Child Pornography on Television channel TLC

I saw a trailer for TLC’s new program “Toddlers and Tiaras” it’s a reality show about child beauty pageants.

I saw one of these once, it was in the Venetian Hotel during one of the adult shows, it was in a convention room near ours.

What struck me about it was  that these little 5-12 year old girls were wearing outfits and makeup that would have been inappropriate for OUR industry, and thats when it struck me.  These things are nothing more than pedophilia.  They sexualize these children and reward them for that behavior. Then to make it worse, it’s the parents who are doing it.  I wanted to scream at them, have you people lost your fucking minds?  This is sick.

Now TLC glorifies it in a reality show…pedophiles unite… what will they do next? a reality show on NAMBLA members?  Maybe they will get Max to judge one of their beauty pageants, hell may as well go ahead and acquaint them now because they will meet eventually.

Stop sexualizing your children and let them be children, adulthood and all the pressures that go with it come soon enough.

I’m sorry but these things disgust me.  If the DOJ wants to find people sexually exploiting children they need look no further than.

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Child Pornography on Television channel TLC

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  1. Mike,
    I couldn’t agree more with you. I saw a documentary in the 90’s on HBO that was very sad for the children invloved. What was good about it was in actually caused the pageants to get the negative press they deserve. Also the Jonbenet case happened right after it too adding more neagtive press and check out this link from HBO’s “Mr. Show” it’s a brilliant spoof of the pageants
    Two things- 1) Did you notice they are always southern Christains wives that have got those fucked up sexual outlooks on life and 2) Also has there ever been and actress/super model/runway model or even a Miss America/Universe who actually started out in these pageants. I don’t think so.

  2. Whenever I watch “Lockup” on MSNBC, and I hear one of these convicted murderers or bank robbers denouncing and threatening incarcerated child molesters with more righteous indignation than one ever hears even from the parents of the molested child, I wonder why he bothers.

    “By a feeling he has not learned to identify, but has derived from his first awareness of existence, from his discovery that he has to make choices, man knows that his desperate need of self-esteem is a matter of life or death. As a being of volitional consciousness, he knows that he must know his own value in order to maintain his own life. He knows that he has to be right; to be wrong in action means danger to his life; to be wrong in person, to be evil, means to be unfit for existence.

    “Every act of man’s life has to be willed; the mere act of obtaining or eating his food implies that the person he preserves is worthy of being preserved; every pleasure he seeks to enjoy implies that the person who seeks it is worthy of finding enjoyment. He has no choice about his need of self-esteem, his only choice is the standard by which to gauge it. And he makes his fatal error when he switches this gauge protecting his life into the service of his own destruction, when he chooses a standard contradicting existence and sets his self-esteem against reality.

    “Every form of causeless self-doubt, every feeling of inferiority and secret unworthiness is, in fact, man’s hidden dread of his inability to deal with existence. But the greater his terror, the more fiercely he clings to the murderous doctrines that choke him. No man can survive the moment of pronouncing himself irredeemably evil; should he do it, his next moment is insanity or suicide. To escape it-if he’s chosen an irrational Standard-he will fake, evade, blank out; he will cheat himself of reality, of existence, of happiness, of mind; and he will ultimately cheat himself of self-esteem by struggling to preserve its illusion rather than to risk discovering its lack. To fear to face an issue is to believe that the worst is true.

    “It is not any crime you have committed that infects your soul with permanent guilt, it is none of your failures, errors or flaws, but theblank-out by which you attempt to evade them-it is not any sort of Original Sin or unknown prenatal deficiency, but the knowledge and fact of your basic default, of suspending your mind, of refusing to think. Fear and guilt are your chronic emotions, they are real and you do deserve them, but they don’t come from the superficial reasons you invent to disguise their cause, not from your ’selfishness,’ weakness or ignorance, but from a real and basic threat to your existence; fear, because you have abandoned your weapon of survival, guilt, because you know you have done it volitionally.

    “The self you have betrayed is your mind; self-esteem is reliance on one’s power to think. The ego you seek, that essential ‘you’ which you cannot express or define, is not your emotions or inarticulate dreams, but your intellect, that judge of your supreme tribunal whom you’ve impeached in order to drift at the mercy of any stray shyster you describe as your ‘feeling.’ Then you drag yourself through a self-made night, in a desperate quest for a nameless fire, moved by some fading vision of a dawn you had seen and lost.”

    Now I know.

  3. You know Mike I was drifting to sleep the night we shot and saw that commercial and thought the EXACT same thing….it was weird as a woman, granted not a mother, to look at those little girls because you find it hard to not compare that experience to your own as a 4 or 5 year old. And those kids seem to live a VERY sexualized world, dare I say as much as my own, in relative terms. Little girls wearing some “pretties” as I like to call them is sweet and cute, but when those same girls are made up like porn stars and then by age 10 or so start to ACT like porn stars…that my friends is a problem. And for anyone that would say I am being a hypocrite I would say BS..I CHOSE 100% willingly and FREELY to do what I do. Anyone who REALLY knows me would probably say I was destined for it at some point because I have always had an affinity for being nude since I had conscious memories. But it was MY choice…not my mother, not my father, not my grandmother. I have seen several documentaries on this as well and these mothers, with exceptions I am sure, are “kookoo for coco puffs” is all I can say.

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