I Need A Few Girls Who Want TO Talk To The New York Times

I have a friend at a Major Newspaper who wants to interview some performers who recently left the industry.  There is no angle, your experiences can be good, bad or both and this is a reporter I trust, you dont have to give your real name but dont spend 30 minutes talking to her and then tell her that was all “off the record”  nobody likes to waste time.  If you are intelligent and well spoken hit me up at mikesouthxxx@gmail or call me if you have my number.    PR people are welcomed to respond to this call for performers..Thanks Y’all

443760cookie-checkI Need A Few Girls Who Want TO Talk To The New York Times

I Need A Few Girls Who Want TO Talk To The New York Times

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  1. Unfortunately I don’t qualify as I am not a former performer and also not female but I look forward to the article and I do subscribe to the New York Times website.

    Also, I hope retirement is going well for you, Mike and that your yacht is seeing a lot of use nowadays.

  2. Matthew is too bashful to reveal this but he actually appeared in at least one episode of “Watching My Daughter Go Black” (as the father, of course).

  3. You have me confused with the other Matthew Harris living in my county. I have never been talent in a porn movie (no one wants to see a 400 pound old guy in a porno so all I would be qualified to do is direct). BTW, how many movies have you appeared in as the “father” watching his daughter fuck Crips or Bloods? Also, Hop, did you get fucked up the ass in these movies by big, black cock as well?

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