Gene Ross Retires My Thoughts

Though Gene and I have been adversarial at times we were also in agreement much of the time and I never really harbored any hard feelings towards Gene except during the time he was working for Extreme Associates.  I think that in all his association with Rob Black was the catalyst for his demise, for the past few months Rob has been his only advertiser and those are all likely unpaid ads.

I never understood Gene’s devotion to Rob and I never will.

I expect at this point Rob will be the guy behind adultfyi but I don’t see him writing it simply because Rob can’t write.  Tommy can though and I expect Tommy may take the drivers seat there or they may try to get a guy from another blog to do it (not me)

One thing nobody could deny Gene is that he CAN write, he didn’t very often but when he did it was usually good.

He says that he will be going into the memorabilia biz with Scotty Schwartz and collecting his Social security.  I wish him well.


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Gene Ross Retires My Thoughts

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  1. He is not retiring. He is quitting. There is a difference. Only porn idiots misuse the word “retire” so frequently. Today is a great day for porn! Gene Ross has always been a shill for who ever is giving him a few dollars. While Rob Black was giving girls rubber checks Gene Ross was down the hall pretending to “be on your side”. Gene never once acknowledged the rubber checks which is pathetic. I’m glad to see the old loser go. Good riddens to bad trash. I hope the door doesnt hit him on the ass on the way out.

  2. Oh, come on… at least give him a *little* credit. The guy’s been in the adult business for 30 years. I think after 30 years, he should be able to call it a “retirement. ”

    It’s not like we’re talking about some porn star that shoots 20 scenes and then declares to the world that she is “retiring.”

  3. Lacey, the same thing could be said for Steve at or Dirtybob in Ohio , or that guy “Powder” or countless other hanger-ons. To really “be in the adult business” you need to really contribute to a finished product. I personally believe that video stores NEVER used AVN to determine what to stock in their stores. The distributers and sales people did that. AVN could have been written in Arabic and no one would have noticed. Gene Ross is getting in “retirement” what he gave to the industry. Diddly fucking squat.

  4. Chris…you are so right about AVN I have friends who are store owners and even in its heyday avn was 3 to 4 months BEHIND the release by the time they reviewed a video it was already in sell through bins.. Smart store owners stocked what performed well for them in the past, usually paying more attention to the director, the studio and the stars, in that order. Like him or not Ed Powers was massively successful early on and store owners saw that dirty debs was staying rented so the next time one came out they were sure to stock it deep enough to meet the demand, I saw similar success with Southern Belles, but not at the level Ed did.

    AVN has always been a paper tiger and in the days of the internet they are even less relevant now because they are completely beholden to advertisers to the point that they simply ignore news that they should be putting on the front page…take the complaint to the IRS on The FSC for example, they should be all over that, instead they simply pretend it didnt happen, as has XBiz. For all of Genes Lazy cut and paste and his poor ethics when it came to crediting the work he cut and pasted at least he was another voice of dissent, he would ask questions that should be asked.
    All of that said I have been watching The Newsroom and I have to say it has given me some degree of pride in what I am doing here….great show, highly recommended….

  5. The Newsroom is a great show, love it. Did you catch the reference they made about Measure B in the season finally? Lol! My thoughts exactly! Good stuff.

  6. Gene will be missed by all – fan or foe. Personally, I kinda liked him – great sense of humor!

  7. Someone once said, “No comment is a comment.” It might have been George Carlin but I’m not sure. Regardless, and with that thought in mind…

    No comment.

  8. hehehehe… yu mean so i could completely destroy any possibility of any small amount of work I might still get in this business of so little available work? LOL!

  9. Careful Jimmy – you don’t want to be accused of being a “hanger-on” – heh heh

  10. Dirtybob, no one would accuse JimmyD of being a “hanger-on”. He has a body of work . . .of finished products. On the other hand I’ve seen a few of your “excellent adventures”. Watching paint dry is more entertaining and exciting. I’ve seen people have seizures with more dignity and class. I’m suprised JVC didnt sue you for tainting the entire VHS market with your bullcrap. You want a reason to get close to porn girls. I get it. Just save your coins and pay for it like the “hobbyists”. Your not “in the industry” any more then putting on a set of scrubs makes you a Doctor.

  11. He’s baaaaaaaaaack Mike. I’m getting zoomed to contribute content but man oh man I’m just gonna watch for now to see how the dust settles out. I know you, but Gene is WAY before my time. Unless he visited Japan and carried my schoolbooks. :: hides ::

  12. Just so y’all know it is NOT GENE ROSS
    Donny Long and Sean Tompkins got together and launched the site as though Gene were involved, he is not. I have attempted to reach Gene with no success. The guys at adultdvdtalk and at gfy have done the tech work and found that the site is on donny longs server so he is busted….Repeat it is NOT Gene Ross he is still retired.

  13. I didn’t think Gene would associate with Donny but unfortunately you can’t be absolutely sure anymore. The burning question is why Donny and Sean would work together after all of the animosity between them in the PWL days. I am baffled by this one. What next, Uncle Peg and Donny doing gay threesomes with a paying john? Before the trolls chime in I cannot make a reasonable fact-supported conclusion that there is reliable information pointing to Uncle Peg fucking other guys even though he is evidently a confirmed gigolo, likes to take Aunt Peg’s strap-on up his ass (I wonder if that is his gigolo specialty — taking female doms strap-ons up the ass and maybe a cane smack or three on the dick for $300 an hour) and is the second or third worst person ever to be associated with the porn industry — making the likelihood of this happening remote but I would have thought of Sean and Donny teaming up being just as remote two weeks ago.

  14. Glad i could help…as for sean and donny workin together…truth is they were always just alike sean even wroites like Donny, he stole donnys idea adding “The Rea;” and in the end they are both not trustworthy….Dave has the money and Sean will sell out for it, and Donny he just loves the attention….what a crop of losers, seriously

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