Closing in on 60

As I write this I am thinking,  I have been considering retirement for a long time, my 59th birthday is coming later this month and I was reading one of my old interviews yesterday, It was in Adam Film World way back when I first got into the biz in the early 90s.  When asked how long I expected to stay in porn, my answer was “until it stops being fun.”

I have to admit it stopped being fun a long time ago, between the content thieves, the danger faced simply performing and the cut throat nature of the biz these days I have to wonder why I am still here.  I am making plans to exit this year, don’t know when but I am pretty sure this is the last year unless something changes, frankly I’d rather be fishing, diving and enjoying my dotage doing the things I love.

But it isn’t just that, when I see what the FSC is perpetrating on performers, it saddens me greatly.  The people put trust in The FSC and in my opinion The FSC abuses that trust greatly, to me it is not much different than puppies in a puppy mill, except that these are people, not puppies.

It used to be such a fun business, filled with good people, the best friends I have had in my life have all come as a result of being in this biz, my life was saved by someone I met as a result of being in this biz, and I mean that literally, it really was.  I guess all good things must come to an end.

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Closing in on 60

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  1. I know what you mean Mike. I’ve been following the porn industry for 4 decades, ever since the days of Taboo II, Little Girls Blue, and The Blonde Next Door. I used to buy Adam Film World and Erotic Film Revue..and then in the late 90’s it was Amateur Porn and AVN. Looking back all those years ago the porn industry really seemed to grow every year, with maybe a little doldrums between 85-90. Once amateur porn hit in 1991 the industry went on a tear for 15 years. I remember being shocked when a friend of mine asked if I knew about the porn downturn of 2006. I said “what?” as I thought everything was going great with Red Light Video and so much hot talent coming out with must see titles every week. Sure enough, it was the beginning of the end of the fun. A couple of years later I read a quote by Larry Flynt where he said “In a year or two 90% of the porn companies will be out of business”. These last 6-8 years have been the doldrums with fat assed, tatted up, biker wenches doing porn there’s nothing left. I was in Hawaii for most of the 90’s/00’s and when I finally came back to the continental U.S.(I had been warned to watch out for the changes) I decided to celebrate by going to a nice steakhouse that I hadn’t been in for over 20 years. After a few minutes I looked up from my menu and got the shock of my life. Mind you, to me I had in mind 1992. Now it’s 2013 and I’m looking around this steakhouse and I see these huge, gargantuan people. My waitress was at least 220. I just sat there in disbelief and said to myself “my friends were right, people have DOUBLED IN SIZE these last twenty years!”. No more good porn, no more thin people. Attractive people rarer than hens teeth. Even Max H. made this same exact complaint a couple of weeks ago.

    I’m not saying it’s over but it’s over. 200 lb. women WTF?

  2. I can somewhat understand why you would want to leave adult, Mike. It is hard to make a profit with content thievery, first-class scumbags (I don’t need to list them here, I am sure) and an upcoming Trump administration possibly decimating the industry via legal means. However, I do have one idea. When you pull the trigger on retirement, would it be possible for IAFD to host/maintain the archives of this site as historical material? They did that for Den when he passed away, last I knew his archives were still online and he died 7-8 years ago. I certainly don’t want this site’s archive to fall into Sean’s hands like LIB did (no need to discuss how and possibly get you in more trouble). From Google search results evidently much of the LIB archive is still up but with rumors of Sean’s sites having malware and viruses attached to them I am afraid to even read the old articles that he had nothing to do with writing. Ten to twenty hours of reinstalling the operating system and my file backups onto my computer does not sound like a very enticing way to spend my Christmas. I guess I could fire up my Linux computer I have and attempt to read them using that (most viruses/malware do not affect Linux for complicated reasons I need not go into here although I had one thoroughly ruin an old Android tablet I have recently, Android is essentially a fork of Linux that has taken off into mainstream so miscreants write malware for that now, too) but I don’t really feel like supporting Sean’s sites through ad display revenue either.

  3. If you ever decide to take this site down, I second mharris127’s idea to have Jeff @ IAFD maintain archives of this site. He’s a good guy. I appreciate what he did for Den @ CAVR.

  4. I completely understand the change in perspective that hitting 60 brings. I passed that milestone last March. My life in many ways was defined by what I do – I am my career – and since I launched my career back in 1980, I was always thinking about what is the next adventure, the next story, the next twist and turn. Now, I know that there’s an end point – not sure whether its 2 years, 5 years, 7 years or 10 years, but I’m thinking about how I wind it down and not how I ramp it up. Its a whole different thought process.

    Like schlermy, my interest in porn goes back decades – I saw my first porn film in a small theater in Northeastern Ohio in 1972. Black and white, and it starred Theresa Russell. For better or worse, the beginning of the end of porn for me began with Max Hardcore and Rob Black. There are of course exceptions, but for the most part one new starlet is just a substitute – a new hole to plug – for the starlet she replaced.

    So, I completely understand why you want to hang it up. And, you’ll be missed. Visiting your site has been a daily part of my life for years now.

  5. LOL same with me. I am 57 and my 1st porn movies were John Holmes movies @ the Pussycat theater in Boston back when there was a combat zone. That area is long gone and now it is all Chinese shops and restaurants.

  6. Brings back memories. My very first porn movie was at a small theater in the back of an adult book store in 1983. I believe it was called After Dark. I probably paid 5 bucks and the movie was either The Devil in Miss Jones or Irresistible 2.

    When After Dark graduated to VHS tapes they originally would only sell them, not rent them out. In 1989 I remember them mentioning they were going to start rentals so I signed up and as it turned out I was their very first member..I’m pretty sure they’re closed now but I still have that original membership card #001 lol.

  7. Although I live in New England now, I’m not a Bostonian. But, I did visit the Combat Zone back in college during a spur of the moment drive from Ohio to Massachusetts so my buddy could visit his girlfriend at Tufts – I had a car, he had gas money. Had no idea where I was going to stay, but the girl my oldest brother dated in high school was a professor at MIT and she let me sleep on the sofa in her office. Combat Zone was a wild place back then. And, to Schlermy’s point, the first theater for me was also a small theater in the back of an adult book store with fold down chairs. I also remember the first time I saw a VHS tape – there was an old movie theater in my hometown that had been converted to a porn theater. They also created a handful of booths with a VHS recorder, a sofa and a TV. You could rent the VHS tape for 10 bucks for 30 minutes, or something like that.

    Good times!

  8. People may have grown larger over the past 20 years in some parts of the US but certainly not doubling in size. If you want thin girls go to Hooters (although they are usually thin with GGG tits) or the local strip club, reality is most women are a size 14 or 16 (that is nowhere near 220 pounds, BTW). If my memory serves correctly most women were the same size in 1990, at least in my area of the country. We had our minority of 100 pound women that couldn’t take a good size dick if they tried but the majority of women were, although not fat, of a size that won’t break apart in bed trying to fuck them.

    I agree that the tat thing most porn women evidently have needs to go bye-bye. At least a quarter of today’s porno chicks couldn’t have got onto a Max or JM set 12-15 years ago and JM was one of the more lenient companies for tattoos — and attracted its share of drug-addicted freaks because of the free beer on set and Jim Powers’ evident lack of ability to tell if someone is impaired unless and until two “bukkake mopes” flop the almost passed out, unable to speak in anything but a slur and unable to even tell you what two plus two is female talent for a bukkake (Terri Starr) onto the bar on a set 20 minutes prior to film time, Google Lucy Lee (who served over a year in actual CA DOC prison time once and jail time on at least two more felonies while in porn) and Tanner Mayes for more than you want to know about that one. I am sure a JM set was usually fun as hell for the director and production staff (God knows I would have had a good time on their sets when I was younger) but Jim Powers, as nice of a man as he probably is most of the time, didn’t keep enough of an eye on his set outside of wherever a scene was being filmed IMO and Johnny Thrust was busy scoping out the place for chicks to fuck on days where he was the production manager rather than keeping things under control. Let’s just say the outtakes DVDs are a very interesting watch for someone even remotely interested in the business — although I could identify probably 10-12 ways to keep sets running more smoothly even allowing beer and pot on set and continuing the easygoing vibe that Jim evidently wanted for his sets.

  9. The Tats. Yes, the Tats. God, what can be done about them? I thought tats on a guy can add to his masculinity but I never thought a tat on a female added to her femininity.

    Women have gained about 20/30/40 lbs of fat on them easy over the last 25 years. It may not be double but there are A LOT of barrel chested women out there that are between 200-250 and even more than that.

  10. Read 60 and your age wasn’t first thing to mind 🙂

    Hope yer dotage is long and healthy where ever you decide to spend it.

  11. Lol still dealing with our expensive legal issues and busy paying my upkeep by showing face at all sorts of corporate events…. starting to consider moving too so checking lurking Gmail less than here. Some days all these damn decisions make me wonder if head is spinning like a poltergeist 🙂

  12. Lol mharris,

    First 60 thought was prop 60 get yer mind out of gutter or we may tell St. Nick you been bad so his elves need to turn off WiFi = no new BDSM fantasies for you

  13. Good luck turning off my WiFi, Lurk. That thing is locked down tighter than Jodie Foster’s pussy at a Hollywood function full of guys. Even if that worked I still have my office computer hard wired to the router. 🙂

    BTW St. Nick knows I am a very naughty man. I went to North Pole, Nunavut (the North Pole is in Canadian waters off of the province of Nunavut) and fucked his wife up the pussy and ass last night (her pussy and ass are the tightest I have ever fucked). I also caned her ass black and blue. Santa was busy fucking three elves in the elf dormitory, he had them hanging from the ceiling by their wrists. BTW Santa’s wife says he has a twenty inch dick as big around as a baseball bat and balls as big as baseballs. Maybe Mike South or Jim Powers (who has lost his fucking mind — I will comment on that below) should get him for his next 20 man bukkake, that thing must put out enough cum to flood a film studio. Mrs. Claus also says she wants to be the featured attraction in said bukkake. 🙂

    Seriously, Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year.

    As for Jim Powers, I ran across the ad looking for male talent for the Dec. 9 bukkake (it is right on his fucking Twitter account) — it specifically said no VD test was required. That is fucking nuts! All it takes is for some AIDS cum to make contact with the chickie’s eye and we have an AIDS transmission (and a PR nightmare) on our hands. The eye is one of the fastest ways to transmit VD, it is highly permeable and is essentially a direct route to the bloodstream. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes and Syphilis can also be transmitted via cum to the eye. You can say whatever you want about JM but at least Jeff required VD tests for the bukkake mopes when Jim did them there. Who is running Immoral Productions (the company Jim works for and who bankrolls the bukkakes) now that Porno Dan is partying it up in Budapest? Give me a cock sucking, mother fucking break — what fucking next!

  14. @mharris

    Ah don’t you know St. Nick & his elves are magical…. they can do anything… if they want to 🙂

    Merry Christmas right back at ya

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