Enough With The Negativity, Now for Some Positivity

There’s been a lot of it here lately, it hasn’t escaped me or you guys I am sure and I was thinking about it tonight and it occurred to me that it pretty much centers on the goings on in Porn Valley.  While suppose you could say that it is the result of the industry being in it’s death throes the truth is it shouldn’t reflect on everyone in porn.  Fact is there are plenty of good people, honest people who are doing very well in porn, most of them arent in Porn Valley.

When people think of successful  porn performers they generally think of Jenna Jameson but in reality Jenna isn’t the pinnacle she is made out to be.  Sure she was wildly popular but there are girls who have confined their work to the internet and have made a lot more money than Jenna will ever see, and these girls haven’t burned out either.

Girls like Wifey and Carol Cox or Lady Sonia arguably could buy and sell Jenna.  My own experience tells me that the more attractive and appealing porn these days is coming from internet only performers.  We have our own right here in Sabrina Deep.  They are doing it because it’s fun, they don’t have agents, they pick their own scenes and they develop a relationship with their fans that transcends the plastic and often condescending social media relationships that Porn Valley performers consider the measure of their success.  These people are honest and pay their bills on time and don’t wear Tshirts advertising piracy sites when they do personal appearances.

I think there is a lesson in this.  While they are being impacted by piracy, same as porn valley, they are making money by going direct to the consumer, cutting out the traditional 3 to 4 layers of middle men found in DVD distribution.  They also develop a more personal relationship with their fans as a result of the producer to consumer model and by and large they needn’t worry much about Measure B or Cutting Edge Testing pooling blood for tests or the FSC leading them to slaughter.

I even look at myself somewhat differently being in this market, I help some local guys in Atlanta with shooting, we share talent and we cooperate with each other because in the end it only looks like we are competitors, the reality is that there is room for both of us, nobody is going to quit my southernbukkake site to join their site, instead we treat each other respectfully and we co-exist and even help each other.  Web girls have figured that out as well.

It makes a lot of sense too.  Web performers aren’t at the whim of the latest misogynistic hack calling himself the next big thing in porn, they shoot what they like and they shoot it for an audience that has been largely abandoned by mainstream porn and instead of working hard to screw each other over and trash talking they do content shares and cross marketing.

While it may seem that I harp on the bad things in Porn I guess I should start making it clear that for every FSC stunt, every girl working condomless when she has condomless sex with her  HIV positive boyfriend there are 10 examples of internet performers who are good honest folks having fun making a living with sex…and that is what porn is supposed to be.

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Enough With The Negativity, Now for Some Positivity

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  1. I have to agree that there is more good than bad in the adult film industry. Unfortunately good doesn’t make for magazine/newspaper sales or visits to a news website, because of that the bad is better known (and therefore used by the Lubbens and their ilk to try to force their morality on us). For example, the press hardly mentions the strict rules at Kink for shooting scenes that are followed 99% of the time (which keeps them out of a lot of trouble) but when Princess Donna pops a tit implant (you notice that once her contract expired she was no longer employed by Kink but no one reported that) and Marty allows a male performer to continue to perform sans condom with a bleeding dick (that one I can take as a learning experience as no one at Kink had dealt with that issue before) all within two weeks it hits every news outlet in the country. Those same news outlets don’t even comment about the extreme consensuality of scenes and overall excellent safety record at Kink (and Intersec as well for that matter) or when performers donate thousands to those who get sick/hurt outside of work and cannot earn a paycheck for a time — performers Christy Mack and the late Hollie Stevens are two who benefited from this. I am glad Dr. Flip Flop wasn’t a performer, if he were the press would have skewered the whole industry for all of 2014 because of him beating his wife at least three times (once with a flip flop) and smashing a female porn director’s head with a beer bottle last year.

    I hope this year more good in the adult film industry comes out into the open. Certainly adult needs to conteract the bad with more good. With the reporting the mainstream media does on porn no wonder the voters in CA want to run the industry out of the state (and have almost succeeded in running it out of Los Angeles County).

  2. Today’s delusional BS comment written by mharris127 has been brought to you by kink.com. 🙂

  3. Well, i feel flattered. Maybe i shouldn’t comment on this. The only thing i want to add is about someone that you already mentioned, indirectly: the consumers or the fans if you prefer. Too often they are charged with responsibilities over piracy and stuff, but they simply get what they are offered and in some cases they take revenge through piracy because they have been screwed over and over through unfair billing. With few exceptions, porn consumers are the most awesome part of this industry, treating us fair if we do the same with them, paying for a product in advance (few industries have that kind of privilege) and allowing us to have a fun and remunerative job. Too often we talk about industry politics, internal fights, envy, stupidity and we forget what’s the real engine of this industry. So, let me thank them once more.

  4. Amid ongoing acrimony many folks have been planting crocus bulbs until Sabrina presented her large tropical bloom. 🙂

    Chalk the garden analogies up to living in Sub-Zero temps wishing I was on a beach and hoping the deer haven’t eaten all the crocus bulbs. Seems like mentioning the contributions to the industry is a bit like listing which bloom in a garden caught your eye at the moment.

  5. Mike,

    I complement you on your attitude toward collaboration with fellow “mom & pop” pornographers. There’s tons of quality porn being shot far from Porn Valley under the radar of many by the likes of yourself, Naughty Midwest Girls out of Wisconsin, Real Colorado Girls, and Philly Butt Sluts to name “butt” a few. Just like with restaurants or retailers, I’d rather support a local independent than a large, impersonal chain (e.g. Brazzers) any day of the week.

    Meanwhile, Matt Harris just made a cool 20 bux by mentioning “Kink” four times for no other reason than he can. Atta guy, Matt. Cah CHING!

  6. No, the Kink mentions are a freebie because I didn’t know enouogh about Hustler or Adam and Eve’s day to day business to use them in my example. I suppose next you are going to accuse me of having a pay per mention contract with Intersec, Vivid, Wicked, Hustler, Adam and Eve or Evil Angel next. Really, I don’t — not with any company.

    In other news, Mike researched your possibly being Rob Black. After much research including having a Fulton County, GA Jail corrections officer conduct an anal cavity search of your person with a flashlight to look for your birth certificate and Social Security card he conclusively determined that you are indeed not Rob. I guess that leaves you being Dick Cheney, Hop. Or maybe Richard Milhouse “Tricky Dick” Nixon, I haven’t precisely determined that yet. 🙂

  7. WOW! Some of you guys can’t live a second of your lives without spitting shit over ants size on such a big world, can you? Have you ever tried to give a hug to someone and smile or get one? Alright, all is black for you, we got it. Sorry Mike, your attempt to positivity miserably failed. Let’s repent, the end in near.

  8. I know it doesnt seem like it but I really am a very positive person, while the site focus tends to be on the scumbags and ne’er do wells the truth is I have a deep love and respect for the little guys like us that are making a living on the web in this day and age, most of these are good people the problem is we have an entire industry making us look like the same kind of scumbags that they are…

  9. @Sabrina

    Lol…perhaps they have yet to learn they’re a spec of sand on the beach of people populating earth. I think some looked over at the jetty rocks and think they are a jetty rock amidst the beach.

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