Awards or Politics James Deen Gets Shut Out

As long as there has been awards shows in porn people have said flat out that they were more about politics and money than awarding creativity or talent. Nowhere was that more evident than the XBiz Awards.

However you may feel about James Deen and what he did, he garnered more than twenty award nominations at XBiz. He got shut out.

Anyone in this biz knows that the odds of that happening are next to zero, Deen is one of the most high profile performers in the biz, his companies spend countless dollars advertising in XBiz. There is no question that the rape allegations against him were the reason.

Now this cause mixed emotions because personally I think he should have been disqualified, If XBiz were going to shut him out at least have the balls to tell him to his face that this kind of behavior is not acceptable and all of his nominations are being withdrawn, now that would have sent a message, both to other male performers and to the mainstream news that hey we really do care about performers.

On the other hand Deen wasn’t exactly tried by a jury of his peers and found guilty. I don’t like trial by public opinion but sometimes it is the only way to get justice, after all whoe REALLY thinks O J Simpson is not guilty of killing Nicole and Ron?

And in the end it isnt his life that is being sacrificed, or his freedom, It is a plastic trophy from a second rate awards show. If Xbiz were going to make Deen ineligible based on the accusations against him, have the balls to tell him….

Now lets see how AVN handles it.

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Awards or Politics James Deen Gets Shut Out

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17 Responses

  1. You are spot on about Deen being disqualified over shut out. Xbiz missed a perfect opportunity to take a stance. But they don’t have the balls.

  2. This article shows your jealousy on Jamesdeen. This article also shows how much dumb that few people in porn like you are endorsing mob justice, sorry to say this. 10 women are likely to be not raped if their only action is conduct social media accusation and trial. It’s just shows their vengeance and jealousy on the most successful man in porn industry. And he is going to be even more successful, his fans love him. Support for him is way more widespread than his haters imagine. Your article just shows how much hatred you guys spew out against each other in porn industry.

  3. I was not a fan of James Deen scenes before the allegations. I don’t like rough sex, period, and to me, there was always something creepy about his performances. Maybe he would’ve been the perfect Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey. That said, I did find his blog entertaining, but have not visited since the allegations. So ….. does anyone have a sense of how much he is working outside of his own website? I haven’t seen anything new posted on any of the websites I visit – NaughtyAmerica, Brazzers, Jules Jordan. But you get beyond those few and I’m sort of clueless.

  4. Here is what I don’t understand. Kora Peters is flat out lying about the rape she accused James of yet everyone is not interested in pointing out that. Kora Peters couldn’t have filmed a scene for James site first because the scene for James was shot in 2013 and she worked with James willingly. New Sensations is the site she worked with James first on. They seriously have no comment on her lies. Kora worked with James in 2009 for their company and she claimed she was raped on their set. This is what should happen. Kora Peters, Farrah Abraham, and Nicki Blue need to be called out for lying. These women were never raped. I don’t understand why none of you in the industry are investigating this. If this can happen James then it will happen again unless you prevent this now.

  5. @Shinealight30 Here we go again, with the same damn argument. Can’t rape a porn whore, that sounds about right Shinealight30?

  6. @Anu I’m sorry you are completely and totally ignorant of reality, and that you have never encountered actual rape statistics. Troll harder next time tho.

  7. There is proof with Nicki Blue and another actress, producers have come forward and they are even pictures of Nicki being held down with the beer bottle and tears on her face, she also looks VERY bewildered/out of it. Do some more research.

  8. I understand the police/juries/law enforcement aren’t kind to porn stars, let alone porn stars claiming to be raped but I hope this does get heard in court and he gets his time in court too. Problem is, yes, even though porn is a totally legal career path, a lot of juries/cops do question the consent of a porn star or if one even has one. Clearly, they do, why aren’t producers and directors held the to the same double standard? Hell, even male talent…

  9. People are calling out Kora Peters and Farrah Abarham for lying about the whole James Deen thing.

    How about Stoya? The One who started it all. Hasn’t done anything for the industry in over a year, and now that her little ALT-look thing is becoming boring she decided to attack her ex-boyfriend because he was more popular than she was.

    The word rape is thrown around nowadays far too easy. Girl signs a piece of paper saying it is okay to spit and be hardcore, and then when the scene actually occurs they regret it and call it rape. Sorry thats not rape IMO, but I guess some people disagree.

    I think there should be a certain code of conduct that occurs on sets. At the same time the male dominant in any hardcore movie has a responsibility to push the female submissive to her limits. If a code word is used, and not acknowledged, maybe thats rape. Deen has been in this industry for 10 years, and I find it very odd he would risk his career just to push a girl beyond her limits on purpose.

  10. @mdxxx Stoya did have a lot going for her prior to her coming out about the rape. She had her company, TrenchcoatX, was nominated for Xbiz awards, was set to host the Xbiz awards, and had a huge marketable brand on social media. Maybe she did do this for more business and attention except… She sold all the shares of her company to Kayden Cross, publically announced that she wants to get out of hosting Xbiz, and stated that she doesn’t give a fuck about her brand anymore. It’s all over her Twitter. She has basically thrown everything away and given up her mainstream career as she states, for the sake of her humanity. Doesn’t sound like she’s after any publicity or monetary gain here. Sounds like a traumatized woman in the spotlight to me.

    But by all means, provide statistics on how common it is for women to fake rape claims, and provide reasoning as to why someone would publically risk shame and give up their shares of their company if they’re after more money and attention.

    Even serial killers were able to maintain marriages and a family without any of their loved ones knowing what they did on the side. So it isn’t far of a stretch to say that James Deen was able to maintain friendships and business relationships while having a whole other side to him.

    Rocco Siffredi does some really hard core stuff and is one of the most successful male stars. How come multiple women haven’t made public claims about him to destroy his success? Just dumb luck?

    I think the most incriminating thing here is how Kink dropped him like a hot potato. Their best performer. It’s obvious they’re covering their asses for behavior they were aware of in the past. Otherwise they would stand behind their loyal and money making employee.

  11. @mdxxx you had me until..if a code word is used and not acknowledged, maybe thats rape… Uhh yes!.. the ultimate responsibility of a dominant is to keep his/her submissive safe!.. thus the “Safe” word… It’s a quicker way of saying.. No Stop Now!.. anyone at anytime whom no longer wants you to do something to their body has a right to change the permission status.. when someone uses their safe word or says no the status has changed and you can no longer do it…period

  12. I don’t understand when Farrah Abraham is stating she was raped by JD… Is she claiming it was when she was promoting the movie?.. I followed that whole saga pretty close and I can’t put the time line together.

  13. @laura go back and watch the episode of couples therapy that she was in, there’s basically video proof that she’s not lying. I forget what episode it was. But Dr. Jen shut down the cameras, and visibly seemed distraught by what Farrah told her.
    You can read into Farrah’s situation any way you want, but if you watch that specific episode and still think Farah is lying, well then I think your a monster. But whatevs agree to disagree and whatever.

  14. @Ivy… I think that whole JD is my boyfriend was only a publicity stunt.. from everything I’ve read..they met the Friday before the shoot when JD picked her up at her hotel on they’re way to be tested… And then they shot the movie that weekend. I don’t think they ever saw each other after that. I may be mistaken, but that’s my understanding. During couples therapy we can’t tell any details about what she says or who she accuses in private after the camera is turned off.

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