Brazzers Trying To Buy Jules Jordan

Word on the street is that Brazzers is in negotiation to buy out Jules Jordan, lock stock and barrel.  Might as well he has ratted us all out anyway.  The inner circle of hell is reserved for traitors and Jules is the biggest one this industry has ever known.  He is currently said to be shooting a site exclusively for Brazzers and spent the entire AEE Show kissing the asses of Brazzers brass.

Good riddance to that little turn coat mother fucker too.

Fuck you Jules you shit stain.

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Brazzers Trying To Buy Jules Jordan

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4 Responses

  1. Your entire industry is predicated upon the notion that wanting something you don’t deserve is okay. What do you expect?

  2. Seriously south what is with all the hate here with all of this?
    Man if its getting that bad for you just move on seriously?
    Are you that jaded with the industry at the moment?

  3. I think its more than just brazzers doing this shit dude as you say
    i am quite aware which ones are the most popular
    At the end of the day people that wont pay for porn in the 1st place will not really change there minds to soon
    unless they cant get free content
    at the moment its just the way it is unfortunately to a degree
    things will change in time with new laws enforced etc

    few years back before all the tube shit came along people were just ripping off limewire etc
    getting dodgy recoded dvd rips
    now yeah its tube sites.. whats the diff man??
    outing only certain people to blame is a waste of time

    the world as a whole financially has not been in a good state in more recent times
    so this is all expected

    also jules jordan video is not the reason porn is in the toilet
    i think it is one of the reasons decent porn still exists if you really notice

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