Bill Margold Calls Me A Blowhard

In a recent interview with Bill Margold by Julie Meadows, Bill calls me a “blowhard”


I consider it an honor to be acknowledged by the King of Blowhards.  I’m serious too.  While Margold may not be the type to sugar coat anything (sound familiar?) I don’t think anyone can question that he loves the industry.  He went on to state that he has no problems with me, nor do I with him, for the record.

When I used to go to shows back when I started in this biz I always saw Margold manning the FSC booth, and I always gave him money (quite a bit actually) and I always encouraged the girls with me to do the FSC benefits.  That was back when I thought the FSC had a noble purpose and was genuinely fighting for something and even if the FSC wasn’t it certainly seemed that Margold was.  His heart was in it and he wasn’t stupid by any stretch.

So thanks Margold, hope yer well man.



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Bill Margold Calls Me A Blowhard

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