Green Gene Gets Sloppy


Since the Gawker article it seems that the lesser site is not very happy.  Apparently Green gene over there feels slighted and has now taken to running my original stories without attribution.

Bad idea there Green Gene.  As a general rule I don’t care when people use my stories as long as they source me, like Cindi at lukeisback did when she picked up the same story.  It’s what we do in this biz, If I use something Green Gene wrote he gets sourced with a link back, that practice is a universally standard practice.

I’m a magnanimous kind of guy today so this time ya get a pass there Green Gene…..

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Green Gene Gets Sloppy

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  1. The only story Green Gene get right are the ones he cut past from other porn news web sites. I all,s find funny when his shit gets cut past away from web site he get up set about when post off web site yet he has no trouble doing that other people.

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