Condoms or Tattoos, Which is the Bigger Turn Off

A couple of comments here caught my attention, the gist was that they thought tattoos on female performers were a bigger turn of than condoms.

So I got to thinking I wonder if that’s part of the reason for the slump in porn?  So today i spent a couple of hours at the local smut emporium and I started chatting up the customers, the consensus was clear, tattoos are a bigger turn off than condoms by a two to one margin.  Mind you many renters said that they preferred condom free porn but they also understood the need for the performers to be safe. and only about 20% said that they would never rent or buy condom free porn, another 20 % said they prefer porn with condoms because the companies that shoot with condoms tend to place a lot more emphasis on eroticism and sexiness.

This was NOT what I expected even though I too find tattoos more annoying than condoms, at least for me condoms have never even been a turn off…Its an I dont really care thing.  I am more interested in if the girl is sexy, feminine and pretty, which all too many aren’t these days.

That was another common comment…The girls are way over acting, it seems the renters and buyers mostly liked it better when they were more demure, less aggressive and much more feminine.

The net is that even though piracy has decimated this business an awful lot of the slump falls on us for not listening to the consumer whose bottom line complaint was more emphasis on femme girls and WAY less emphasis on the guys.


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Condoms or Tattoos, Which is the Bigger Turn Off

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that most people who have a tattoo don’t even know how to SPELL the word tattoo? That by itself should say something…

  2. One of the exciting days as a porn consumer was the day Janine began doing boy girl. One of the saddest days was watching the way tattoos spread across her body like a plague. Same thing with Kyle Ireland and Eva Angelina. Also have no idea why porn chicks as they get popular do weird stuff with their hair. It’s almost like they dare you to still get turned on by them.

  3. Both are turn-offs for me but tattoos are FAR more of one. It’s gotten to the point where every time I see an attractive performer (female or male) who comes into the scene tattoo-free and clean-cut, I more or less wait for them to get inked & pierced in a lame attempt to look “different” and “individual”…you know, just like all their friends and colleagues in the biz.

  4. You take a look at the average porn star and what do you see? Rock hard implants and lots of tattoos and piercings. Its like they were created in a mad scientists lab on a table. To me its a crying shame to see so many stunning women that just ruin their looks with all that shit. Janine is a prime example. Others today that are gorgeous but look like a fool with all that ink are Eva Notty, Siri and Haley Cummings. Even Julia Ann is getting stupid with the tattoos.

  5. I have to agree that tattoos on a woman are capable of being a severe turn-off. I don’t get why these cute women fuck themselves up with misplaced tattoos. The tramp stamp on the lower back isn’t bad but tattoos on the front of their bodies — what the fuck are they thinking?

    As for condoms supposedly being a turn-off, I don’t get it. My concern is for the female performer’s pussy being rubbed raw (similar to a carpet burn) by hours of latex being rubbed against their skin (even with lube). Condoms may work for regular civilian sex but may actually increase the incidence of VDs in porn (because of the raw skin from their use) if not used carefully and for limited amounts of time.

  6. I agre tattoos on female porn stars look bad. Janine one reason why that so go look at her with out them she was hot now she has them looks like she hard core prison inmate just been let out door of woman prison. A fade tatto on porn star looks ugleyer than shit stick out ever one who see like red ugley step child.

  7. When I was talking to a woman friend of mine and I criticized tattoos, she responded by saying that tattoos are art. People who do graffiti believe they are doing art. I feel that when it comes women, if it is not broken, don’t fix it. In the 1980s, Viper especially stood out with her tattoos because tattoos, on women, were so rare back then. She was the illustrated woman before Janine. I wonder how much Angelina Jolie contributed to the tattoo fad. During extra work in a movie, some
    young woman boasted about her tattoo being the same as Angelina Jolie. During 2004, I was an extra in See Arnold Run. A girl, that graduated high school, told me that half the girls of one of the grade levels of her high school had tattoos. When I first started noticing the increase in tattoos among porn actresses was watching the Gangbang Girl 30 scene with Kacey. The Kacey scene was released in 2001 and that was the first movie I saw of her. Kacey looked so much like Jennifer Connelly in her prime that I tolerated the big tattoo on her. Belladonna was one of the early examples, this century, of a porn actress with tattoos. Sasha Grey is a very well known ex-porn actress with no tattoos. Older people associate tattoos on women as showing that they are a tramp. Grey did extreme sex acts but she did not follow the tattoo trend.

  8. Yeah…tatts are an eyesore. The best that can be said about them is that when placed on certain areas-they’re at least not a distraction.Deal killers would include tattoos applied anywhere from the collarbone to the breasts…anywhere on the legs or butt…obviously anywhere on the face…full arm sleeves…and massive murals.I had (past tense) a crush on Brooklyn Chase.That is until she started with the “body art”. It’s not too late for her to laser & get back to being the “girl next door” that was her appeal…but I’m highly doubtful.I can only hope Mia Malkova does’nt wind up inking herself on some drunken evening.As for condom porn: It’s equally annoying. Tatts won’t kill the industry…but enough condom porn absolutely will.Most of the Vivid catalog from the late 90’s is tragically un-watchable because of this.I understand the “safety issues”…and maybe younger “consumers” can be conditioned to deal with seeing it.But I can tell you that I would just ramble through the vintage classics if the industry went all-condom-all-the time.

  9. Rob Black: Go to a Dodger’s Game with Jerry Estrada and You can Bypass Derek Hay

    You can reside in Georgia, and think you know how the game works in porn, or you can live in Los Angeles and see how it works first hand.

    Rob Black spent the entire Thursday afternoon on his show, showing fans how deals are made, how product is sold, what becomes popular and why and how performers can get around their agents.

    Black noted that Adella who now has a PR agency actually started her career working for his uncle Chuck at Zane Entertainment.

    “She didn’t start with Tera Patrick; she didn’t start with Digital Playground. She started at Zane. Nobody talks about that. I’m talking about where you were so intricately involved with day-to-day operations where you make your bones.

    “The whole porn system is bullshit,” said Black.

    “You have Mike South saying tattoo girls are not popular. Here’s the funny thing about Bonnie Rotten. Adam Hasner would call Tom Byron and go, this month’s AVN, bro, we gotta use Kagney Linn Karter, bro, because she’s on the cover of the new Elegant Angel movie, bro.

    “You have to use the girl that Peter Warren and AVN anointed to be on the cover of an Elegant Angel movie because they paid, whatever, bro. There ya go, bro.

    “So now you’re the star of Rambone. I don’t want to take any credit for that, but we floated that idea around with the geniuses over there with the DreamZone shit. So now you’ve got a Rambone parody, an all girl cast, ala Rob Black Black/General Stone Reservoir Doggs.

    “You have a tatted up broad, and I say that because that’s a biker broad. My dad would go ‘look at that broad.’ And you pay for the cover of AVN like with Jerry and you pay $3,000 for a back cover that nobody gives a shit.

    “And now Frank Koretsky who owns DreamZone and IVD takes the movie and puts it through their system, and that’s how it works. Lion’s Den puts your product through the system because Scott Taylor says I’m going to put you on the cover. And you girls are listening to agents? Seriously you’re listening to Derek Hay?

    “Derek Hay’s girlfriend Tasha Reign, she has a video line, her own distribution video line. It’s through Juicy. Juicy is owned by Jerry, this entire pipeline I just talked about. Her product is distributed by Juicy.

    “Danny Gorman’s office is right outside Jerry’s office. I used to sit in Danny Gorman’s office and make fun of Jerry. I would look at the peoples’ proofs and go, oh my God, Brian Pumper’s got to be the worst dude in the world. Oh my God, Jeff Coldwater’s fat girl fucking comp movies have got to be the worst things in the world.

    “So Tasha Reign is there. Tasha Reign who got with Derek and is fucking Derek, and Derek goes, ‘I’m going to get your a deal, my dahling.’ And all he did was get a hold of Juicy and Jerry and that was it.

    “I’ll explain to you right now. Go to see Jerry any time and ask him to go to a Dodgers game. You will go to a Dodgers game and you can bypass Derek and save the percentage on a model’s fee.”

    Black said he would lay out a “road map” for performers who wanted to bypass their agents.

    We’ll talk about that in further updates.

  10. Bonnie is fugly. I can’t believe people actually pay money to see her fuck on camera.

  11. If you ever want to stop a pretty girl from getting a tattoo, simply ask her if she’d put a bumper sticker on a new Lamborghini!

  12. Jaime, if you’re reading this thread, looks like you got this party started with your comment on condoms versus tattoos. Good job my friend.

  13. Well said, Nick.

    Hey Jeff – just curious – you naturally had inked wenches in your catalog – did they sell any better or worse that non-inked?

  14. It’s the fat asses and tattoos I hate the most. I understand we’re in the middle of an obesity crisis so yeah, that’s going to naturally infiltrate into the porn business. I just didn’t think people would keep on getting tattoos, after all, they’re permanent! It just shows you how people are lemmings..and how trashy and stupid a lot of people truly are.

    American porn nowadays is pretty worthless, the quality has fallen way, way more than I expected. Pirating needs to be fixed and eventually it will be..only then will American porn be good again.

  15. Your being nieve if you think piracy is going to be fixed. That ship has sailed. The business needs to evolve with it. Live cam shows are the wave of the future and make money now. Kinda like wrestling on PPV. Make it an event and people will tune in.

  16. For the life of me I will never understand people who can only get off on porn that seems real. As in: made to look like situations they would actually be in, with girls they would actually meet. Every time I see porn like that, while yeah, it does initially turn me on, I immediately start thinking about how if I truly believe that this could happen to me (which I must, if that’s what turns me on about it)… I start thinking about that and I get turned off. I just can’t stop thinking about how I should just do what is necessary to make it happen for real. Are there really so many people out there who have given up on life like that and will just settle for a facsimile of it? It seems to be the majority. That’s scary.

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