Freedom Dancers

I was talking to a stripper a bit back and I mentioned that I was going to go shoot on a friends farm the next day and she was adamant that she wanted to come with me.

She is tall, statuesque and all of nineteen years old.  I figured why not, the video is below.


Now you may have noticed that this young lady is not a novice when it comes to firing a handgun.  She told me she knew how to shoot, and she did. note she holds her right arm locked, her left hand is where it should be at the bottom of her right.  Her form isnt great, she tends to lean back more than she should but she isnt a novice, she has clearly shot before.

When I asked her where she learned to shoot she said she learned when she was a little girl and that she owns two handguns.

I asked her why and her response was “In case I have to protect myself”

I then asked her, “protect yourself from what?”

She never missed a beat and said “Does it matter?”

And right there, this 19 year old stripper stated the essence of the second amendment.  It doesn’t matter, everyone has the right to protect themselves.

She isnt the first dancer I have known who shoots, matter of fact I have known far more who do than don’t. Same goes for porn chicks.

I took Kayden Kross to shoot back in December, this was her first time and she took right to it.


It would appear that strippers aren’t just free speech advocates but also right to bear arms advocates, maybe we need a new term for them no more exotic dancers, strippers, peelers…..I think Im going to call them freedom dancers…

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Freedom Dancers

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4 Responses

  1. Dancing for Freedom & to Bear Arms is a wonderful concept. Dancing to Free Willy – Well, that just icing I suppose.

  2. Why don’t more Americans get all radicalized over shit like the Patriot Act (sic) like they do when the government even hints at fucking with their rights to bear arms.

    I’m just saying.

  3. Ditto, Frank

    Julie, I’d be glad to come up and help you pick out a suitable arsonal *grin*

    “Why don’t more Americans get all radicalized over shit like the Patriot Act (sic) like they do when the government even hints at fucking with their rights to bear arms”

    Jimmy, I would say the main reason is because the vast majority of Americans are too busy watching American Idol, Survivor, The Bachelor, et al, to actually read the Patriot Act. I would imagine the majority of our leaders who passed the Patriot Act didn’t read it either. It was pushed through with such “patriotic” urgency that nobody had TIME to read it. Pretty obvious the ones who drafted, sponsored, and added their special interests to it didn’t want to give anyone time to inspect it too closely. Remind you of anything happening currently? ObamaCare, maybe?

    The truly sad part is that we, as a nation, are so lazy, eager to be blindly led so that we don’t have to make our own decisions (thereby not having to take any responsibilty for the bad decsions), that we continue to vote these same jackasses back into office. We’ve also become so dependant on government that we believe it’s our “right” to be protected and cared for. We’ll blindly accept anything that’s labeled “patriotic”, because we’ve been taught to be good patriots (hang an American flag on your front porch, but don’t bother to read up on proper flag respect, that takes too much effort). That, my friends, is NOT patriotism. Patriotism is taking responsibilty and knowing who and what you’re voting for before you pull that handle, not just voting because your favorite MYV DJ told you too it’ll make you a good American. Patriotism is learning the issues BEFORE voting time and flooding your representatives with the only threat that scares them, “If you support this issue, I’ll support another candidate, REGARDLESS OF PARTY!”

    I’m happy to say that for the moment, this has actually worked in Alabama. One of our Reps who should be in lockstep with the majority, stepped out of line because he was bombarded with the simple message… “Vote for this bill and you will NEVER be Governor in this state”.

    So yeah, it can be effective. But you’re right, Jimmy, people have to start paying attention to what’s really going on. When the people educate themselves, the politicians will “represent” us like they’re supposed. It’s called job security, and they’re scared shitless of losing it.

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