AIM Database Compromise update

This has been a hot story for two whole days now, I broke it Monday night.  It has been picked up by The LA Times, KTLA, Gawker (the only one with the professionalism to source me) Australian papers, London papers and many more are coming.  I have spent most of the last 2 days granting interviews to mainstream news media.

What have we heard from the self proclaimed  Industry News leader, AVN?…..




Dead Silence


They are waiting to spew the AIM party line instead of doing their own story, you can bet it will be sanitized and AIM will be painted to be not at fault.

Meantime I am hearing from more and more people, some have asked how I can bite the hand that feeds me.  Let me make something perfectly clear, nobody in Porn Valley has any impact on my business at all, I do not derive money from anyone there in any way shape or form.  I deal primarily with honest people.   I also have friends in Porn Valley, mostly performers who had no idea that their data had been compromised even though several people claiming to be associated with AIM have publicly stated that this was “old news”  well the performers certainly hadn’t been notified.

Mostly though people have said things like “The entire industry owes you a debt of gratitude.” and “Thank you.”  To those people I say you are welcome and I sincerely hope that this information helps motivate AIM and others to take measures to stop this atrocity and to make sure it never happens again.

What was most surprising to me in all of this was all the support I got from people who wouldn’t even talk anonymously to the press about it, they wanted it outed and they wanted it to go away but they didn’t want to do anything to help that happen.  I do understand, I have learned to mistrust the mainstream press as well but the old axiom nothing ventured nothing gained holds true.

The real test will be if I need defending for this, will they step up?  I stuck my neck way out on this one, are y’all gonna let it be cut off?




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AIM Database Compromise update

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