Dog the Bounty Hunter Issues Ultimatum to War Machine

Ya gotta kinda love it, now Dog the Bounty Hunter is in on it all  he issued this ultimatum to War Machine  Dog recently posted that War machine has 6 hrs left to turn himself in…..Let the games begin

War Machine gets Ultimatum from Dog The Bounty Hunter
War Machine gets Ultimatum from Dog The Bounty Hunter
108110cookie-checkDog the Bounty Hunter Issues Ultimatum to War Machine

Dog the Bounty Hunter Issues Ultimatum to War Machine

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  1. Lol just commented about taking a tour on twitter….read the exchange between Dog & some guy saying he is war machines brother TFF!

  2. Dog is a straight up Piece of shit and his fat wife. Its all about self promotion. He could care less other then filling his pockets.

  3. “Good luck finding him” Do you really think this guy is smart enough to evade capture for any long period of time? The stress he is under right now, there is no doubt that if someone doesnt turn him in, he will do something that attracts law enforcement. He has limited funds, is very recognizable, and not the most intelligent person. His ‘twitter’ attempts to minimize his guilt, “I was in a fight for my life” again show a very low level of intelligence, thinking that posting on twitter will actually help him.

  4. NO! He’s not in TJ. He’s in Baja Beach, Mexico and the
    reward is now up to $ 10,000 and a lifetime of BJ’s from
    Jenna Jamieson. That would work.

  5. DOG can’t go to Mexico anymore and he’s 70’s years old and fat.
    Have dog go after Michael Whiteacre and he’s in Vegas.
    Dog surely can knock the shit out of Dr.Cindi Spiegler,
    who Michael likes to cross dress and pretend he is related to
    Marc Spiegler.

  6. I’d take a lifetime of BJs from Jenna before she turned herself into a plastic freak, otherwise forget it. And though I have never watched Dog’s show, he looks like a goddamned mutant freak himself. However I think it’s great that even all the Freaks are out in force to nail that sack of shit woman beater War Machine. Who obviously really is dumb as a box of fucking rocks & will get nabbed very soon, probably by means of his own stupidity.

  7. The comment about Dog being 70 and out of shape is so true (I won’t call him fat as I am not exactly skinny myself). As for Whiteacre if he skips bail Dog could actually end up on his tail, I think Dog actually still does bounty hunting outside of his TV shows in general. I have no idea if Dr. Spiegler is in danger of Dog going after her or not (I don’t even have a face to put with her name) but I tend to doubt she is Whiteacre in disguise, he doesn’t have the affeminate looks necessary for successful cross-dressing.

  8. PS – read that Sacramento Bee article on Sasha Grey and just substitute Belle Knox’s name. She is the latest in a line of young actresses trying to convince us that porn is liberating, empowering, and an intellectual exercise. By her senior year, she’ll be distancing herself from porn.

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