An Education For Me

It has been a while since I made a post that got as much response as the last one, the one on escorting.  I was surprised in that guys in the biz almost universally denounced it saying it was bullshit.  the girls in the biz, however, universally agreed  note I didn’t say almost universally…every single one who emailed me or contacted me was supportive and even if they personally didn’t like the idea of pornstars escorting  not one wanted to stop others from being able to do it, some of the ones who dont escort were in agreement and even thought escorting was a safer choice than porn.

Indeed there were some arguments that escorting and particularly more straight up prostitution were dangerous only a few guys thought it to be more dangerous than porn. most of the girls in the biz mentioned that they too had gotten STDs right off the bat when they started in porn.

I find this interesting because they are so afraid to come forward in terms of requiring condoms,  if escorting can harm your reputation as a performer, requiring a condom will destroy it.  Come on y’all it shouldnt be that way, nobody should be penalized for being health conscious.  I am not for a condom law but I am 100% for a law that says if someone asks and you don’t allow a condom, or if you make no condom a condition of employment then you can be sued.

I want to thank everyone for their input on this topic, it was indeed an education for me….Im sure it isnt over….



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An Education For Me

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  1. Its a hard situation for the porn makers. Fans (that buy porn) universally hate seeing condoms. At the same time condoms are much safer for the talent. Even though Weinstein/AHF pushed the mandatory condoms onto the porn biz in CA producers are reluctant to enforce it for fear of dwindling profits.

  2. Its a hard situation for the porn makers. Fans (that buy porn) universally hate seeing condoms. At the same time condoms are much safer for the talent. Even though Weinstein/AHF pushed the mandatory condoms onto the porn biz in CA producers are reluctant to enforce it for fear of dwindling profits.

  3. Honestly I can’t imagine an escort having sex without a condom. I read sexguides and it happens a lot more than I thought it would.

  4. As a married man, I can’t imagine having sex with an escort without wearing a condom. Of course, I know the old line about the little head doing the thinking for the big head.

  5. When I look at what porn stars are required to do in porn, I can’t imagine that escorting is not a safer choice than porn – or a healthier choice – in most instances. I realize that there are always exceptions – there’s always going to be the John who ends up being an angry, potentially violent jerk or the individual who asks for something extreme. But with regard to the latter, I think that’s kind of known upfront, right. I’ve never been with an escort, let alone a porn star escort, so my opinion is based pretty much on reading the reviews of “hobbyists” on sites like eros. Most guys describe encounters that sound like what you or I would imagine. Gal shows up. There’s some chit chat. She gets naked. She puts a condom on the guy. There’s some oral. There’s some vaginal in a couple of positions. There’s a pop shot. And at the end of the hour, she’s gone. You read the occasional anal and the occasional squirting, but it’s not described as the kind of anal pounding we see in films. Most of the guys sound grateful that they got to put it in the porn stars butt and came soon after. No gaping, no stretching, no slapping, no cramming four fingers or a big dildo up your butt, and no double anal.

    When I say healthier, what I mean is that the time an escort is involved in actual penetrative sex is a lot less than the time she’s going to spend getting pounded during a shoot. It’s going to be a lot less wear and tear on their bodies – not unlike a boxer who manages to win lots of fights in the firwt three rounds versus the boxer who repeatedly goes to war in 15 round bouts.

    If we’re honest, porn has always been about having sex for money. Whose kidding who? There’s a word to describe that relationship.

    During the Golden Age, you might have argued that there was film-making and art involved in some of the classic films, where there was a plot, a script with dialogue, sets beyond a mattress, costumes, and sex scenes were 5 to 10 minutes at most of screen time. But that went out the window with the advent of the VCR and shots on video followed by Gonzo and 35 minute long sex scenes. Think of how many actresses you’ve seen interviewed who say they like Gonzo because they don’t have to memorize lines, they just have sex (for money).

    My point is that once you’ve crossed that Rubicon and have decided that, like Dani Daniels, you sell your “holes for money” and you don’t take it that seriously, you might as well do that in a way that maximizes your time and income and minimizes the impact on your body because, like a professional athlete, your time in the industry is probably going to be short. There are very few Lisa Anns, Julia Anns, and Nina Hartleys who have the combination of smarts, looks, physical attributes, attitude, and sexuality to stretch a career to 20 years. Look at recent pictures of Ginger Lynn, who used to be the hottest actress going, or remember that even Jenna and Tera Patrick had a shelf life.

    Someone in the other post said something like the problem is that there are so many girls today that no one can make much money performing. There’s a reason for that: The way we watch porn today has changed because of the easy access to it. When I discovered porn in the late 1970’s, you had to go to a movie theater to watch it, and films were released the same way they were released in mainstream – once a week or once every two weeks a new movie or two came out. You didn’t need hundreds of performers because the access was so limited. Now that you can access anything at any time online, you have to have a constant stream of new content, just like any other Internet website. If there isn’t something new up there every day – heck, every couple of hours – you don’t go back. Today, we burn out on an actress in pretty quickly and want someone newer, hotter, sexier, and edgier. For example, for awhile Bonnie Rotten was the hottest thing going (why? don’t ask me). She just announced her retirement from performing. Did anyone really care?

  6. There is no money in porn now. Its just used to make the talent famous for high end escorting. I’m surprised porn makers have not started demanding a cut of the talent’s escort fees.

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