Exploiting The Exploiters More On Ashley Madison

I have come across some very interesting numbers on Ashley Madison  Consider:

-Only 1,492 of the women in the database had ever checked their messages on the site. That’s compared with more than 20 million men.

-Only 2,409 of the women had ever used the site’s chat function, versus more than 11 million men.

-Only 9,700 women had ever responded to a message from another person on the site, versus almost 6 million men.

Read more: Ashley Madison almost no women – Business Insider

There was 1 woman for every 13.5k men on the site.

And remember once you joined if you wanted to be deleted from the site you had to pay to have your info deleted, Ashley Madison netted $3,533,012 in paid deletion fees in 24 months.

And the craziest thing of all, and the one that did in Kaydens investment, these guys wanted to go IPO…

The sad part There have been at east two suicides and dozens of divorces (more to come I am sure) over Ashley Madison…..If you are the wife of a guy that was on ASHLEY MADISON remember this…yes he prolly hoped he could cheat but the odds that he actually found someone to cheat with are way lower than if you sent him to the grocery store…WAY WAY lower.

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Exploiting The Exploiters More On Ashley Madison

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10 Responses

  1. And yet I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for all these morons cheating on their wives. Good riddance!

  2. Truth is nor do I…nor do I feel the least bit sorry for Avid Life Media…the company thats owns AM and arrangementfinders,…something about reaping what you sow

  3. I think the more interesting thing is this:

    “But when Newitz dug deeper, she found a bunch of test accounts that ended with ashleymadison.com, suggesting that they were created internally (90% of them were for women), as well as 350 female accounts for people with the same and very unusual last name.”

    So now you have the perfect trifecta: They failed to protect customer data, they didn’t delete data even after charging an extra fee for that service, and 90% of the female profiles on the site may have been fake.

    Hello FTC? Are you reading this? Forget the lawsuits, these guys need to worry about doing jail time for what may be a massive, deep, and very intentional defrauding of the male clients.

    I wonder what Andrew and Lars are thinking these days….

  4. I’ve been searching business news stories, and its unclear right now what is going to be the financial impact of all of this on Ashley Madison. Given the publicity, I’d like to say that guys are going to be hesitant to sign up on a cheating website – except we all know the saying about the little head doin’ the thinkin’ for the big head. So, who knows.

    Mike, do you have any knowledge of what has been the impact on kayden. I’m sure that Manuel is successful as male performers go. At the same time, you have to wonder how much longer he can go on (heck, he’s looking a little porky – not that the same ain’t happening to me, but I don’t get paid to get naked on camera).

  5. Noel Bidetman resigned & Avid Life Media’s senior management team took over till they can appoint a new CEO

  6. There revenue is going to dry up fast. Other than a few dumb fucks, who really is going to spend one more dime on their website?

    Anyone who signed up (myself included many years ago as a single), realized in about one week 99% of the profiles were bogus. Now that it has been documented publicly, even a guy who still wants to fuck around on his wife is going to know it isn’t happening on any Avid Life sites.

  7. It is doubtful that this brand will last. Quite simply, the public now all knows the joke. Worse yet, the joke getting out (that there are effectively no women on the site) may also end up attracting attention from the FTC or State AGs looking to kill off this sort of thing.

    If I ran a big dating program based in the US or offering service to Americans, I would be very worried about what the next 6 to 12 months will bring.

    If you are a “make all the porn free” tube site owner, I would worry about another stream of incoming drying up. Ashley Madison is still paying for an ass load of popups on tube sites, but it’s only a matter of time I suspect before they will face income issues – both new members and recurring members who are likely to quit.

  8. I was wondering how long it was going to take someone to find out that Biderman allegedly cheated on his wife, too, despite his protestations to the contrary. His wording “if I wanted to have an affair, I would have one” is what I found interesting because the answer to the question “have you cheated?” is really a simple “yes” or “no”.

  9. i find it intriguing that media and the public feel entitled to a yes/no response to a question that’s really none of their business. Is the word affair always synonymous with cheating?

    Let’s say the service wasn’t a complete sham. The question do you cheat on your wife is a fair one but so is the response. “if I wanted to have an affair, I would have one” As a response it ensures his wife and their marital relationship aren’t dragged through the mud. To me that is a way of ‘forsaking all others’

    If he said yes with a sorrowful contrite face he is a hypocrite condemning vs promoting the business he was the face of. If he said no and there is a woman willing to make a buck saying she had sex with him after the date of his marriage…he is a liar and cheat. Seems silly to assume the affairs or dalliances he is rumored to have had were ‘cheating’ aka betraying the vows he exchanged with his wife.

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