that kind of money…but I will TRY to match it.

If everyone who reads this donates 5 bucks in the next 7 days he will be off to get treatments next week…thats the difference you could make.

Thank You all.



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If It Were Your Life, What Would You Do?

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  1. I honestly don’t know what I would do in his situation. However, I wish your friend (I read the Go Fund Me and I think I know who you are talking about but since you did not mention his name here I won’t either) the best whatever he decides and that his cancer is cured. If that is not possible I hope he at least doesn’t pass on in pain, spends his last days surrounded by family and friends and is able to leave this earth with his life’s dreams fulfilled.

    Also, FUCK CANCER!!!!! In porn we lost Hollie Stevens a couple of years ago. She spend her final days at home (cared for by hospice) with her new husband and friends. Jack Hammer has also fought cancer, fortunately he survived and is in remission now (and working for Intersec along with Matt Williams).

  2. This brought something to mind. Off-topic, but what happened to Raven Alexis? I remember there was a lot of talk that everything was faked, but I’m not sure I ever heard anything conclusive. She kinda just disappeared publicly.

  3. It was fake. I can, unfortunately, confirm first hand. What happened to her or she’s doing now, i don’t know. Hopefully for her she is working hard to get back on track with her life.

  4. raven alexis (and lots of others) were totally fakes to scam fans out of money its why I am so leery of these things…now days if you have an accident or get sick and dont have insurance its your own fault…The affordable care act is mandatory insurance and theres no excuse for NOT having it. In this guys case he had insurance and did eveything he was suppossed to but that insurance wont pay for this treatment because its out of the United States this is real he just had his last round of chemo…I checked this thoroughly plus I know Roman and yes I have donated and will again…he is one of us and he has been helpful to me personally in the past so I am happy to help him.

  5. speaking of Raven Alexis I took a lot of heat for that one..picking on poor lil miss raven alexis…I stuck to my guns and time proved me right.. I dont mind fans helping someone out…or friends or whatever but faking cancer is disgusting.

  6. That’s wild. Like, she was committed to the scam too. I think there were photos with her hair gone, so she did that for the sake of the lie. Yikes.

  7. To be clear I wasn’t insinuating anything about this case. It literally just sparked my curiosity about Raven because it just kinda went away and I never heard anything certain.

  8. Raven has exposed me both financially and professionally and also emotively. Alec and Moe Helmy, Alexis then-boyfriend and many colleagues could testify for me, together with a bunch of emails from Raven’s entourage which of course i still conserve. I could have gone public and hit the mainstream news widely, if i wanted, and even suing her, but then adding misery to misery is not on my chords. As i said, i hope she is working hard with herself to get back on track with her life and i wish her well. Maybe one day she’ll apologize to me as a way for her to feel better, not for my ego.

    To different extents, but she hasn’t been the only one screwing me and others about “donations” and that’s why i’m very reluctant to donate to industry people, particularly performers. Roman’s case is from a completely different book and i’ll do all i can to help bringing more contributions to his cause.

  9. I am Roman, and I want to thank everyone for taking the time to look at this post. I also want to express my gratitude for those that have donated. I’ve been quietly dealing with this issue for a couple of years now and I have no intention of going out without a fight. I’m doing well right now, in fact if you saw me or talked to me you’d have no idea i was sick. But there will be battles ahead and I need to be prepared for them. It was never my intention to ask for any help from anyone, but after encouragement from a really good friend ( Tina Jordan 2004 playboy playmate and Hef’s live in at the time) and talking it over with Mike I decided some extra help certainly couldn’t hurt. So Tina set up the account and Mike was generous enough to post it here. If any of you have the ability to repost this to your facebook accounts or tweet it out every so often that would be helpful and I will give updates as often as possible. The kind words you’ve all commented with are very encouraging and it is heartwarming to say the least. Thanks again everyone.

  10. Unfortunately Rave Alexis is not the only one to pull off the cancer scam for donations. I personally know that two other semi-famous performers ‘cancer’ illnesses were phony. One of them even did the whole shave her head, but like raven, forgot to do the eyebrows, a dead give-away. When your hair falls out from chemo it doesnt leave stubble. And about three months later she is miraculously cured of a stage 4 cancer. ONLY IN PORN

  11. Thanks @mharris127, That is the plan. After a couple years I’m adjusted to the chemo and have been stable, but once a drug wears off and your tumor markers start to go up or your p.e.t scans show some growth its on to the next drug…. the only bad part about that is there are only so many approved drugs available. So once this chemo drug wears off they will tell me theres not much more they can do. Hey 2 years ago they told me I had 6 months to live… at that point my main goal was to see my daughter graduate…. I will see that in a few months. My body and mind have made it a lot longer than what they thought and I still work out almost daily and I don’t experience much pain compared to many others I’ve met… Oh and I still get laid too!!! Overall what more can you hope for when faced with something like this? I quote from the Shawshank Redemption ” You can get busy living or you can get busy dying” If any of you or your families are faced with something difficult like this I hope that you choose to get busy living. Again thanks everyone.

  12. @commonsense
    Go Fuck Yourself! You’ve been part of this. Spit on yourself or try to use the little nuts you’ve left to make sense, common or not. Have respect for respectful topics, if you can. There’s always a limit and you’re crossing it. Take a 20 hours hiatus. We all know what you think and we even respect it, but there’s a time to spit shit and a time to shut the fuck up. Can you discern?

  13. The treatment you’re considering sounds intriguing. I don’t rely on Vice for breaking Cancer treatment news but they posted article this week with several equally intriguing options for various cancers.

    Thanks for making your journey public and please add my warm thoughts to the many unspoken or unseen wishes for you and your family whichever path you choose.

  14. As a survivor hearing about people using non-existent Cancer for attention or cash is offensive on so many levels. though I do pity them for not knowing x really does mark the spot …the thrill of a white marker on images to make cool constellations around titanium markers …or fucking up a stellar nuclear scan with geometric sharpie designs…Joys of oncology 😉

  15. I have to remark that what Raven Alexis did was so extremely immoral and unforgivable, it’s just beyond the pale. For someone to do that, I just can’t see them ever leading anywhere near a functional life.

    I saw her shaved head and found out it was all a lie and I thought: “Man, there are people that just operate on the lowest level of humanity”

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