Condoms May be The Only Thing Porners Will Be Wearing

Before I return to Ask Mike South I want to talk about the Cal-OSHA condom decision. For reasons I have mentioned before it was inevitable and for reasons that are clear even to Diane Duke, it’s going to happen. her statement “Our industry is eager to comply with California state standards,” pretty well shows she sees the writing on the wall.

I had a friend inside that meeting and my friend pointed out what REALLY killed us.

Testimony from the performers, in particular Darren James. These are the people that drove it home. Lots of people may be quick to point a finger of blame at them, but don’t. This industry has only itself to blame. If you have ever worked knowing you had an std you share the blame. If you escort with no condom you share the blame, if you fuck around outside the industry with no condom you share the blame. If you ever told a girl (or a guy) that you will not shoot condom scenes, you share the blame. I’d say those got about 99% of us.

Only Wicked Pictures can actually say we did not contribute to this.

AIM shares the blame for substandard testing methodology and for not having enough sense to see that sooner or later this would bite us if we didn’t take steps to defend ourselves from it.

And now an already crippled industry is facing a potential death blow. Gonzo, as it’s called is going to be hit the hardest. There is a way to make lemons from lemonade for some of these companies and some of them will figure it out, others will simply die.

Nobody cared about the performers and most of the performers didn’t care about the performers and now the performers struck back.

Don’t point fingers guys, we all brought this one on ourselves. The only question now is when will it take effect.

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Condoms May be The Only Thing Porners Will Be Wearing

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