There I said it!

I’m sitting here listening to the radio and there’s a report about some politician who is going on the attack on companies selling prescriptions over the internet. Apparently most aren’t licensed to do so (and they probably aren’t in the US either so all he is doing is making noise)but you know what his concern is right?

Yes you got it, We need to do this “to protect the children” .

Geee the last I checked its pretty fucking hard for “the children” to get the credit cards needed to buy these prescription drugs. Where do they ship them to? The Tree house?  The Day Care Center?

I am so tired of the scum sucking politicians trying to justify the regulation of MY life  by pandering to the people too fucking stupid to see past the “To protect the children” bullshit.

I don’t have any fucking children.  So fuck you and fuck the children, protect me from the damned Nanny State.

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2 Responses

  1. AMEN!!!

    Preach it Brotha, Tell it like it is.

    Those Bastards don’t give a tinkers damn about “The Children”. Power and Control over us and ours is the only thing they give a flying fuck about. And that goes for ALL OF THEM. NOT just the Bedwetting, Thumbsucking Liberals, but also the Limpdick, No Balls, Lillylivered Republicans too.

  2. Double Amen Mike! Frank is right on as usual. It’s never been about the “the children”.

    I refuse to alter my lifestyle just because some guy refused to pull out and 12 years later doesn’t have the means to supervise what the fuck his kid is doing. Besides, children are just “work in progress assholes” who will eventually mature into full-blown adult assholes.

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