HDDVD v. BluRay

Being a tech geek from way back ( I bought a DVD player when they first entered the market, ditto VHS, ditto CD and so on) I have been watching this closely.

One thing that struck me is that I havent been excited about either format even though I own 2 HDTVs and a PS3 ( Which plays BluRay disks.) I find myself far more likely to enjoy HD movies from my media server, it’s fast, efficient, I get what I want and store it on my hard drive, most movies in 720P will fit on a DVD9 1080P of course doesnt but in all honesty the difference in quality is pretty much undetectable.

From everything I have seen the two formats are running neck and neck but they have such a small market share as to be pretty much insignificant, consider most PS3 owners have never bought a BluRay movie to play in it and you kind of get the idea.

Now how does this effect porn you may ask?

Well to hear some tell it we sell more movies than Hollywood so we should be going “gangbusters” but my readers are smarter than that. You guys are well aware that Pirates of the Caribbean sold more in one day than Pirates will sell in it’s lifetime. To that, even Hollywood will tell you that sales of both formats are disappointing, particularly by comparison to DVD at a similar place in its introduction. Lots of people and sites will talk about whether HDDVD or BluRay is selling better but none of them show actual numbers.

DP says that Pirates is selling gangbusters on BluRay but that’s bullshit because it isn’t available yet. I’m sure the presales are doing OK but I will bet you that the DVD version outsold both HD formats by a 100 to 1 margin, even at the ridiculously high price of 45.00 (You can buy all three of the Disney Pirate Movies for less than that)

In the VHS v. BETA war it is said that porn made the difference in VHS victory and that is probably true, but in the HD wars it’s a whole different ball game. In the tape days there wasn’t an internet that could deliver either format real time, you had no option for porn other than to buy 8mm “loops” . Today you can get online and if you know what you are doing you can download the HDDVD version of Pirates (or any other movie) for free in full HD quality, menus and extras and all in less time than it would take you to go to the video store and plunk down your 50 bucks for it. You can bet that as soon as the BluRay version is released to the public it will be available as well.

HD will probably eventually supplant SD no doubt about that but it won’t be quick, it will simply phase out SD (Standard Definition) but it will be a while, and before it does the big growth and the ultimate delivery method will be via the internet, making it doubtfull that both formats combined will never outsell what the standard def DVD has sold since it’s introduction.

Look for HD players to be 100 dollars next christmas and mark my words they will play more internet formats like Divx than they will hard formats like bluray and hddvd

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HDDVD v. BluRay

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