How Will The FSC Try To Cover for The Guy Read It Here

I have figured it out and then verified it via someone at the FSC who posts on GFY

They are going to say that it was all a mistake and that when he tested and got treated he thought he was safe to work so it isn’t his fault.

Hopefully I don’t have to tell you what bullshit that spin is….If he thought he was safe to work why did he forge tests? and he DID forge his test.

This tactic is a BLATANT disregard for talent safety do not let them get away with this bullshit….

Diane Duke is furious that I found out about the press conference, this is going to make her even madder I hope.

Word to Diane and the FSC  stop acting like scumbags.  We may be in porn but we are smart enough to know when you are selling us out.

64170cookie-checkHow Will The FSC Try To Cover for The Guy Read It Here

How Will The FSC Try To Cover for The Guy Read It Here

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  1. SPIN II: I’d wager that right about now a lot of talent are getting penicillin injections to clear up a possible syphilis infection before they test, so the results will be that no one else in the talent pool was infected, or at the very least a very minimal amount. This will play perfectly with what you say in your post.

    The spin doctors will be hard at work on this one because this couldn’t come at a worse time.

    When it’s all said and done Mr. Syphilis will be shooting again as if nothing happened, and the powers that be can claim the system worked.

  2. The sad truth is most in porn dont give crap about the talent. You can see it here and it screamed out during pornwikileaks. Talent who makes it all possible is considered the dirt under their shoes. Its sad, not alot of producers care like you do Mike.

  3. FSC does it well be dumbiest thing have ever done. Frist it well erase alot trust with most porn stars who put there faith trust in FSC safe gaurd them from this . Second Shelle Lubben and Michael Weinstein well be two happiest people on earth for FSC which they have fought with tooth nail well have discredit self porn inudsrty as being ever thing said about it. Next time debate about health safty porn indusrty come up all Shelle Lubben or Michael Weinstein need do point Diane Duke FSC say see how saurus there not about safty porn stars in porn indusrty. The well put Diana Duke on spot on this matter she well have explain her actions to world it well be very bad day for indisrty again when she does or does not. Can a bad situation be made worst well if thing happen way Mike say FSC plans on doing towmor answer question yes. Ever body in porn indusrty gone take bite that shit sandwich as happens.

  4. Richard, I can taste that shit sandwich already and I am 1800 miles away from Porn Valley. I have two hamburgers on the stove as I type and hope that will take the taste away at least for a minute but it probably won’t.

    As for “Mister”, man up. Actually you should have manned up three or four weeks ago but you instead acted like a little selfish brat pig and likely gave at least 24 people that I know of Syphilis (18 in Budapest and six in America)! In doing so you fucked every talent member, studio, director, producer and fan up the ass with Shelley Lubben’s eight foot staff and I for one am pissed off! I hope you meet Mike South and a few of the producers that have cancelled millions of dollars worth of shoots because of what you did in a back alley in Chatsworth — I guarantee you will come out on the losing end “Mister”. There are only three people in the history of porn that have been stupid enough to flunk out. You are one “Mister”, Donny Long and Marc Wallice are the others. Funny, two on that list flunked out by faking tests and causing a shit storm on Porn Valley. My suggestion “Mister” is to go suck Marc Wallice’s dick, he will be the only person in the country that will touch your skanky pig ass after this scandal! Then you can have both Syphilis and HIV.

  5. when and where is the Fucking Stupid Clowns press confrence? If, somebody stood outside and sold eggs, and tomotoes, to throw at them all , you make a killing today $$$.

  6. 8/20/2012 11:38 AM PST
    Regarding Syphilis Outbreak Diane Duke Claims Performer Didn’t Cheat

    Richard Abowitz writes on – The lobbying group for the adult-film industry is calling for a nationwide moratorium on shooting in the wake of a syphilis scare.

    Last Thursday, the adult industry trade publication XBIZ sent shock waves through the porn world by quoting two agents announcing that the unidentified performer had tested positive for the STD and allegedly worked for weeks shooting scenes, using a doctored test.

    By the following day, was reporting that the Los Angeles County Health Department was looking at a cluster of five possible syphilis cases related to the adult industry.

    Over the weekend, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), the lobbying group for the adult industry that also established porn’s STD-testing protocol and database, called for a nationwide moratorium on shooting.

    While the moratorium is voluntary, it is expected that porn producers represented by the association will adhere to it. The FSC is working with doctors to determine the length of the hiatus, and to arrange for syphilis testing of performers who may have been exposed to the disease.

    In the absence of more specific information, performers were left panicked, bewildered and furious—with the most damming vitriol focused on the male performer who allegedly worked with syphilis.

    Typical was Kristina Rose’s reaction. The diminutive porn star sent a Tweet: “I think the next person to lie about their test should be tortured & killed. If u agree please RT.” And, close to 40 of her followers swiftly did Re-Tweet that message, including some of her industry peers.

    The issue of doctored tests strikes a particularly raw nerve in the adult industry, because a performer who cheated the old system is believed to have been behind a serious HIV outbreak that infected a number of porn stars in the ’90s.

    The current testing database was created last year by FSC in response to the sudden shuttering of the longtime clinic that served the adult industry, amid lawsuits and a controversy over alleged leaked medical records. The syphilis case is the first major test of FSC’s new system service, APHSS (Adult Protection Health and Safety Services).

    Reached for an exclusive phone interview with The Daily Beast on Sunday night, Diane Duke, executive director of FSC, denied that the performer fabricated his tests.

    “There have been a lot of rumors,” Duke says. “I would say the performer did not cheat the system. I would say other factors were at play.”

    Asked to elaborate, Duke demurred for now. “More information on that is probably going to be revealed in the future,” she says. The two talent agents who made the claim about the fabricated tests in the XBIZ article did not respond to requests for interviews.

  7. DWB, my understanding is that “Mister” performed in Budapest about four to six weeks ago. I could be wrong (the various news sources could be wrong and not all of them reported this — I don’t remember which source reported that because I have read so many) but I think that is where he got Syphilis and helped spread it around both there and here. That is why I said “likely” in my original comment. Unfortunately we probably will never know for sure but that is my educated guess.

  8. DWB,
    Isn’t it just as likely that Mr.***** was already infected when he went to Budapest and he is the one who started it over there? I would imagine if he traveled over to Budaphest he did quite alot of work while there. I don’t think he would go over there just to shoot a few scenes. This is just speculation, but just as possible as your scenario.

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