Another Scam In The Making

I don’t generally run press releases but this one got my attention.  Let’s remember who the principle here is, Tom Byron….Butt Boy to Rob Black, scammer who swore he would eat prok and beans out of a can before he would bounce a check to talent, then he bounced a check to talent.  Swore he didn’t have the “taint” of Extreme on him anymore, all the while Evolution was owned by Extreme.

Hall of Fame Management Opens for Business
Hall of Fame Management is owned by Tom Byron and operated by Tori Welles. Takes no percentages from talent or fees from producers.

Glendale, CA: Hall of Fame Management ( is proud to announce that it is open for business. With a growing roster of girls Hall of Fame Management takes a new approach to adult talent management. Owner Tom Byron saw the need for this and responded: “We saw how much companies were spending in agency fees every year, and how much the girls were paying out every month in percentages. We figured there had to be a better way.”
Instead of charging producers a fee and taking percentages from talent, Hall of Fame Management only charges a flat $350 a month management fee, which is offset by a guaranteed $500 scene for the company every month. “We want to be more than just another agency, who pressures talent to do any and everything so we can make the most money off of them.” says Tori Welles. “We want to help guide these girls’ careers. We don’t want to make a quick buck, we want to create career longevity and make Stars!”
Hall of Fame Management also features a whole new style of website, where not only can producers see pictures, but also video clips of the talent to get a better idea of how they look in real life. All of this is shot in house by some of the top photographers and videographers in the business.

Now did ya read that carefully…..for 350 every month, he will represent you…..and throw you a guaranteed 500 dollar scene …gee wonder who that’s gonna be for?  Tom is back shooting, Im sure he will want an anal scene too.   HMMMMM reckon who those TOP photographers and videographers are?  Shooting you in video clips they could (and will) sell.

Anybody else kicking back with a bag of popcorn to watch this implode?

And you guys all thought Regan Senter was gone……

59230cookie-checkAnother Scam In The Making

Another Scam In The Making

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  1. There old porn saying in porn if sound to good be true it not. How long well take before Tom Byron goes back drug alcohol relapse snorts drinks way profits from new company?? Here question T.T. Boy was major fuck up when ran at out Las Angeles how bad do rate Tom Bruron being with new company Mike???

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