Fuck It I’m Going To The Beach

Things are quiet so Im hopping on the bike and headed to the beach for a week. so if ya need me that’s where I will be.   There will still be updates of course.

Interested in how the Monica Foster Case turns out today…..


106350cookie-checkFuck It I’m Going To The Beach

Fuck It I’m Going To The Beach

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  1. Enjoy the beach and make sure to videotape yourself fucking a couple of cute chicks for one of your websites (and videotape/copy the VD test results to show Michael Whiteacre that Jessica lied to him about your testing practices). Also, hopefully you catch a few red snapper while you are out on the water (you wouldn’t believe the price of red snapper in the seafood shops nowadays).

    Again, enjoy the beach and the cute chickies walking past in skimpy two-piece swimsuits.

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