FSC/PASS Lifts Moratorium Performers are OUTRAGED

How clueless can they be?  Really!

Xander Corvus is still within the exposure window, Rod Daily hasn’t made his results available, despite what the FSC says all first generation exposures have not been notified but now they say its OK to start shooting again? 6 days after a positive test? Are you people insane?

Way to go you idiots just assured passage of AB640

Twitter lit up last night when this was announced with some of the more responsible performers and producers urging people to not work and or refusing to shoot themselves.  This is good to see.  You know who you are and it pleases me that there are still some intelligent and responsible people left in the biz.

And the FSC has the fucking GALL to say that I am making them look bad…hell these fucking morons don’t need any help from me.

Diane Duke, Christian Mann do porn a favor and resign…NOW!



81870cookie-checkFSC/PASS Lifts Moratorium Performers are OUTRAGED

FSC/PASS Lifts Moratorium Performers are OUTRAGED

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46 Responses

  1. There’s GOT to be a better way to do what we do. I cannot believe that the government can’t throw 50 million dollars at the CDC to develop an at-home instant std test. Chlam, Gon, HIV, Hep A, B, C, D, whatever. Obviously the govt isn’t going to do it for the porn industry but it would solve so many problems if you could just pick up some skank from the bar, take her back to your place. you both piss in a cup, both get your finger pricked like in a diabetes test, go back to making out and finger banging, 5 minutes later lean over to get the results and start fucking or jump off depending on what the results come back with. Seems like a problem that a relatively small investment can solve. Gotta be a way. Maybe this is my “Zuckerberg” moment. 🙂

  2. Xander is a bisexual. Not gay.
    He likes men and boys.
    He is on a 3 month exposure
    Window for HIV. You want to
    Perform with him Sachertorte?

  3. @RiccoMarin do you have first hand knowledge of this? Has he sucked your cock? Or have you sucked his?

  4. @Ricco: despite an exhaustive search I have not found this mysterious clip you claim to have seen of Xander sucking another guy’s dick. The closest he’s been to gay porn is a NON-SEXUAL cameo appearance in one of Nica Noelle’s gay productions. He happens to be one of her favorite performers. Either produce the link to this mystery clip or shut the hell up. Next you’ll be saying James Deen is gay/bisexual too. Face it- you don’t like the younger, more attractive male talent because they make you feel insecure. You’ve already expressed your preference for bald, ugly, out-of-shape old men fucking hot girls less than half their ages. And as I am NOT a performer and have no desire to be one, NO, I don’t want to perform with him or anyone else. Would I do him offscreen? Not without a condom, which is the same rule I use for ANY other male.

  5. @Billy: Ricco claims to have seen a clip of Xander sucking cock but has yet to back this up by producing a link to the clip. Ricco is homophobic to a near-comical extent, seems jealous of all the younger, more attractive male talent, and enjoys dismissing most of them as “gay/bisexual.” He believes that porn is just for men and has stated his preference for bald, ugly, old, out-of-shape old men as male talent. Probably a fan of Tim Von Swine, Ron Jeremy, Dave Cummings, and Rod Fontana. Here’s a site dedicated to geezers and barely-legal girls: http://www.jurassiccock.com/index.php?p=1
    Yeah, no one’s girlfriend or wife is going to want to watch that to get in the mood……

  6. @ Sachertorte;

    Yes I saw a video clip my wife found on X-videos.com ( its a tube site) and he is definately sucking some cock. Now cunt, you can suck my dick and put something in your fucking mouth and YOU shut the fuck up. The faggot is “considered” contaminated for 3 month and can take some fucking time off for at least 6 month’s at keep testing just like other “faggots” have done in the Porn Industry when such has happen in the previous years, before your skank ass came on this forum. So I’ll say again your fucking skank, FUCK YOU! and the horse you rode in on. NO, I don’t like faggots and I don’t like you cunt!

  7. @ Billy; No I don’t like fags and I don’t have sex with other men.
    You want to tell about your experinces Billy? You sound like a
    California FagGoon…Like it in the butt? Huh? Billy Boy?
    How about a swallowing men’s cum Billy? You want some BOY?

  8. And Yes James Deen is a two face piece of shit too!
    Advocates for Condom use for Brazzers( that piece of shit porn outfit) and then says he’s never had a STD in 1200 performences he has done since 2004. People in porn are so full of shit. He is one of them

    Fags have ruined the porn industry along with the fag agents.
    Shut the mother fucker down and send them all packing. Let some of the HIV potentials move in and live with Billy and Sachertorte and let them “leach” off them two.

  9. Hey hardman; You still around these days?
    What a fucking mess that “industry” has turned in to , huh?
    Fags blowing it all out! That’s what happens when you let those Ferry’s like Derrick Hays and other LATATA fruit cakes come in.

    They fuck up the Talent pool with lower rates and then infect the industry with HOMOS that switch back and forth and then turn all
    the Male talent into lower paid ass kissers and Female talent into
    No good, thieving, pieces of worthless shit Escorts and the diseases get passed all over the place and it keeps getting “worse”

    If the Industry shutdown get’s lifted you’ll see certain stupid, asskisser’s GO back to work and get infected and pass the shit around back and forth and more outbreaks will happen. Sucking cocks with condoms. Yeah Right! ain’t going to happen,

    Hardman You era of porn was alot better than todays quality of shit.

  10. Findagaytube.com really has Xander Corvus(micheal) sucking some
    mean cock on that one boys and girls.

    You obivously all live in Denial too. Fuck you!!! FagHag Whore!
    You want some I’ll give it too you.

  11. @RiccoMarin so your not in the business just a fan boy, huh? A heckler on the sidelines get proof that xander has done gay porn, post it, then I’ll believe you. Until then your comments are shit.

  12. @ Billy that’s right I buy your shitting performences that you perform in and some homo director shoots you. I don’t have to POST shit Billy.
    Go look and watch and enjoy yourself. You guys in California are into that gay shit anyway. I am not. Billy the pornstar.

  13. @Ricco: no one wants your dick, not even your wife. And I KNEW you were going to come through with the C-word eventually! So fucking predictable. Oh, and you don’t like me? Oh, I care SO MUCH. Fucking knuckle-dragging homophobic goon. You’re pathetic and borderline illiterate.

  14. @Ricco: a “ferry” is a boat. You must have had a GREAT education. The only reason you won’t post the link to this supposed scene is because YOU DON’T HAVE IT.

  15. Children, please TRY to act like adults There are plenty of other places on the internet to act like little kids. Please show some respect to Mike and yourselves.

  16. @jilted: you may have noticed that “Ricco” actually started with the incoherent nonsense and name-calling and gay-baiting (towards both myself and “Billy”), so please don’t blame me for eventually responding to him at his own level. He was first to lower the discourse. And Nick East’s comments are not helping either. This is an open forum, yet they both mock/attack those expressing a different viewpoint, and seem obsessed with “gay” performers. Reference Nick’s above comment to Billy, as if if Billy has no business stating his opinions. I realize I’m at a disadvantage here as this blog is populated, 99.9%, by male commenters, and certain people find my viewpoint unwelcome, but when I am attacked I am going to respond in kind. I am perfectly capable of having reasonable discussions with those who are mature and articulate.

  17. @Nick: the fact that someone’s opinion differs from yours does not mean they don’t have every right to comment. This is an open forum and you could try treating it as such without the attitude.

  18. @sachetorte: What is your opinion of Diane Duke? How about Mark Kernes? And why do you care that european porn is going to make a lot of money if American porn shuts down? Why point that out at all? What is your opinion of requiring condoms in porn? I personally feel that Diane Duke and Mark Kernes are complete idiots. I also could care less if europe gets a ‘windfall’ of profit if we shut down for any time at all over here on this side of the pond! AND I am in favor of condom requirements, feel that Isadore Hall and Michael Weinstein are heroes, and now it’s your turn to answer my questions or leave me alone, please.

  19. @Nick: Diane Duke and Mark Kernes are dishonest and their judgement should be questioned. As for European porn, again, i was MAKING AN OBSERVATION. I am NOT in favor of condom requirements, but I don’t feel it’s a matter of choice at this point. And I definitely DON’T consider Isadore Hall (nor any politician) a “hero,” nor Michael Weinstein.

  20. @sashertorte: You were observing that european porn was going to make more money than american porn. Point blank, right? Why did you care to point that out? Why should we care? Isadore Hall IS a hero, as is Michael Weinstein!!! Stop calling them names, please?

  21. @Nick: *sigh*
    I can “point out” whatever I feel like pointing out. If you or anyone else don’t care, they can ignore it. You seem to think that only those with opinions matching yours should be allowed to comment.

    I called Weinstein a “tool” exactly ONCE. And I NEVER called your other “hero” anything at ALL. And I have to say your standards for heroism are pretty damn low. Yeah, Hall and Weinstein are right up there with MLK and 9/11 first responders……

  22. @sach: *WOW* you just cannot answer that question, can you? And how many times do you have to call someone names before it counts? does ONCE count? I think it does! But somehow you think that since you only called one person one name one time it doesn’t COUNT! When are you going to apologize for the name calling? *sigh* (how quaint!)

  23. @Nick: no, I am NOT going to apologize for calling a PUBLIC FIGURE/ACTIVIST, who should be well aware that he is going to be the target of criticism and yes, some name-calling, a “tool.” Should everyone calling Obama far worse names apologize? Did I call Weinstein a “faggot”? Hardly. I find him smarmy, prudish, dishonest, and judgmental. I can call him a “jerk” instead if that offends you less. And WHAT EFFING QUESTION DO YOU WANT AN ANSWER TO?? Are you STILL referring to the comment re Euro porn? I ALREADY ANSWERED THAT. Sorry you’re not satisfied with my response, but honestly, I really don’t care what you think of any of my comments.

  24. “I find him smarmy, prudish, dishonest, and judgmental. I can call him a “jerk” instead if that offends you less.”

    That is exactly what I would say about the man based on what he has shown us about his character. I haven’t met the man. However, if he wasn’t like that the AHF wouldn’t be what it is. They apparently have the best man on board. Weinstein knows that when dealing with the adult industry there is no reasoning so you take and then ask questions and sort it out later. Time and time again he has shown us that he does care about the safety of adult performers, but if you scratch your head and think about it that is in his job description due to what the AHF does. Therefore, he cares by default. I honestly don’t think he cares about the workers. His job says he has to. As long as he does his job and just his job then I am OK with him.

  25. @sach *sigh*: Who are you? You certainly have opinions! Who are you, really? Weinstein doesn’t hide behind anonymous shields, why do you? As far as your comments? We got it,,, there are bisexual guys out there and women want to see their six pack abs and porn is for women too, WE GOT IT! The problem is that THEY engage in high risk activity as a rule and then spread their disease to the women in the industry with abandon!!! And again, who the eff are you? Stop being a coward and let us all know who you really are, k?

  26. Watch out, folks! According to sache, we’re losing the race to make profits to the europeans, who are dancing in the streets due to their windfall!!!! By the way sache says it, they are enjoying the fact that our performers are falling due to STD’s!!! Yup, folks, they are getting a real kick out of our distress!!! –Thank you –sache– for reminding us that this IS a competition between us and them!!!

  27. @Nick: why is it that you save all your bullshit for me? And continue to put words it my mouth when have REPEATEDLY explained my comments to you? Who am I? Who are YOU? An ex-porn star who enjoys running his mouth and acting as if I don’t have a right to comment on here? Oh, btw? HIV+ status in not an automatic death sentence and hasn’t been for years. You certainly do have that flair for drama. Give it the hell up already. “Who are you? You certainly have opinions! Who are you, really? Weinstein doesn’t hide behind anonymous shields, why do you?” You may have noticed that the MAJORITY of commenters on this site DON’T USE THEIR REAL NAMES, NOR DO THEY ON MOST BLOGS! Why don’t you ask EVERYONE on here to use their real names?? Ask “BT,” ask “jilted,” ask “origen01” to use their real names. I don’t know whether you are clueless or just being aggressively obnoxious. OOH, I HAVE OPINIONS!! SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE ON HERE!!! Now, go and tell CPanzram what a HERO Weinstein is. “I honestly don’t think he cares about the workers. His job says he has to.”

  28. @sache!!! refuse to let us know who you are! Point to others and ask why I don’t ask them their real names!!! Maybe because they don’t see American porn and European porn in some sort of competition! Whereas you think we need to keep up! In other words, what sache is saying is that we can’t compete with european porn if we make our actors wear condoms, period! And I look at sache and say “So? Who cares?” But do I get an answer? No!!!! I get finger pointing by an anonymous commentor!!!! What about him? Whaaaaa! What about her? Whaaaaa! If the american companies would like to circumvent condom laws then they can just move to EFFING EUROPE!!! NOBODY IS STOPPING THEM!!! Go!!! Please!!! HERE IN AMERICA WE PROTECT WORKERS FROM UNNECESSARY HARM! Get that through your head, please sache!

  29. The whole “HIV isn’t a death sentence and hasn’t been for years” is the reason why HIV is on the rise again. A whole generation was lost and the following generation learned from the mistakes (It was truly trial by error back then) only to have the next generation act like it is no big deal and it isn’t a death sentence. As a result, more are getting it. Saying “It isn’t a death sentence like it used to be” doesn’t mean much when you are the guy from Rocky V and you died on Sunday from a case of HIV you contracted years back. Remember, it isn’t a death sentence like it used to be.

  30. @sache:you actually said it! You said “HIV+ status in not an automatic death sentence and hasn’t been for years.”!!!!!!!! How dare you!!! Hey folks, according to sache, it’s okay to catch HIV in porn now!!!! That way we can continue making condomless porn and keep up with europe!!! SMH!!! Oh, almost forgot… *sigh*

  31. @CPanzram: to clarify- again, it IS true that HIV ISN’T the automatic death sentence it was back in the dear old 80’s, thanks to the new antiviral drugs.There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction that those just diagnosed with HIV are hopelessly contaminated, already “sick,” and have zero chance of living beyond another ten years, when this just isn’t true. How long has it been since Magic Johnson was diagnosed HIV+? Late 1991, and thanks to the new treatments, he remains healthy and his HIV has not developed into AIDS. That said, of course this has led to riskier behavior. Some, especially younger people, think they’re bulletproof and take no precautions. Am I advocating this? Of course not. No one other than pseudo-guru Paul Morris and his cult of acolytes over at Treasure Island Media think HIV+ status is something verging on the desirable, many of his HIV+ performers adorning themselves with biohazard-symbol tattoos and believing that in order to be “authentically gay,” gay men must reject all notions and trappings of heteronormativity, instead being as reckless, transgressive, irresponsible, and “free” as possible. There is a middle ground between that extreme and the one advocating banning and blacklisting. The condom battle is OVER. What I’m objecting to is those perpetuating misinformation and stereotypes, and demonizing crossover performers.

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