Are Tube Sites More Scapegoat Than Threat

I have been following the industries rants on tube sites of late.  It is true that tube sites generally use undocumented (2257) and stolen content but I was in the local video store recent;y and something popped into my mind.

I will use my own southernbukkake site as an example.

Lets say I like bukkake videos and I have my choice of buying an American Bukkake Video for 30 bucks, renting it for 5 bucks or joining southernbukkake for 26 bucks.

If I buy the American bukkake Video I get two Bukkakes , DVD quality video that plays on my computer or in my DVD player. or I rent it and get the same thing but I have to take it back in two days.

If I join for 26 bucks I get over 100 bukkakes all the newest in bluray hidef, all in DVD quality and all playable on any divx, bluray or H.264 based player including xbox360, playstation 3 and most bluray DVD players. I own them forever.

I get a feeling the web model of adult sites is what is doing in porn more than the tube sites, it’s like buying the newest release from private and they send you all the previous releases.  A lot more bang for the buck.

So ya Tube sites might be slurping away some money I suspect that they are only a fraction of the real problem facing Porn Valley

25700cookie-checkAre Tube Sites More Scapegoat Than Threat

Are Tube Sites More Scapegoat Than Threat

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  1. you’re probably on to something but i’m just a consumer so i wouldn’t know. when i first got into online porn three years ago i subscribed to one of those milf sites and for like a couple days i ended up watching/downloading maybe half the content. then i get bored, canceled my subscription and moved on to another fetish. but there’s so many hot chicks and different genres that I can’t stay loyal to one site for more than a month. i’m now watching she-males. FU*CKING SHE-MALES MAN!! Never in a hundred years did i ever think to myself hey maybe i’ll watch Nacho and Belladonna fuck a tranny today.

    the internet medium is here to stay. those tube sites are here to stay too unfortunately. I suppose one obstacle is how one can maintain loyal subscribers that will stay for at least a year. after a week of milfs it’s time to move on. sorry mike. i don’t think i’m much help.

  2. Actually you are, because you are honest. Poerners don’t get that often but you most likely represent the average porn consumer. I doubt any site has a retention length of a year for all but a very small percentage of its members.

    The answer may be to move away from mega content to maintaining less content overall and rotating it in and out along with the new shoots. Of course a lower price helps make that more palatable.

    How would you feel about ten bucks a month with 2 updates a week, one brand new and one old that hasnt been up for say 6 months or a year maintaining a 30 or 60 day backlog of updates at most?

  3. ya i can dig that. but the problem i see is how you find ways to be creative with those two updates. i mean dude if you had kayden doing bukkake she could probably retain my interest for three months (maybe more sorry kayden) but then you lose me unless my new blonde flavor of the month (lena nicole) happens to sign off on bukkake right after kayden which is unlikely. i think the first option’s rate and amount of content you propose is fair. if you can find ways to be creative week in week out then you got a good chance of standing out from other sites.

    the truth is doing blogs like this on the side is really good too because your following will only get bigger assuming you don’t start sounding repetitive, old and cranky (which you and the rest don’t). That following will translate into almost blind loyalty in some cases.

    anything we can do to help let us know. peace.

  4. Well honestly you probably arent my target niche anyway, I dont shoot porn chicks, most of the girls I shoot are complete amateurs and I shoot a lot of them. Most of them wont be seen on other sites and of the ones that are I generally have their only hardcore content.

    Not that I’d thumb my nose at a Kayden Kross Bukkake. Look at Felecia Fox for example, she did 3 for me and they did well, no doubt because nobody else has anything even close to that with Felicia. But my bread and butter is girls like Debbie Leigh, Morgan, Destiny Love, Taylor, and over a hundred more

  5. Gee, Mikey, that sounds so simplistically logical. But then, why are so many of the web guys crying the blues with their revenues in the toilet as well?

  6. Easy JimmyD

    Our model lives and dies by credit cards with card companies tighter on issuing cards, lowering credit limits and with the tough economic times we are seeing a proportionate number of failed rebills, which is to be expected. My revenues have dropped only slightly though.

    Others are trying to appeal to a mass audience and are buying content from content brokers that a dozen other sites also have are gonna fail.

    Niche oriented sites shooting original content on the other hand are doing fine for the most part and that ties in with whjat I said about bukkake. It isnt just that niche but almost all of porn these days is aimed at vertical markets, niches if you will. If you have a foot fetish why would you buy a Barefoot Confidential DVD when theres dozens of sites producing that fetish with a hundred times the content for the buck.

    Actually it may be us web porners that are shooting ourselves in the foot.

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