How To Defeat AHF and the Condom Law

One of the seminars I attended in Miami was the legal seminar and the hot topics were 2257 and the new condom law, and the coming county wide referendum.  Diane Duke was the moderator. According to the legal beagles nobody wants this law except AHF, even the L.A. City Council doesn’t want it. It’s there though and the next step is enforcement. It will soon be the county wide law and likely it will end up on a state ballot.

The sad thing is it could all be resolved relatively easily.   But the industry is going to have to get together and make a sensible decision, one that will help the L.A. City council people that supposedly don’t want this law.

We will have to become truly condom optional. no consequences for any performer that chooses to shoot with a condom.  Condoms would be made available on every set. Now don’t give me the old “It hurts sales Bullshit, Wicked is consistently in the top sales and rentals with all condom features.

Doing this puts the responsibility on the performers, plain and simple liberty over legislation.  They have a real choice and the exercise it that gives the people in government who might be on our side a way to fight it.

Your other option is legislation requiring you to shoot with condoms.

I passed this along to Diane Duke, I also passed it along to Alec Helmy and to Theo at AVN.

Is the industry smart enough to help itself on this issue or are we just going to continue to refuse to exercise any self control and let government do it for us?

Time to come together, let them divide us and we fall.


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How To Defeat AHF and the Condom Law

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  1. IMHO, being truly condom-optional will never happen. That’s a pipe-dream. The first performer who tests the “truly condom-optional option” will never shoot another scene.

    More likely is that the result will be what it normally is when government injects itself into things with which it should not bother. Shooting will go underground. The big companies will leave town or abandon static shooting locations. For those that remain, last minute location announcements will be the norm. Get in, get it shot, get out. There won’t be a condom in site. The girls will have less protection than they already had. Just like drugs and prostitution, there will be the occasional bust and the occasional newspaper article. Then life will go on as if nothing happened. As usual, Government = Fail.

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