All PWL Posters Revealed

Someone went to a lot of work to do this for me….THANK YOU!

This is a very large document detailing all the users on the PWL user list that was posted here

Click Here for the document

There are a LOT of names and html links on this list, it is far too large for me to go through, please have a look at it and let me know if anything or anyone jumps out at you.

52060cookie-checkAll PWL Posters Revealed

All PWL Posters Revealed

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  1. It’s funny PWL will only post comments they approve. I got quoted in a forum and tried to refute the lies and of course, wasn’t posted. I tried this 3 times. I even put Mike Fatorossi’s name on there, hoping he would remove the thread, but that didn’t work either. Is it going to take a porn star getting assaulted or worse for someone to legally get that site pulled down?

  2. Some more connections:

    Leecock_Foster [email protected]
    Houston_We_Have_A_Problem [email protected]
    ivan_is_on_azt [email protected]
    fag_Spiegler [email protected]
    Christian_Michael_Wians [email protected]
    Rocco_Reed [email protected] is a domain controlled by two nameservers at They are on the same IP network.

    This (and other things) seem to link them to:

    Silver_Slugger -> [email protected]

    Twitter: @medellincartell

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