Brett Rossi NOT An Overdose

I have been friends with Brett for a while, she has even written for this site.  Her recent hospitalization was NOT an overdose or a suicide attempt nor was her stomach pumped, as was speculated by lesser sites.  Brett has some pretty serious health issues that go back several years, she was put on a new medication and she had an adverse reaction to it and required a brief hospitalization.

If you know Brett this makes sense, she is anti drugs and because of the aforementioned health issues she is very much into a healthy lifestyle.


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Brett Rossi NOT An Overdose

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  1. well radar is notoriuos for getting shit like this wrong….people called it an “apparent overdose” and US actually has the same story I do

  2. A few months ago I started on a new insulin pill for my diabetes. I ended up in the hospital for three days, apparently I had overdosed myself on the new medication

  3. Folks with any kind of chronic illness are at risk of doesn’t have to be a new medicine….daughter tried a new tea this summer that turned into a drama filled five days in our world. Turns out tea interacted with the medicine she has used and been stable on for 15+ years relaxing not only her but her lung function. Two days of ICU and three more till she was able to go home.

    If she were famous the headlines might have read…stress of new job too much to handle and folks would have taken it to mean she’d OD…SMH just cuz it’s stereotypically plausible doesn’t make it so.

  4. I believe Mike’s version of the story as possible.

    There are performers out there with chronic medical conditions (not std ones) that fans don’t know about. People can have bad reactions to new medicine. Next time you talk to her say hi from Duke.

  5. will do…and I appreciate your vote of confidence I try hard to get these things right and to be the first with the correct info….those two goals are dimetrically opposed usually if yer first its hard to be very accurate and if yer very accurate you likely wont be first because I know Brett I chose to wait

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