ASACP is an Embarrassment

I have been alluding to this post for a week or so now and truth is, it has been a long time coming.  Over a year ago a friend of mine responded to the announcement of a new Executive Director, his response was that I should look into it because it is even more ineffective than the Free Speech Coalition,  I didn’t believe that was even possible.

I am talking about ASACP That stands for The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection.  OK first off it’s a horrible name the word “advocating” should NEVER EVER be used in a name associated in any way with child pornography, even if the purpose is protecting children.

I am honestly surprised that ASCAP hasn’t sued for trademark dilution. The name isn’t different enough but then who wants to pick on an organization that protects children right?

Well lets talk about that.

Here is what ASACP does NOT want you to report: (from their own site)

Do not report P2P (Peer to Peer) or Bit Torrent.

Do not report Newsgroups or Usenet groups (i.e. URL contains “alt.binaries” or similar titles).

Do not report Chat boards or Instant Messages.

Do not report Message boards.

Do not report Web communities (i.e. Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Lycos, etc.)

Do not report email addresses.

Do not email ASACP suspected child exploitation images.

So right off the bat they re only interested in protecting children if they fall into a VERY narrow group, This is the list of things that they WANT you to report (agaon from their own site)

Please report ONLY websites.

That’s it?  are you scratching your head saying what the fuck?….So am I.

Investigates reports and determine the ownership of suspected CE sites and forwards Red Flag reports to international government agencies and associations including the FBI and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, as well as International Tiplines.

I contacted The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and no one I spoke with could find any partner organization by the name ASACP.

The tip I got a year ago pointed out that ASACP has been in progress for more than ten years and I was told to ask how many child porn convictions have happened as a result of reports made to ASACP.  When I asked people at ASACP this question I got NO responses, not even when I asked in an open forum like GFY, A forum I know that Alec Helmy reads. Helmy is the head of ASACP.  I bet you aren’t surprised to learn that the answer…is none.  I could not find one single incident or one single person who said that ASACP had provided information that resulted in a single child porn case.

So what exactly does ASACP do with the hundreds of dollars that each sponsor pays to be a sponsor?  Your guess is as good as mine….It’s easy to support an organization that protects children, it makes us feel good, like we are doing something, but the truth is it’s all just window dressing….As the little old lady in the old Wendys ad said..”Where’s the beef?”  It is not fair to the people who support ASACP or the people in this biz who believe that ASACP is actually doing anything other than paying salaries.

The problem with porn is that we tend to say well it may not be perfect but we are trying, it’s ours…I have heard that a MILLION fucking times in regard to The Free Speech Coalition.  People I believe that we can do better, we shouldn’t excuse poor performance just because they are one of us…and if I was one of them I would want my peers to be proud of what we do, not ashamed. We should hold ourselves to higher standard.

To me ASACP is an embarrassment I think we should clean it up or defund it, plain and simple. If we can’t do any better than this we should stick to sucking cock…


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ASACP is an Embarrassment

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16 Responses

  1. It was a little unclear to me if the ASACP “The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection” is formally or informally connected to Porn, like the Free Speech Coalition is “connected” to porn, but only in window dressing? And so my next question is, was ASACP initially founded to combat child porn in porn? I’m not sure I’m following exactly what you are saying?

    My sticking point is figuring out who owns and runs ASACP, whether its government or not, and I really really don’t want to google it. I did once to figure out it was in California but y’know….didnt want to look it up lol

  2. Interesting Tidbit….search the GPO for ASCAP. It appears only once for a congressional hearing on 1/19/2006. The gist is that Paul J. Cambria Jr on behalf of the Adult Freedom Foundation argued that parents ought to buy filtering software or use some other parental controls if they want to protect their children. I’d have to read it again but IIRC he referenced ASACP in the hearing…if not he mentioned them in his supplementary notes. Not sure but think Kat Sunlove included ASACP in her written submission on behalf of FSC.

    Take a look at all the things ASACP doesn’t want reported to them. They’re the issues AOL worked with NCMEC and other orgs to address as flaws to their then nearly decade old filtering & parental control software.

    By 2006 legislators had studies and summaries detailing how Image and site filtering software works great if you subscribe to the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil school of thought but it won’t do a damn thing to prevent the things you aren’t seeing, hearing or talking about. They also had proof that parental controls invited rather than prevented child exploitation.

    I find it very difficult to believe ASACP is forwarding the anonymous reports they solicit. They claim to be vetting these reports which means they must visit the site and view the images to ‘red-flag’ them for the NCMEC. This isn’t passing the smell test. The only authorized non-law enforcement place to report child porn is NCMEC which is funded via congressional appropriations. The NCMEC issues a report ID that covers your ass with state and federal law enforcement so why would anyone report anonymously to ASACP to get a useles CID? Just a guess but seems like ‘gee here’s my ASACP case ID can’t you use that?’ is the answer to ‘what makes a defense atty. laugh all the way to the bank?’

    It’s pathetic that an organization claiming 20 years and a million reports to combat child porn only has a bunch of recognition awards legislators hand out like candy upon request to anyone who knows enough to send a request. After a fruitless search of goto official resources I checked with people who help write legislative and other policy reports on child advocacy issues and none of them ever heard of or listed ASACP as a resource.

  3. Do you think these pirate criminals will start shooting child porn soon?
    They sound very criminal.

  4. I don’t think even Mind (Fuck) Geek is that stupid — at least as long as their home bases are in Canada and the EU. They can get away with hosting child porn (unfortunately) as long as it is hosted from a country that either doesn’t have laws against it or doesn’t attempt to fight it (it would be very interesting to know what country or countries their tube site computer servers are located in, even the poorest third-world countries have internet service nowadays) . Most third-world countries fit the latter description. If they start actively making child porn it would likely be need to be in at least a second-world country of which all of them legislate and enforce child-porn bans. Third-world countries are usually heavily black which won’t fly even with child porn viewers/child molesters, that comes back to one of my least favorite but truthful phrases — we are all racist, it is to what degree that is different and most child porn viewers/child molesters are white simply due to the sheer majority of the world’s population being white.

  5. @matthew Harris–

    No, we’re not all racist to some extent. Just another absurd theory of yours.

    And what does race have to do with the topic anyway? Then again what does Kink have to do with the many topics you mention them in?

  6. Gotta disagree there Hop Sing. I think all Americans are racist to a certain degree. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that has never said or thought the N word at some point in their life.

  7. I gotta agree with KarmaGuy there. People in America right now hate Niggas. Because of Oboma and other racial issues going on.
    They said the other morning Niggas want to “kill whitey, and want to do it real soon. I think most of these people in porn like ASACP are a bunch of friggin idiots, Just like FSC. A bunch of shit eaters.

  8. I was trying to explain why FuckGeek wouldn’t be able to get into child porn. The majority of white people don’t want to see African porn (yes, I concede that interracial porn sells but even adult on adult black on black porn only sells to a small niche of porn customers). Since the vast majority of people in this world are white (and child porn production is only legal/tacitly allowed in some third-world countries made up of blacks and all civilized countries have laws banning their residents from participating in child porn even in another country) even if they did make child porn they couldn’t get viewers for it.

    I will also confirm that I think anyone fucking little kids needs to be tortured to death — no ifs, ands or buts. Frankly, no one should be having sex before the age of 16, period — whether it is with another minor or with an adult.

  9. Ikes! Another derailment in San Antonio,Texas, Free beer and wine for everyone.

  10. How much for a Crown Royal and Diet Coke, Crunkle? I am not much of a beer or wine person. 🙂

  11. Ok wow guys. I was gonna try not to be the first one to pop in on the race, and I hesitated to pop in at all, but holy fuck you guys either hang out with social workers or take a sociology class.

    Ok no not every body is racist. that’s fucked up. People learn racism. People can unlearn racism with challenging racial stereotypes and assumptions.

    People like to fit people in boxes, because it’s useful in sizing someone up, and people tend to go with their gut or past experiences. Yes people have bias’s, and further, people tend to believe the stereotypes they have been culturally influenced by, whether its by media, family, friends or what have you.

    So, there is a giant fucking difference between stereotypes and racism. Stereotypes, we are all humans and we are all social creatures and nobody is ever going live life without experiencing, or believing or repeating stereotypes. Challenging your worldview is fucking hard, but it can be worth it if your being sincere.

    Challenge your bias, challenge your world view and remember to check your privilege if you give one iota of a fuck about that sort of thing. Again, NO EVERY BODY IS NOT RACIST, if you say that your the racist one. Geez have some self respect for your fellow human being.

    Phew. (/end rant)

  12. I stand by my comment. In my experience everyone is racist — including me — and those racist “stereotypes” prove it to me. It is just a matter to what degree. For the record when I was working at my first credit union I had a black employee express shock when I admitted that fact — I guess I didn’t come across as racist to her either. This same employee went to bat for me (although technically I was her supervisor in many situations) when a loan we held went into collections and the debtor started accusing everyone involved of racism (I drew the short straw in that one and had to deal with the mess) and that if she weren’t black we wouldn’t have repossessed her car and went after her for the deficiency balance. I could prove that everyone involved if anything treated her favorably because she was also disabled so her accusations went nowhere (if anything we were guilty of giving those less fortunate an extra chance or two when that person was disabled or has just lost his/her job with the full permission of both my boss and the governing board of directors). Just because someone is outwardly not racist doesn’t mean that person doesn’t harbor some racist thoughts and beliefs. I don’t believe I ever treated anyone at the CU differently because of his/her race and everyone working there at the time would likely back me up on that but I do harbor some racist “stereotypes” from experiences throughout my life, especially growing up and IMO that makes me at least somewhat racist.

    For the record a sociology class was required for high school graduation even in the early 60’s. I graduated HS so I definitely took that class way back when. I also had to take a sociology course to complete my bachelor’s degree (no further sociology classes were required back then for an advanced degree). Nowadays the sociology requirement for a bachelor’s degree is more than one related course so most of the people posting here have taken one — probably more than one. I also do challenge racist “stereotypes” — probably just about every day but what is ingrained into a person growing up is always there (if anything because of black riots like Black Lives Matter, the Ferguson riots as well as the Watts riots in the late 60’s that is more of an issue today than it was in my childhood).

  13. mharris i don’t get a flying F for all what you wrote, if you honestly believe every body is a little racist, you have problems with racism. Period. End stop. That is the truth. Period. It is your thoughts, I am just repeating them back to you. Get over yourself.

  14. I have been watching this with interest, its one of those things that get people worked up Archie Bunker said “there’s a little bit o me in all o you’se” to address this very idea. but I think we are using the term racism out of context and incorrectly. I know that the term has come to be synonymous with bigotry over the years when really it was an altogether different word referring to white supremacy or the supremacy of any one race over another, in those terms I dont think that we all have a little of it in us. I could believe that at times we can all be a l little bigoted or prejudiced and sometimes with prejudice we could be right, but you have to keep in mind that not all prejudice is bad, it simply means to pre-judge someone or even something. Discrimination is another word that is neutral but has bad connotations a great example is that I discriminate, no question about it, I discriminate against homosexuals, but don’t take it out of context, I have nothing against homosexuals but i am not homosexual so in my sex life I discriminate against homosexuals, would I hire a homosexual to work for me, of course i would, I have no ill feelings at all against homosexuality but it is correct to say that I discriminate against them in my sex life, and many of them discriminate against me…nothing wrong with that.. if you think about it we all discriminate for various reasons and that is probably what is really intended here.

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