Axel Braun Announces He Will No Longer Shoot Girls Under 21

In many ways I have to agree with him on this one.  Personally I interview the girls I shoot to have some idea that they wont regret it so for me its a mturity issue, I have had girls that were 28 who were clearly not mature enough to handle it and girls who were  18 who clearly were.

But that isnt the way it works in porn valley, nobody cares if they will regret it or not they just want to churn through the fresh meat so giving them 3 extra years to mature isnt really a bad thing because in the end it helps us.

What doesn’t help us is when a girl who clearly should never have gotten into the biz does and then decides it was a huge mistake (it was) and then turns on us…Let Shelly Lubben or XXXChurch have these girls BEFORE they shoot…not after.

Kudos to Axel braun for raising the bar

85480cookie-checkAxel Braun Announces He Will No Longer Shoot Girls Under 21

Axel Braun Announces He Will No Longer Shoot Girls Under 21

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  1. Teenagers aren’t exactly known to make the wisest, informed, mature decisions. Axel’s doing the right thing to raise the age to 21. Kudos to him. Hopefully, Axel will come out for condoms soon, as well.

  2. I want them! And yes we do a lot of preventative work and educate girls BEFORE they enter porn so they can be more informed to make a better decision. A luxury I wasn’t afforded but am more than happy to offer to girls who want to learn more about the porn industry BEFORE they sign the dotted line. PS: Kudos to Alex and Mike for caring to make the industry a safer place.

  3. Hey Shelley, since you’re here and can’t delete me here (ha ha ha ha), I’d like for you to explain WHY you bullied Ann Marie when you found out she was smoking medical marijuana and WTF was your point in wearing your FBI shirt to mock her?

  4. Oh please. That’s raising the bar? What bar? The adult biz doesn’t have a bar. It used to, sort of, but that was then and this is now.

  5. Many years ago, during an appearance on one of Bill Maher’s TV shows, Larry Flynt advocated dropping the age of consent to appear in porn movies to 16 years old. Flynt’s reasoning was that people now, on the average, are starting to have sex at 16 years old.

  6. Way to go, Larry! And we wonder why mainstream media has such a hard time mentioning almost anything about porn without somehow attaching it to child porn. A 16 year old is a minor. Period. Been that way for a very long time. 18 years old is the age of majority. Its also been that way for a long time. Axel Braun isn’t the first guy to advocate 21 year olds as a minimum age for porn. Margold has been saying that for years. (Not that I’m touting Margold as the oracle of porn.) If Axel Braun has decided to only hire 21 year olds and up, trust me, it isn’t because he’s had some crisis of conscience or anything remotely similar to one.

  7. hehehe… but see, that’s what I mean. I wouldn’t be able to bite my tongue and not call them out on their (oh so obvious) bullshit and I’d probly end up becoming something of a pariah again.

  8. JimmyD the thing is you just said what everyone already knew or thought dont let em demonize ya for that…look how well its worked for me….LOL


    I have shot Women 18 that were so MATURE and had DIRECTION and new EXACTLY what they were doing and WHERE they wanted to go with PORN… (Or LIFE for that matter)…

    And I have shot Women 25… 35… 45… 55… 65… SO FUCKED UP and OUT of their MINDS… (NOT on DRUGS!… Just Out of their ever lovin fuckin MINDS in General!)… That they were IMPLODING as I shot some of them… I actually Tried on SEVERAL Occasions to tell girls that I DON’T THINK that WE should SHOOT… Maybe WAIT a few days… Etc… BUT THEY SAID NO!… Let’s Keep Shooting etc…

    I have a Heart and a SOUL and I can say that after 8 Years in the fucking TRENCHES of PORN CENTRAL USA (The Valley Man)… That I NEVER Shot a girl that did NOT WANT to be there… OR didn’t CHOOSE on her OWN Volition to be there!

    AGE is a very WEIRD THING… Just because someone is OLDER doesn’t mean that they are any fucking WISER than a well adjusted 18 year old with her head on her shoulders…



    Craig Amabello

  10. Really? An 18 year old who wants to shoot porn AND has her head on her shoulders? I think not, Craig! How’s Hawaii treating you?

  11. Exactly, Nick… An 18 year old who wants to shoot porn AND has her head on her shoulders? haha. Come on, Craig! LOL.

  12. Mr Nick?… Miss Kate?

    I’ve had conversations with 60 year old women… (In PORN and in Average Everyday LIFE)… that are COMPLETELY Out of their fucking MINDS!… Wether it be DRUGS or just STRAIGHT and MENTAL… for whatever reasons… they just seem CLUELESS about basic things in LIFE!…

    I REPEAT… A woman that (I Do NOT Believe was on any DRUGS)… That I knew… Who was in her late 50’s… And she had NO IDEA on how to BALANCE a fucking CHECK BOOK!).



    I knew… a person that was 22 years old that put a gun to his head and BLEW HIS BRAINS OUT!… I knew a guy who was in his LATE 40’s who put a gun in his mouth and blew his FACE OFF!… (And I could site MANY OTHER Instances for examples, but why belabor the Issue… I think you get my point!)… So AGE DOES NOT ALWAYS REPRESENT WISDOM… And PROPER… RATIONAL THINKING!

    One day, on set, while working for the GREAT and Quite INSANE Mr Jim Powers… Shooting yet another “VIOLATION” Movie for JM Productions… I talked to this 18 year old girl and she told me point blank: “I’m not stupid, I know this can be a pretty fucked up and shit job… but where else can an 18 year old girl with very little education make $600 to $1,200.00 a DAY… LEGALLY… and still have 3 or 4 days a week FREE to do WHATEVER she want to!

    At my last job, I was a secretary and I made $200 a WEEK and I spent MOST of my week HIDING and RUNNING AWAY from my TWO PERVERT BOSSES who were in their LATE 40’s and CONSTANTLY Grabbing my ass and trying to FUCK ME!

    So I decided… why the fuck should I put up with THAT shit when I can TAKE SOME CONTROL of my Life and make some GREAT Money and have some FUN while I’m doing it! I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life… hell, WHO DOES? I just know that I’m doing PORN now for the MONEY and if I’m smart… I’ll save 50 or 60 Thousand dollars and put a down payment on my own HOUSE… I can think of a LOT WORSE THINGS that I could be doing!”

    Now granted… THIS CHICK was NOT Your AVERAGE GIRL… She seemed very Intelligent and had a well thought out plan… And I do believe she actually did BUY her own CONDO near the beach by the time she was 20 years old!

    My POINT IS… SOME 18 year olds are not only CAPABLE of MAKING their own decision to do PORN… But are even a hell of a LOT SMARTER than some 40 year olds who should KNOW A LOT more about things but still remain CLUELESS in LIFE!

    Would I tell a Young, 18 year old girl to do PORN? NO!… Ironically I am NOT a person that PROMOTES ANY GIRLS doing PORN… (or BOOB JOBS for that matter!)… I don’t think PORN is Necessarily GOOD or BAD… It is just ANOTHER of the MANY JOB Opportunities out there for People with very little education or job skills that could make 50x’s the amount of MONEY the AVERAGE PERSON can make… LEGALLY!

    Hey its a FUCKED UP WORLD… America is a COMPLETELY FUCKED UP COUNTRY… (Just look at our CURRENT GOVERNMENT and what a JOKE that all is!)… There are PLENTY of FUCKED UP JOBS that PEOPLE… (Young or OLD)… Could get into that are WORSE than PORN!

    That’s just MY 2 cents…


    Craig Amabello (8 year Veteran of Working in the ADULT BIZ)…

  13. Craig… I know there are a lot of dumb adults… I get that… I wouldn’t call 18 year olds stupid… they’re naïve… they don’t have the life experience to make informed, mature decisions… they don’t consider the consequences of their actions… so, I disagree with you and I think axel did the right thing to raise the age to shoot… to 21… like Mike said… giving them three extra years to mature isn’t really a bad thing.

    ” I was a secretary and I made $200 a week and I spent MOST of the week hiding and running away from my two pervert bosses who were in their late 40’s and constantly grabbing my ass and trying to fuck me”

    What year was this??

    Any way, Craig.. You have some really interesting stories to tell.. maybe you should write for Mike..

    And by the way… Kudos to you. Craig..for being someone in the industry who doesn’t hide behind a fake name …. attacking, harassing and calling other people names…

  14. hahaha… a FAKE NAME I would NEVER Dream of Using Kate!

    Like I said when I was really Young… I’ve got NOTHING to HIDE… I’m NEVER going to run for PRESIDENT… (though LATELY I’ve started to CHANGE my thinking on this!)… I am what I am. (Some people would ARGUE and say I was a MORON… BUT I just like to LAUGH and have FUN with LIFE… I’ve seen so many beaten down people and THEY NEVER took the time to even ATTEMPT to ENJOY LIFE!)…

    I was a Director-Shooter-Editor-Photog-DVD Author from 1995-Until the end 2003… I was a FREELANCER who worked with EVERYBODY… EXCEPT Jenna Jamison… (I always said it was EASIER to say WHO I HADN’T Worked with, than who I HAD)…

    I worked for many different companies… but did LOT’s of work with the INFAMOUS Mr JIM POWERS… WHo was the Funniest and Craziest and one of the most ENTERTAINING and CREATIVE Directors I have EVER worked with!…

    He in turn did all the JM Productions stuff “American Bukkake”… “The Violation Series”… and MANY, many other Movies… As well as doing his own stuff for MULTIMEDIA PICTURES… And many other companies as well.

    I of course had many hats… Director… 2nd Assistant Director… Shooter… Behind the Scenes… Interviews… 2nd Angles for DVD’S… etc…

    I got to not only shoot all these girls (and Hard working guys)… but spent many, many hours INTERVIEWING these girls for DVD Extra’s and stuff like that… It put me in a rare and better place to interact with many of these young girls by getting the chance to sit down and interview them every other day.

    Some were Plumb CRAZY!… Others (Sometimes) SEEMINGLY Drugged and Deranged… (BUT… They ALWAYS DENIED THIS to ME or ANYONE ELSE!… SO who am I to JUDGE someone else?)…

    And yes Kate… I have quite a few PSYCHOTIC TALES to tell… And I plan on doing that soon!

    And yes Kate, I do AGREE with MOST of what you wrote… BUT… OUR Government has DECREED by LAW that 18 years old is the ADULT STANDARD in THIS COUNTRY…

    So who the fuck am I to COUNTER ACT the LAWS of THIS GREAT COUNTRY?… hahahaha

    Craig Amabello

  15. Hey Craig! What strip club do you OWN on Hawaii? I’d like to call you at YOUR club!!! Maybe you could hire me as a guest when I come out to visit, eh? Seriously, what is the name of the club?

  16. Craig– I’m confused. (Not the first time) You’re an 8-year porn veteran from the late 90s to early 2000s or you’re working in porn now or both? And back in the late 90s to early 2000s you were Jim Lane’s shooter, photographer, and all that other stuff?

  17. Wasn’t there a bunch of controversy going on with Craig Valentine (and his wife) back in the day? You know, back in the day when porn had lots of controversies that actually qualified as controversial? Do I have the right person? And does he own the strip club that Dave Sturman used to own?

  18. Nick?… WHY on earth would YOU think I own a CLUB in HAWAI?

    I’m fucking BROKE and LIVING in South West WHITE TRASH Florida right now!

    Aren’t YOU in the business?… And HAVEN’T YOU been for a very long time? Or am I confusing YOU with somebody else?

    I coulda Sworn I worked with you a few times way back when… On maybe? a BUCK ADAM’S shoot?… Unless I’m fucking having ACID FLASHBACKS?

    I’m Completely BAFFLED man!

    Please help me out…

  19. HAHAHAHA… Mr Jimmy… If MY MEMORY Serves ME CORRECTLY… YOU have?… Had?… Used to?… work with Mr Rob Spallone?

    I have been OUT of the ADULT BUSINESS for Over a DECADE now… I LEFT L.A in LATE 2003…

    I spent many, many years working side by side with Mr Jim Powers… I was his CO-Shooter… 2nd Assistant Director… WHATEVER the fuck You would want to call me… Floyd has been his PHOTOGRAPHER for EVER!… NOT ME!

    I ALSO EDITED 75% of ALL MULTIMEDIA ENTERTAINMENTS (Jim Powers & Partners company)…Product for many years… And MANY OTHER companies Product…

    I also worked for MANY other Companies… And as far as I KNOW… I was NEVER INVOLVED in ANY CONTROVERSIES EVER!

    I’m BROKE… Going INSANE… and I’m CURRENTLY LIVING with My MOTHER in South West… White Trash Florida!

    (BUT plan to MOVE BACK to Los Angeles in the next few months because Its TIME I get BACK 2 REALITY!)…

    Does THIS HELP at all Mr Jimmyd?

    HAWAI?… Night clubs?… I couldn’t AFFORD an OLD-UGLY-HOOKER at THIS point in my LIFE… SO I haven’t a flicking CLUE WHY YOU or ANYONE would think I was AFFLUENT ENOUGH to OWN and OPERATE a fucking NIGHTCLUB in HAWAI!… hahahaha


    Craig Amabello

  20. hahaha… Lacey…

    I have a TEAM of CRACK MONKEY’S that do ALL of my TYPING 4 ME!

    I just DICTATE this shit into a Macbook Pro while I DRINK… and HOPE… the Fucking MONKEY’S aint 2 fuckin CRACKED UP to TYPE Properly!

    BESIDES… I’m Completely INSANE and Quite MAD… Bloody well BONKERS for an Englishman… OOOPS… I meant ITALIAN Wanna BE MAFIA DON!

    (GRRRR… Fuck… I’ve been LISTENING 2 Waaaaaay 2 MUCH PINK FLOYD Lately… ANIMALS… Its a GREAT ALBUM!)…


    SAD… mad and INSANE… in WHITE TRASH south West Florida… and MISSING L.A soooooo FUCKING MUCH…

    Mr Craig Amabello

    P.S… CHECK me out on FACEBOOK if ya wanna SEE KRAZY!

    hahahahaha… DOES That HELP @ all LACEY?

  21. Craig…you really do sound like you’re going insane.. haha. 😀
    You have a lot of interesting /bizarre stories to tell.

  22. Mr Digiorgio… I believe I met YOU several times while working for the GREAT Mr Rob Spallone… Mr Soprano HIMSELF!… (I LOVE Rob… Always was a Funny Fucker!… and HE ALWAYS found a WAY to get HIMSELF MORE and MORE Publicity WHENEVER and However he could)…

    I KNOW that U KNOW Mr Jim POWERS!… (That’s his WORKING NAME and THAT’S the NAME I was TRAINED to USE!…

    I know that YOU Mr JimmyD have been AROUND the GLORIOUS World of ADULT Entertainment since the INVENTION of the WHEEL!….

    I’m just a NOBODY that KNEW EVERYBODY!

    What’s a POOR Boy 2 do BUT sing 4 a Rock and Roll Band?…


    Craig Amabello

    (REBORN AGAIN … Southern PREACHER… SHucking Quarters for Don KIng and Reverend Al SHarpton… HAL-A-LOO-YA!)…

  23. You must be a saint to be taking care of your (evidently) elderly mother. I took care of my grandmother while she was slipping deep into dementia (while keeping a day job as a banking compliance officer) . I will say it was quite the job, especially at the end. I remember checking into nursing homes when I could no longer take care of her (this was in 2002-2003), if she hadn’t of died when she did (in a hospital-rest in peace) I would have been paying out $6K a month (I understand it is closer to $9K a month nowadays) for a nursing home and was more than willing to do so because I just couldn’t handle her anymore. I will repeat, you must be a saint, Craig. Do what you must but remember that she loves you like no one but a parent/grandparent can even if she is a bear to deal with and can’t show her love for you any longer.

  24. mharris127… I am so very SORRY to hear about your grandmothers passing and ALL that you went thru to HELP her… YOU Must be the SAINT!

    The REAL and AWKWARD TRUTH here is that… It is MY MOTHER who is the SAINT… (Ya, a slightly DEMENTED Saint, but a Saint never the less)… It is SHE that has been TAKING Care of “I”!

    I just finished filing for BANKRUPTCY… and am NOW currently Negotiating with the IRS over MONEY Problems that THEY CLAIM I OWE!… (THEY are WRONG of course… BUT try to tell the fucking Government ANYTHING is like Trying to RAM your HEAD thru a CONCRETE WALL!)…

    I’m ALMOST Thru with all my MAJOR DEBT Problems and I am going to be making my way BACK to Los Angeles… (What I have come to refer to as MY TRUE HOME ON PLANET EARTH!)… In the next few months!

    I intend to RE-START MY ENTIRE LIFE… (Though SOME People have TOLD ME that I am quite fucking INSANE for attempting THIS at MY age… Let alone… ANY AGE!)…

    But I do thank U mharris127 for the NICE THOUGHTS… I am a DECENT Human being… LIKE ALL JOBS and Careers… The Wonderful World of PORNOGRAPHY Doesn’t ALWAYS have SCUM INVOLVED… There are quite a few real POLITE… Proper… Decent… Human Beings… with a HELL of a SENSE of HUMOR INVOLVED in the GLAMOUROUS World of ADULT Entertainment… And “I” just happen to be ONE of THEM!… hahaha


    Craig Amabello

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