Confirmed – Paypal Is Processing For Adult membership Sites

Once Again I scoop AVN and XBiz on an important business story that they should have been all over.I guess a new display package for a line of sex toys is more important…

From a letter that went out to Epoch Customers, apparently it is coming to the US as well. Woner if Paypal will make good to the people they fucked over originally….

We are pleased to inform you that Epoch has added PayPal as our newest payment type. We are launching a pilot program with PayPal to our European-based merchants and their European customers. This represents a major enhancement to our industry-leading processing platform, which already offers merchants the ability to accept more than 35 international payment types and process in 59 different currencies.

By adding a PayPal option, you will significantly increase your sales from people and places that do not favor traditional payment cards. You will also enjoy a distinct advantage in an industry that is rapidly diversifying to serve the mobile market, as PayPal is a mobile-friendly option.

We are honored to have been selected by PayPal for this pilot program, and are proud to offer this payment type to our clients. We agree with PayPal’s approach to begin by offering this pilot exclusively in Europe. We look forward to continuing to work with PayPal and leading the industry in delivering quality payment options to our clients.

This pilot program is now being rolled out to our European merchants that accept our full suite of payment options. Integration is completely automatic and seamless, with PayPal transactions falling under the category of Additional Alternative Payments in our agreements.

We appreciate being your payment solution of choice. Feel free to contact your account representative if you have any questions.

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Confirmed – Paypal Is Processing For Adult membership Sites

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