Hush Hush Drops The “N” Bomb



This title is causing an uproar all over the fan boi sites, seems that all the interracial fans are offended by the word nigger in the title.

Nigga Please!

You buy movies for years where black people are characterized as animals, monsters, sub species and basically anything but human and THIS title offends you?  I smell a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

I’m reminded of the black (and very human) performer who wrote to me that he would rather be called a nigger.

A word by itself is rather meaningless until it is put into context I mean lets face it, until now the word Nigger has been avoided in a title but it’s used all the time in the dialogue, and in the titles hasn’t this industry been disparaging black performers for years? I don’t loook at a person and see a color any more than I look at a person and see a hair color, if you are a human, that’s good enough for me.



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Hush Hush Drops The “N” Bomb

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5 Responses

  1. I find performers who refuse to do interracial scenes 100 times more offensive than the title of this movie.

  2. Simply being human is good enough for you? Nigga please. Race, ethnicity, and any and all other categories aside, you apparently haven’t met as many so-called, self-proclaimed “humans” as you think you have.

  3. I’ve never understood the outrage directed at performers who chose not to do interracial scenes. It’s funny how you never see this same type of criticism directed at black female performers who won’t have sex with white guys.

  4. I never got it either I mean using that logic male performers should not only have to do gay scenes, they should have to do them with black men.

    It just amazes me the logic these guys use to justify their fetish.

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