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I have come to defend Rob Black

I saw over on a lesser site where he is being chastized for cutting a deal.  Apparently this moron thinks that Rob should have martyred himself for the industry instead of taking a slap on the wrist.

Well like Black or not I put myself in his position and I examine the options.  Yes I clearly had a sympathetic judge, but my case will more likely hang on twelve men and women who may not find the site of drinking a concotion of vomit, pee, semen and expelled enemas as innocent as this guy thinks.

Given that and the fines and jail time Rob and Lizard were looking at, what would I do?  What would you do?  We dont yet know his sentence but you can bet your boots he will be a free man LONG before Max, if he even gets any time at all. Why should he martyr himself when he would almost certainly have lost a jury decision.  He made a smart move it appears to me, the only one he could have made.

Now the real case that will test both the government and porn is going to be John Stagliano’s case.  The “obscenities” in his charges are very mild compared to Max and Rob’s.  This is one that we as an industry need to win.

Now somebody get satan outta the crease will ya….( only hockey fans will get that)

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Check The Temperature In Hell

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