All Performers Are About To get health Insurance

Not because anyone did anything in particular but because they have to.  At least the poor poor me money scams by the likes of Alexis Raven,  and Elexis Monroe will end.

I’d like to thank Lacey Blake for her informative article here yesterday, I try to give you things you can use, AVN and XBiz were all of the press releases for training of bath products.

However you may feel about Obamacare I do think it to be a step in the right direction.   Bottom line is we have to decide if healthcare is in fact a right.  if it isnt we have to be prepared to let people, including children die if they cant get a charity to pay for it, if it is a right then we all have to pay for it and that is what Obamacare does, it requires everyone to pay.

Yes it is contrary to my Libertarian ideology but sometimes ideology doesn’t exactly reflect reality.


85080cookie-checkAll Performers Are About To get health Insurance

All Performers Are About To get health Insurance

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  1. Thanks again Mike…
    I would also like to add that just because I wrote the article doesn’t mean I necessarily agree or disagree with Obamacare.

  2. I have a friend with three kids. He got a letter today from Kaiser(his insurance) he has an individual Kaiser plan for every member of his family, but, His Kaiser plan ,”Does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.” He was currently paying $50.33 for each plan.(very affordable) His new plans are now 1 $143.55 each.
    From 250 a month to over 700. Affordable Care my ass.
    Anybody else with a Kaiser plan, get to the pharmacy and buy a big tube of lube, you’re going to need it.

  3. I keep hearing people with stories from “other” or “someone I know” who has a nightmare story about Obamacare already and how it’s going to bankrupt them or their premiums have gone up nine million percent. Everytime I ask for the details and they don’t have them or when they do I run the numbers for them and suddenly it isn’t looking so bad. I would like to see the plan that covers an entire family of five from an insurance company with an unsubsidized total price of $250. For fucks sake even porn stars would have health insurance for $50 a month. Sounds fishy to me…just saying.

  4. Brooke from what I can see its kinda like this
    if yer on medicaid now nothing really changes

    a family of four making more than about 24K but less than 100K/ year will pay less

    a single person making more than 12k/year but less than 50 k will pay less

    family sizes that differ will see similar savings

    people who are above these income levels will pay less in a few states and a little more in others but they will get better coverage…overall it seems almost everyone benefits really.

    Im not saying its a great plan…it isnt, the insurance lobby wrote it so you can bet insurances companies are going to bank from it but I think most people see it as the first step to Universal health care which is a whole nuther can of worms. i think all in all obamacare isnt as bad as the hard right would have us believe nor as good as the far left would.

  5. I can’t find anything to contradict you other than people turning figures upside down, doing magical math, or turning fiction into facts simply because they said so. I did try to sign up today, but the servers seem to be a bit overloaded at the moment.

  6. Mike:
    I know a few doctors that are going to retire because they don’t want to deal with obama care. They think it’s going to be a nightmare.

  7. @kate interesting…my doctors both my internist and my neurosurgeon are gearing up for a massive increase in both patients and money due to people who previously couldnt get insurance getting it and going to the doc for the first time or for some needed proceedure they have been putting off. My neurosurgeon, they most highly regarded in Atlanta thinks over time it will help to stabilize costs, both his and the patients. I see him again tomorrow….will ask more

  8. I will get a copy of the letter, actually he recieved 5 letters, one for each policy, and post it here.

    brooke, these Kaiser plans have been available for YEARS, but that didnt get any porn performers signing up.

  9. I’ll second the comments by BrookTyler. The people doing the loudest complaining about ObamaCare are grumbling about things the think are going to happen down the road. Funny, they weren’t saying a word about what was going to happen down the road when tax rates kept getting cut to the point that basic services, infrastructures and education that used to be the best in the world are literally collapsing where they sit. Fat cats get fatter on the backs of everyone else. [/rant]

    I’d like to be able to give you some hard numbers on insurance plans re: my own case, but due to the HUGE load on the servers at I’ve not yet been able to see any actual plan numbers. That’s no big surprise, it’s what would happen with any major web site roll out with set go date. Demand will slow down over the next few days and the site will begin to function normally. No real reason to rush anyway, since any plan you sign up for won’t become effective until Jan 1, 2014.

  10. Everyone’s personal experience with Obamacare will be different, but here’s the thing to remember. The target client is the uninsured or the self-insured. I have been self-employed since 1983. I have always purchased health insurance for my family in the private market, and I have always purchased real health insurance that provided coverage similar to a BlueCross/Blue Shield plan.

    My state adopted the requirements of Obamacare for the base plan offered in the state in 2011, meaning any insurer wanting to offer insurance in my state as a minimum had to meet the Obamacare standards.

    Now, my wife and I are very healthy, with no chronic conditions. However, we have a daughter who has had health issues. As a result, prior to Obamacare, she was always denied coverage when we tried to shift from our original plan to a more affordable plan coming into the market. In 2010, before the new standards – including pre-existing conditions – went into effect. I was paying $565 a month for a high deductible plan for me and my wife and $800 a month for a high deductible plan for our daughter.

    After Obamacare, I was able to consolidate all three of us under one plan for $968 a month – a plan that had better coverage, a lower deductible and co-pays for office visits. Now, $968 a month is still a lot of money. But I saved $400 a month and got a lower deductible and office co-pays.

    In addition, my wife and I can get a colonoscopy if we wish for $100 each – we are both 50. Prior to Obamacare, colonoscopies were not a covered benefit under our older plan. Getting them in the private market, without health insurance, they were $5,000 each, or $10,000 as a couple.

    Obamacare has worked for our family. Is it cheap? No. But it’s cheaper than the alternative for real insurance that covers you when your sick.

    One last anecdote: Two summers ago my daughter had surgery and developed an infection from the surgery. The bill for treating her infection – had I not had insurance – was $250,000.

    Again, Obamacare helped my family.

  11. BT I think in the long run its good for everyone, something had to be done if we are going to consider healthcare a right…..Obamacare is a step in the right direction. I think most of the people who have problems with it are the the people on Jimmy Kimmel last night, who when asked which was better obamacare or the affordable care act…overwhelmingly said the affordable care act was far superior to obamacare we all know they are the same thing. Some people just want to bitch because they dont like the guy in the whitehouse….hell he didnt write it anyway the insurance lobby did because they saw universal care on the horizon and that would put them outta business so they came up with something to delay it….

  12. BTW as a self employed person with a CPA (My mom…who cant write as well as Lacey)my health insurance costs will be going down for a better policy….so i benefit as well…I think most people do…they may be paying a little more but they are getting better insurance

  13. But in order to get this insuance the individual has to take the initiative and sign up for it, and that is why I dont see too many porn stars being insured in the near future. How many porno starlets do you envision taking this type of proactive action, hell, most of them wouldnt even get std tested if the industry didnt ‘require’ it.

  14. @mikesouth

    I hear ya on the Libertarian aspect of this issue. However, I don’t think kids should have to move from a nice home to the projects because a hereditary disease makes a parent bed-ridden.

    I agree with jilted that a lot won’t sign up. It is not technically a freebie since they have to pay, but I wouldn’t call the small sum a bad investment.

  15. Heres the cheapest plan I could get using your link and their website and a quick copy and paste. Again…everybody knows somebody but when it comes down to it…this is what it looks like without Obamacare. This is just for me. All this goodness for $270 a month.

    Benefit Summary
    Annual deductible (individual) $7,500
    Annual deductible (family) $15,000
    Annual out-of-pocket maximum (after deductible) (individual) $5,000
    Annual out-of-pocket maximum (after deductible) (family) $10,000
    Preventive Services
    Immunizations No charge (not subject to deductible)
    Well-child visit (to age 2) No charge (not subject to deductible)
    Certain preventive screenings No charge (not subject to deductible)
    Mammogram No charge (not subject to deductible)
    Primary care vision exam No charge (not subject to deductible)
    Outpatient Services
    Primary care office visit (nonpreventive) $45 copay (not subject to deductible)
    Specialist office visit (nonpreventive) First 2 office visits: $75 copay (not subject to deductible) 3 + visits: 30% coinsurance (after deductible)
    Most X-rays and lab tests No charge (not subject to deductible)
    MRI, CT, and PET 30% coinsurance (after deductible)
    Outpatient surgery 30% coinsurance (after deductible)
    Mental health 30% coinsurance (after deductible)
    Inpatient Hospital Care
    Room and board, surgery, anesthesia, X-rays, lab tests, and medication 30% coinsurance (after deductible)
    Delivery and postpartum Not covered
    Emergency and Urgent Care
    Emergency Room visit (waived if admitted) $500 copay (not subject to deductible)
    Urgent care (after-hours visit) $100 copay (not subject to deductible)
    Ambulance service 30% coinsurance (after deductible)
    Prescription drugs
    Pharmacy deductible (individual) $1,000 (brand drugs only)
    Pharmacy deductible (family) $2,000 (brand drugs only)
    Preventive generic drugs* $5 copay (when filled at Kaiser Permanente pharmacies) (not subject to deductible)
    Preferred generic drugs $15 copay (when filled at Kaiser Permanente pharmacies) (not subject to deductible)
    Brand drugs $45 copay (when filled at Kaiser Permanente pharmacies) (after pharmacy deductible)
    Specialty drugs ($5,000 out-of-pocket maximum) 50% coinsurance (when filled at Kaiser Permanente pharmacies) (after pharmacy deductible)

  16. I don’t know who your hanging around with in the porn industry, but for the most part I haven’t met these people. Let me know who they are so I can put them on a list I will label “People to dumb to get health insurance according to jilted.”

  17. You made a good point…ask the performers if they are going to get insurance in 2014 or pay the penalty and i will bet you 9 out of 10 give you a blank look. I even suggested to Helmy that Im sure Lacey would allow him to run her arrticle on XBiz…. and he actually said it “wasnt appropriate for” As if bathmate training is more appropriate (That was his lead story) XBiz and AVN want to keep performers as clueless and beholden as possible because their advertising revenue depends on it.

  18. @Mike –
    I bet it was the line “the government will pimp slap the shit out of you and take your money” that did it, huh?
    Very inappropriate for a porn news publication, I guess? 😉

  19. Mike: Like me via my daughter, you have experienced health issues and understand how valuable real health insurance is if you have an issue. I’m not talking about the kind of plan you get for $50 a month with a $3,000 annual cap. I’m talking about health insurance that pays your bills, according to the contract, if you get sick.

    During the debate over the affordable care act, Obama said once that the biggest problem with the argument of health insurance is that most people don’t know what health insurance costs. It costs a lot – in fact, real insurance costs that covers you when you’re ill costs a lot.

    Here are the things that people don’t understand. Prior to Obamacare, health insurance was regulated at the state level by the state insurance commissioner. The commissioner determines the base plan that an insurance company has to offer to do business in the state – that applies to all insurance, including auto, homeowners, life insurance and health insurance. There are states – they tend to be Republican southern states – where insurers can offer very cheap, no frills insurance plans for any of the above. The problem is — they don’t cover squat when you need them.

    I live in a state where the base plan is pretty good, when it comes to heath insurance. Even a crappy plan offers a lot of coverage if you’re sick. It’s just a very high deductible and no co-pays or very high co-pays.

    Now, I’m the treasurer of a non-profit organization that offers its director a family health insurance plan with $20 co-pays, prescription coverage, and $1,500 maximum deductible/out of pocket from Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The annual cost for a family plan? $26,000. That is not a misprint.

    Now, when the feds announced the cost of the exchanges for my state, Michelle Bachman was still running for president. The exchange plan that was equivalent to the Blue Cross plan my director enjoys was about $18,000. Michelle Bachman said: $18,000. That’s outrageous. Who can afford that? Meanwhile, I’m looking at it and thinking, I can’t wait to get that plan for only $18,000, because it’s $8,000 less than what I’d have to pay for a BlueCross plan.

    My $968 a month plan – just under $12,000 a year – comes with a $7,500 per person deductible per year ($22,500 for my family), no prescription coverage; and a $75 office co-pay.

    Again sounds like a gyp, right? But prior to Obamacare, I was paying $1,350 a month to cover me, my wife and daughter, $10,000 per person deductibles ($30,000 a year), no prescription, no office co-pays and no coverage for lab tests, annual physicals or things like my wife’s mammograms or the formerly mentioned colonoscopies. I used to spend $2,000 a year on my wife’s physicals, so she could get mammograms and pap smears.

    So, is $968 cheap? It is not. But, it is a bargain compared to what I spend.

    Obamacare is only expensive to people who were previously uninsured, had no desire to buy insurance, and if they got ill, went to the emergency room because the hospital was obligated to treat them. If you were buying real insurance – insurance that covered you in an illness – it’s a bargain compared to the alternative.

    Last point – health care isn’t like an automobile if you need it. If you or I go to buy a car, we can choose a new Mercedes for $100,000 or a 98 Honda Accord for $1,000. Either one will get you to work.

    If you get cancer, break your leg, need a heart bypass or, like my daughter, develop a post surgical infection that threatens your life, you cannot choose between a Mercedes or an old Honda Accord. There’s one standard of care and it costs what it costs. You get treatment or you don’t. You live or you die. You get an Xray and a cast for your leg, or you risk losing your leg or developing gangrene.

  20. What I still don’t understand how or why Weinstein and AHF hasn’t pushed on the state or federal level (I know us congress is as dysfunctional as they come but puritans rule the house and this is almost worthy of the democrats if they aren’t on FSC payroll). But in Transportation and even retail that requires pre employment drug screens that those are paid for by the employer and not the future employee. How is this any different? That has been federal law for decades and I would only see this as a natural and logical extension of that law. I know AHF want to push for Condom and have been successful at the county level, but when the argument can be made that condom should be a piece of mandatory personal protective equipment under OSHA guidelines to protect an employee from a blood borne pathogen it should be easy to get that argument made and accepted. Here is where I think a lot of porn sets get lucky. US OSHA inspectors are few and far between and usually only end up at a work site after blood has been spilled and someone is in the morgue or spends more than 3 days in the hospital. Since porn sets aren’t that dangerous then an OSHA inspector will never be there unless someone calls in a complaint that there is an imminent threat of severe bodily harm or fatality which by federal regulation requires an immediate onsite visit by an OSHA inspector.

    Now I am proud of how many porn stars are taking a stand on using condoms in interviews like those on the Huffington Post saying they support the law though production companies keep pushing bareback and I understand they are worried about not being given work if they insist to heavily on condom use.

    I personally think it is time AHF take this fight to another level and make his arguments in new ways. Hell filming permits are public record that you and request copies of via freedom of information act. Maybe he needs to start pushing via the OSHA blood borne pathogen statute to mandate personal protective equipment. I am all for freedom of speech and expression, but also feel that public safety and health issues can trump freedom of speech when it comes to work place safety and with an STD the general public in large because we know that both the men and women in adult entertainment due have personal relationships with those outside that work circle.

  21. According to my marketplace search today (, a hypothetical 47 year old that makes 40,000.00 a year and goes to the doctors approximately 1 to 2 times a year, and has approximately 1 to 2 prescriptions pays $225.00 a month for anthem blue cross (a $48.00 discount from their usual rate for this coverage)
    I put this on my facebook today for my friends to see and have a gage to estimate where they would fall… the porn industry most people are younger so that premium should decrease:)

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