Dr David Kulbersh Publishing Patient Data

Here’s something very  interesting.
For some reason Kulbersh has a bunch of lab results published on Scribd.   scribd scraped them from where they were originally posted and they are still there as of this writing.
This means that they were posted where anyone could read them and that constitutes a pretty significant privacy breach for Kulbersh’s patients.
Also to note, Dr. Le Thu is listed on some of the results. Dr. Thu is also listed on the two tests the performer did for Kink including the one that came back positive.


As you recall Dr David Kulbersh is on the PASS Medical Advisory Board and does all of the testing for kink.com.


93500cookie-checkDr David Kulbersh Publishing Patient Data

Dr David Kulbersh Publishing Patient Data

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  1. There’s also a Vinson Disanto and a David Levine listed as ordering physicians.

    Were the HIV on 9-14-11 or syphilis/CT on 4/23/13 PASS participants?

  2. Maybe I am missing something. I saw these links yesterday and saw the patient lab results…When I click on the links now the patient results appear to not be there anymore….or am I just missing something,

  3. There were six available yesterday…none come up now. I’m pretty sure there are screen shots out there so whoever scrubbed them for kulbersh was too late.

  4. I actually called or emailed all the people that I could locate that were listed there even a got a few of them
    To say they werent happy is an understatement
    Maybe one will go on the record

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