At Least Back Then The Scumbags Were Colorful

I was thinking about the 2012 awards and making mental notes and it popped into my mind about one of the all time greats.  His name was Charlie Frye and he was a feature dancer agent.

I personally witnessed two of his tactics….In the first Sana Fey whom I was kind of dating at the time, was booked by an agent named Lowell to feature at a club in S. Florida, I believe it was T’s Lounge.  She was getting 300.00 a show.  Lowell called her and said that the club had cancelled… Sana fey and I were in Toronto where she was featuring.  The very next night Charley Frye called her and said he had a gig for her at T’s Lounge on the same dates as before in S. Florida for 200.00 a show.

I remember thinking this is no coincidence, so I started digging and come to find out Charley had called T’s lounge after seeing the ad and asked what they were paying for her, having done business with them before they told him and Charley said call and cancel her and I will get her for you for 225.00 a show.

They called Lowell and cancelled and since Sana Fey had already set aside the week for T’s Lounge she took the booking from Charley who charged her his usual fee AND pocketed the extra 25.00 per show.

In the second he actually called the club manager and told him that the feature he had booked was a notorious heroin addict and would even shoot it into her eyeball to hide the tracks.  Now I know you are probably thinking there’s no way…but that did happen, I was in a limo with Charley and Alexandra Quinn in New York City when he made the call.

It was then that I confronted him with the Sana Fey story and he totally copped to it saying he did it all the time, he had to make a living.

Now I will be the first to tell you Charley was  indeed a scumbag, a giant one but he at least was colorful, he was unapologetic about it.  It didn’t make it right but unlike today’s scumbags he didn’t think himself anything less than a hustler and a con man.

Todays scumbags think they are somehow geniuses and are more along the lines of narcissistic psychopaths.

Charley Frye, John T Bone and the like somehow seem likeable by comparison.

feel free to share your own stories in the comments this thread could potentially become epic.



69590cookie-checkAt Least Back Then The Scumbags Were Colorful

At Least Back Then The Scumbags Were Colorful

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