Cal OSHA to Have Comprehensive Bloodborne Pathogens Standard For Adult

Cal/OSHA Standards Board said yesterday that they will modify the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard to address adult films. They will have the comprehensive proposed language by the end of September.

Reportedly The FSC (Diane Duke, Kevin Bland) was in attendance and  stated their eagerness to work with Cal/OSHA. I don’t know if everyone started howling with laughter.

Porners had better get used to the idea of regulation and you can bet your ass the Cal/OSHA standard is going to look a LOT like AB332.   But at least Mark Kernes and the rest of the morons will quit with the hazmat suit nonsense…..well….on second thought they prolly won’t.


78460cookie-checkCal OSHA to Have Comprehensive Bloodborne Pathogens Standard For Adult

Cal OSHA to Have Comprehensive Bloodborne Pathogens Standard For Adult

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4 Responses

  1. Cal-OSHA cannot adopt any standard that is less restrictive than the Federal OSHA standard. The Federal OSHA standards cannot be
    . The FSC knows this, yet they continue to tell the porn industry that they are going to be able to change the OSHA regulations.And OSHA cannot mandate pre-employment std screening, which the FSC maintains is equal to barrier protection.

    Testing will never replace barriers, simply because OSHA does not have the authority to require pre-employment testing.OSHA only regulates the employee/employer relationship. Testing done BEFORE you are an employee cannot be regulated by OSHA.

  2. We’ve come a long way, eh? When AHF started with the Measure B business, there were exactly TWO people saying HELL YEAH!!! Myself and Aurora Snow! That was IT!!!!! Haz/mat suit bullshit and performers marching in the streets declaring their right to die so that their employers could make more money were making my head spin while Fattorosi tried to teach them how to further help their masters cause! There was ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ELSE who even REMOTELY agreed with me back then! Now, let me state for the record that where there is bullshit lies being spouted by lying liars (“As we all know, HIV is a manageable disease”-Julie Meadows), I WILL BE THERE TO SHUT THEM THE EFF UP! Before someone starts blowing smoke up the present performers asses, they will have no choice but to wonder how long it will take for me to destroy their statements and show them for the asshats that they are (Kernes, I’m looking at you)!! Diane Duke, you have covered up multiple HIV cases and try to paint the industry as a soft warm place where as a child people could hide (Axel Rose) and how we film in our EFFING BEDROOMS with love and respect for one and for all! You are a lying liar, Diane! Marci? Have any other male talent refused to have sex with you since I turned you down (and what did you do to Chet?) I know Chasey refused to have sex with Steve, and look what happened to her!! Now where are the Vivid cheerleaders, Marci and Steve? Where are they? Since I’m now telling the truth about the way Vivid treats their performers the cheerleaders have dried up faster than Andretti could ever drive. The pen is definitely sharper than the sword, and I will wield my pen against lying liars every day I have breath! That is all.

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