Gene Ross Lost His Webmaster

I got a few emails toady asking if I knew what happened over there at the lesser site, so I started poking around and found out that Gene’s Webmaster Bill Fox resigned because of all the Rob Black complaints largely.

Now that generally doesn’t mean your site goes down EXCEPT when your webmaster is hosting you on HIS server. Normally if it were me I would say look you have two weeks to find another person to host you.  So that tells me that there may be some animosity going on there.

I am sure that the site will return but for those wondering what happened…that’s the scuttlebutt


77750cookie-checkGene Ross Lost His Webmaster

Gene Ross Lost His Webmaster

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  1. I, for one, enjoy reading the Rob Black Show highlights!!!!!! And I know quite a few other people who ALSO enjoy the Rob Black Show highlights. Just saying!!!! Keep up the good work, Gene!!!!!!

  2. Gene and Rob Black are amateur hacks at best and blithering idiots at worst. If Gene is such as damn loser that he cant use WordPress on his own hosting account then he deserves to lose all the data. Its like a bear shitting in the woods. No one cares.

  3. Too bad LIB turned into a shit site. New WM deletes posts left and right and only allows positive puff pieces. Its so bad now that they get like 3-5 comments a week. This site is much better.

  4. I believe that the articles on lukeisback about the Katie Summers lawsuit against John Stagliano have been good. There have been a bunch of comments that give different opinions about the lawsuit. Unfortunately, those articles have been the exceptions however. There were complaints about people going off topic and saying mean-spirited things to each other. Jeremy Steele has been one of the worst offenders when it came to going off topic with conspiracy theories, etc.. I don’t mind Jeremy Steele because I think he is entertaining. When it comes to fixing lukeisback, I find the cure worse the disease.

  5. Adultfyi is back, I discovered this when I went to the website this morning.

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