Brazzers, Meet Karma

Karma is a bitch.

Yesterday Brazzers was hit with a 6 million dollar seizure by the Federal government and is facing money laundering charges.

Today Pink Visuals has filed a 6.75 million dollar suit against Brazzers for  for theft of content and copyright infringement.

Good for Pink Visuals, while Jules Jordan willingly becomes their bitch Pink Visuals is standing up.  If Digital Playground, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Wicked, Vivid, Zero Tolerance, Kick Ass, Redlightand others who have been ripped off by these scumbags were to also file suit Brazzers will crumble.

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Brazzers, Meet Karma

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  1. Let me see if I understand your sentiment. First the facts:

    1. Brazzers does business with an Israeli company, and in the process violates a law which says that it has to have permission from the US Government to to operate a money-transmitting business.

    2. The Government is claiming that in doing business with this Israeli company, because it is an Israeli company, Brazzers is at “high risk” of facilitating “money laundering.”

    3. Without any proof that Brazzers is facilitating “money laundering”, it’s asking for $6.4 million dollars.

    There are a few very important things to consider here. Each point below corresponds to the point above.:

    1. Why does the government presume to right to dictate what kinds of goods and services a company offers? If it’s not contrary to the Constitution itself, it’s contrary to the spirit of it, for the government to require that private citizens (ie: businesses) get permission from it to get into the money-transmitting business.

    2. What does “money laundering” mean anyways? Are they talking about terrorism? Organized crime? What? It’s very likely that the government is just pissed because it’s citizens are finding ways to get around it’s onerous, oppressive, socialistic tax code.

    3. So now it’s appropriate for the government to simply petition the court for the seizure of the wealth of private citizens based on mere suspicion? So what if Israel is at “high risk” for “money laundering”? That doesn’t prove that the Israeli company Brazzers is doing business with is involved with it – or even whatever “money laundering” they’re doing is objectively bad for the United States. Where’s the evidence? Where’s the definition of the term “money laundering”? This kind of reckless action on the part of the government is the logical conclusion of including undefinable terms in the legal code.


    So basically, what you’re saying is that because Brazzers is screwing other porn companies out of their rightful income by hosting those company’s content on tube sites it owns, it deserves to be screwed by the Federal Government, ex post facto, for trying to avoid the socialist-fascist agenda of said government ex ante.

    You’re talking about karma, and you’re right, this is an instance of karma – but not for the reasons you think. A government which dictates to it’s citizens what types of businesses they may own, which feels no obligation to clearly define the crimes it declares illegal, and which oppresses it’s citizens with onerous taxes can only do any of these things if a significant portion of of the people it governs allow it. Why would people allow such things? Why would they vote for such men? For the same reason they’ll give their money to Brazzers in order to consume the porn of produces. Brazzers exists solely because it plays to the weaknesses – the ungrounded hopes, the petty pretentions, the envious rottenness – of the general public. So does the government. Brazzers requires victims – it’s victims are it’s (slightly) less-ruthless competing porn studios. The government requires victims as well – it’s victims are “politically acceptable targets” like porn studios.

    What you are seeing in this case is the political manifestation of deep-seated cultural corruptions. Corruptions which Brazzers has been happy to exploit and compound, and which are now coming full circle to destroy all that they’ve gained.

    You’d do well to realize that the karma you speak of is far broader than one spiritual parasite monetarily parasiting off of another. It is an entire civilization built upon such arrangements – all the way up to the top.

  2. While I don’t disagree with you from a political standpoint, it mega-pleases me that karma has rolled around to bite them in the ass, the copyright infringement lawsuit being the one I think has the most merit, and the one I really want to see prevail, until that happened I wasn’t even gonna mention the other.

    Is it bad that the feds are targeting them for money laundering..ya but then that’s the very definition of karma

  3. My point is that you have no room to complain. What you do for a living creates, or at least pushes past the point of no return, the kind of delusional minds that think they can ultimately benefit from their nefarious ways of making a living.

    The gangsters who currently call themselves the government will feel their karma too.

    So will you.

  4. Well that only holds true if what I am doing is evil as judged by the karmic deities.

    you see at no time do I infringe on anyones right to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness, nor do I infringe on their property rights.

    So being the good Libertarian I am and the deity of my own karmic judgement (I answer only to the guy I see in the mirror) I hereby judge myself as free from any karmic revenge.


  5. Goodwill sounds like a moron. I think this entire Brazzers and their holding company situation is going to get very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing the dirt and hopefully they will come tumbling down which will be a great first step.

  6. The gov’t seizure is interesting, but just a bump in the road. I think the Pink Visuals lawsuit has far more potential to do significant long term damage should the case actually make it to court and PV prevails. It would establish a precident that the others Mike noted could use to pursue similar suits, which would bring Brazzers to their knees. For that very reason I doubt this makes it to court, unless PV refuses to settle.

    What really disappoints me are the other producers that have chosen to advertise on or upload their own clips to those same tube sites.

    When you lay with dogs, you’re going to get fleas.

  7. I wonder if the Government is looking at them because the owners, Brazzers, are religious Muslims, or is this the only time they get along with the Isreal when money is involved

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