AIM 2.0 Half Ass Appears

The wise and wonderful Free Screech Cabal is announcing the latest in lets see what we can fuck up next.

they announced four new testing centers that will be participating in the Half Ass Testing and will be populating the new Half Ass Database with your test info.

My response to The FSC was:

Have we learned nothing here? 

The FIRST question ANYONE should be asking is How do we know it is SECURE

What is being done to insure performer privacy? Database security? system accountability? system auditing?

This is just AIM 2.0 it would seem

BTW AIM 1.0 is till up and accessible even though every test on it (many over 5 years old) has been out of date for MONTHS.

I have gone through hell and back dealing with the problems from the last one AND NOT A SINGLE ONE OF MY GIRLS was involved. I did it to try to help when nobody else (FSC) would.

Lets learn from our mistakes here people just say NO to HalfAss or whatever they call it.

my $0.02

Mike South

They responded with:

I don’t think that the FSC would be so stupid as to give out the details of their security measures.

I feel comfortable knowing that knowledgeable industry professionals have designed the system to be as secure as possible.

However, I think anything can be hacked given enough resources and time. Nothing is 100% unhackable if it is connected to a network, has a keyboard or has an open port.

Such is modern life…..

OK show of hands here  how man of you think the FSC IS THAT STUPID?

Note they didn’t even address that AIM 1.0 is still live and accessible.

Yep just as I thought, most of you.

HA! I KNEW IT! Just another kludged together, half assed system.

And the usual FSC answer…don’t ask for any details, we are smarter than you, we have it covered.

Only a complete fucking moron would trust this bunch.

Are YOU a complete fucking moron?  I didn’t think so.



53860cookie-checkAIM 2.0 Half Ass Appears

AIM 2.0 Half Ass Appears

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6 Responses

  1. Maybe i will write them a very stern letter telling them they better shape up..If they dont listen then i will ask a ex Russian KGB officer to send another one, and everyone knows people usually doe what the KGB asks

  2. Mike, since the database doesn’t actually include ANY medical information OR ANY personal pedigree info (SS or DL or home address) how “secure” does it really have to be? Is someone really going to hack the database to get someone’s email address?

    Really, is that the best you have?

    As for FSC not providing any details ONCE AGAIN your confirmation bias kicks into full gear. There will be a press release tomorrow with details about the system. TODAY’S press release was meant to introduce the clinics. That’s all.

    There’s a website people can visit for some answers prior to that:

    1-day results locally for Primex (guaranteed) and Lab Test LA (with some exceptions)

    Primex is 7 days a week, Lab Test LA (Unilab) is NOT and sends its specimens to a lab out of state, so if one were, for example, to test at Lab Test LA on a Friday, one would likely not receive one’s results until Monday.

    3 to 5-day results for Advanced Medical Testing.

    The Healing Wave clinic is a couple of doors down from Primex, which is one of the most prominent labs in California.

    Mike, I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat: you damage your reputation when you go off half-cocked.

    Asking for “a show of hands” from the chorus in your private echo chamber is not a substitute for collecting and evaluating ALL the data. You have my email and phone number — you could have called. If I didn’t know the answer I would have found out for you. But clearly you’d rather slam FSC than get to the truth.

    Once again, this grudge of yours prevents you from even ATTEMPTING to find out the facts. This is not reporting, it’s half-cocked bitching and moaning. Full stop.

    I’m deeply disappointed, Mike; you’ve just proven AGAIN the truth in my latest comments here.

  3. Of course we won’t see TTS listed on the FSC providers list, because TTS allows performers and producers to access their data base to download and print test results for FREE. I hope that TTS isn’t going to be strong armed into oblivion because they are direct competition to the new system that FSC is trying to put into place.

    And what is this “prescription” thing mentioned in the draw station listings announcement? Is this just a confusing way to say “go to the draw station and request the adult performer panel?” The announcement makes it sound like the performer needs to get a prescription from another source to request a blood draw. . . That can’t be right.

  4. @BlackAndBlueMedia – Yes, the prescription thing means you walk in, and a doctor — who will then be the ONLY person to see your medical information — recommends a test based upon your request (and whatever else doctors require under CA law). It is worded that way, and structured that way, for legal reasons, to uphold a high standard of performer privacy, and to avoid some of the problems that arose from AIM’s old system. The system ensures doctor-patient privacy for medical information.

    Unlike AIM, this is not a one-stop clinic-based system, and it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the entities that conspired to harass AIM.

    And where is the uproar about the security of the TTS database, BTW? To quote Mike, “What is being done to insure performer privacy? Database security? system accountability? system auditing?”

    It is my understanding that TTS runs afoul of many of the same issues that plagued AIM. That would TRULY be AIM 2.0.

  5. I am holding my judgement until we see how APHSS works out. I certainly hope it is not AIM 2.0, I am impressed that the actual medical information will not be available online to be able to be hacked in the first place. However, the proof will come in the next six months to a year as to how well it works out for the producers and the performers. I am also concerned as to how TTS’s database is maintained. My impression is that all medical info generated due to the testing is posted including legal name, results, address, driver license number, maybe even a social security number (US)/social insurance number (for Canadians) for patients without a driver license. I think the verification that APHSS is using is safer but requires the talent to carry around test results so that the producer can actually verify that he/she is VD free (sorry, but I would want the actual results on any set I was running). I just hope everything works out and that no more AIM debacles beset the adult industry. PWL and AIM were embarrassing to the industry and I certainly hope we all learn from it so similar incidents do not happen ever again!

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