Can Someone Explain It?

OK I was born and raised here in Georgia, football country by God.  It’s supposed to be in my blood….A birthright even.

So I try watching the Super Bowl tonight, and all it does is completely bore me.

I mean I just don’t get it.

I get the part about competition and all that, hell I played sports when I was a kid, I played and coached as an adult, I understand the fun of playing and playing to win, I understand the lessons that competitive sports teach…the PARTICIPANTS.

What I do not understand is watching grown men playing a childs game and getting all worked up about it, I mean is it really important?

I have often gotten people worked up when I point out that watching football appeals to latent homosexuality and I do believe that it does, the imagery is almost entirely homoerotic.  The commercials are far more interesting (and entertaining to me) than the game.

After about thirty minutes I could take no more and changed it over to a “House” marathon running on USA. I pretty much used that for background noise while I did some site maintenance and what not.

So maybe someone can explain to me what it is I am missing, or can’t see or don’t get or whatever.  Why do we shower professional athletes with millions of dollars yet balk at a pay increase for the people who teach our children?  Why do we expect the very best athletic performances, yet only expect teachers to show up and teach to the lowest level person in a classroom?  Why do we care more about who wins this childs game than we do what our children are learning in government schools?

I’m just askin.

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Can Someone Explain It?

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3 Responses

  1. Well, at least you didn’t give that whole “football is gay” speech like you do every other year. I was holding my breath for that one.

  2. And to top it off, you have creepy old queens running around waving yellow handkerchiefs. It’s totally gay.

  3. I enjoyed the game personally. But I absolutely agree there’s a sick twisted irony in all of this. I suppose in the end it’s all about whoever can sell more advertising dollars. I’m a free market capitalist but there ought to be a balance struck somewhere between greed and simplicity in our culture.

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