Credit where its due..and calling bullshit on those two women rescued at sea

First of all The Credit…As a rule, I work kind of opposite from others, I presume anything I am told is OFF the record unless the source states otherwise…..So when the reps for APAG gave me a lot of verifying info about The FSC allowing HIV Positive performers in the talent pool, I didn’t credit them…as it turns out they are proud of their work and want credit…GOOD for them…its one thing to say hey these guys are doing evil shit, its quite another to do it publicly…Good for APAG and it why, as a performer you should support them instead of the puppet organization set up to do the FSC’s bidding.  I contacted numerous APAC and FSC representatives, particularly performers (like Jessica Drake) and they refused to respond, on OR off the record…that speaks volumes to me.  Congrats to APAG and particularly Alana and Melissa, performers..they really DO have your backs.

OK, this one is a pet peeve but the minute I saw the two women who were supposedly rescued at sea this week I was suspect…

They made claims of 20 to 30 foot tiger sharks “ramming the boat”  for one thing Tiger sharks don’t get the big at best they get HALF that size…hell Great Whites don’t even get that big and for another they don’t “ram” boats  they may try to taste it to see if its edible but the idea that they ram it is pure Hollywood.  And the claims that the Sharks could “hear them breathing”   this is clearly someone who knows NOTHING about sharks…OK, that’s all forgivable…

They claim they would have died in the next 24 hrs…considering that they had survived 0ver 150 days on what they claim was an overstock of food on board it sounds a bit melodramatic to claim they had less than 24 hrs to live…but ok again that’s forgivable

For people with less than 24 hrs to live who had survived over 150 days on oatmeal and pasta they looked remarkably healthy,  and let’s not forget the two dogs….they were perfectly healthy too….

And don’t forget how did they make the gas last that long? you need gas to run the generator to run the water purifier that they claim broke but they fixed….OK so maybe it was a hand-cranked purifier….there is NO WAY it will make clean water for 5 months…these devices are ONE-time use devices and are very high maintenance requiring the membrane to be cleaned after ever quart or so of water…no way it lasts for 5 months….no way……

That’s just a few of the many many holes in this bullshit story but the biggie came yesterday when it was discovered that they had an EPIRB on board…unused.  For those of you who arent offshore enthusiasts an EPIRB is an emergency beacon (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) that can be activated manually or is self-activated.

An EPIRB uses satellites to send a distress signal with your position (I use one whenever we go offshore)  had they activated the EPIRB they aren’t limited to the range of the ship to shore radio, which they claim they used but nobody ever answered…they would have been rescued within 24 hrs with the EPIRB.  They claim they didn’t use the EPIRB because they were never facing death…but wait they said that wouldn’t have lasted another 24 hrs and i dunno about you but after I had been lost at sea for almost 6 months I’d be wanting a rescue..hell id want a rescue after being lost for 6 hours….

“The EPIRB communicates with satellites and sends locations to authorities. It’s activated when it’s submerged in water or turned on manually. The alert signal sends a location to rescuers within minutes.

A retired Coast Guard officer who was responsible for search and rescue operations said that if the women had used the emergency beacon, they would have been found.

“If the thing was operational and it was turned on, a signal should have been received very, very quickly that this vessel was in distress,” Phillip R. Johnson said Monday in a telephone interview from Washington state.”

I thought this story was bullshit from the minute I heard it….I’m sure of it now…but the question is why?  whats the end game here?  maybe a  movie deal? a book deal?  all I know is it’d be pure fiction…I guess we will know soon enough…..

I do know that if the boat had half as many holes as there are in their story it’d never have made it away from the pier.

I wonder at what point they would have eaten the dogs?


189200cookie-checkCredit where its due..and calling bullshit on those two women rescued at sea

Credit where its due..and calling bullshit on those two women rescued at sea

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