AHF Wants To Keep Diane Duke In Charge At The FSC


The more I look at AB332 and AHF the more it seems assured that it will pass.  The five to one committee vote seems foretelling.

Unlike the buffoons at the FSC when AHF sees a weakness in their armor they fix it.  Case in point, the bill was recently modified to include a requirement for regular testing,  which totally shut down the argument that performers would quit getting tested and it goes one farther, it makes that testing LAW.  Meanwhile Diane Duke is proving herself to be the incompetent imbecile that she is by trotting out the old hazmat suit argument ib a hearing…Giving AHF the opportunity to illustrate just how out of touch with reality that she is.

I got an email yesterday from someone apparently close to AHF leadership.  The person didn’t want the email printed but told me to feel free to re-write or reference it in my own words.  In short it said that AHF actually wants Diane Duke to remain in charge because they know that they can trounce her over and over.  Normally to accomplish that they would have had to hand er a few small victories, but this is porn, not even Diane Duke can flunk out.  The email suggested that if someone like me were in charge at the FSC it would not be nearly as easy for the FSC, but then if someone like me were in charge we probably wouldn’t be looking at this predicament.

I believe this situation could have been resolved in a manner that would have been much more agreeable a long time ago, without the need for legislation but unfortunately that ship has sailed.

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AHF Wants To Keep Diane Duke In Charge At The FSC

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  1. So the bofonery that FSC continues practice at delight of AHF goes on with incompetent imbecile Diane Duke lead porn industry right place does want be. One has ask one self if you have friend acting like enemy to you was friend really your friend??? Way FSC been acting towards porn indusrty one has wonders are they really best friend or worst enemy ever to indusrty?? When your worst enemys wants so call friend who damage your reputation creditable stay your friend becuase there do thing help them unintentional or intentional than you right Mike Diane Duke need go. How ever find enough people care about see her go in porn industry proven easyer said hard do. It seem as you know there lots people about want chang in porn but not many do any thing make changs.

  2. Should have seen the Huffington post debate. That was very entertaining and hilarious. Danny (cock in his mouth) Wylde complaning that his future is in jeopardy and that he might be endangered by being Unemployed and having to drive 2 hours from LA to Mesa, California in Southern California traffic.

    Excuse me, isn’t there like a very wide range of Male talent unemployed and living in shit ass motels and apartments and sleeping on somebody couch and paying rent to do that?

    Production is being ran out of California right now and to Nevada and other parts of California where to LAW isn’t watching.

    Dianne love that coke so much it’s really fucking those brain cells up more and more along with ackworth and those other dope lames.
    Porn won’t be around much longer in LA and California thanks to them.
    One hell of a team I can say! I would love to have them representing me in a Union on aritrary matter, wouldn’t you?

  3. Rob Black: We Can Still Block AB 332

    –Gene Ross

    If you’re a loyal follower of his daily Internet broadcast, you’ll know that Rob Black generally saves his best for last.

    Black addressed the Huffington Post interview hwww.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=58356 from yesterday noting Steven St. Croix appeared articulate except for him saying that he’s had only one STD in his career. Black said St. Croix’s “either a liar or lucky.”

    “How many of you had an STD before you got in the business?” Black wanted to know “End of story.”

    Black’s willing to bet any girl who’s had an STD in the business was their first time.

    “I never got an STD until I got in this business,” Black confessed.

    Black kept to his theme that Free Speech was a do-nothing figurehead of an
    organization, comparable to a monarchy.

    “Diane Duke, that’s why you’re all fucking stupid. You were never supposed to be what you are. You’re a figurehead and are in way over your head. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Diane you don’t even track who gets STDs.”

    Black noted that it’s common practice for performers when they have an STD to see Dr. Riggs for medication, but Black is guessing that neither Duke nor APHSS know half of what’s going on.

    “Anything that happens at these testing places you go to a real doctor. Any girl or guy goes to see Dr. Riggs. Diane, you don’t even track that, you asshole.”

    Black, among many proposals that he put on the table Tuesday to improve the business, said the industry should have “a central health foundation” that had a doctor to whom all the talent could go to.

    Black said part of the problem inherent in the present system is that there’s no protocols for dealing with the civilian partners of porn performers.

    “Almost like a VA hospital, all of that stuff would be tracked. Now a girl has to have her [outside] partner come in and be in the new adult system.”

    “When you started driving a car you had to take a test, get a permit then take another test and re-new your license. Why the fuck do you do this stuff for a driver’s license, but being a porn star working in an infectious climate, a hazardous arena and among the public, you don’t?”

    “The industry likes to compare itself to stunt work, but stunt work- all those places have structured organizations and unions. They have to go through a system.”

    Black pointed out that Free Speech, although it passes itself off as one, was never set up to be a governing body.

    “So when Russ Hampshire left, he gave it to Jeffrey Douglas who got ambitious and hired Diane Duke.

    “Now Duke and Joanne Capistrano and Douglas are writing legislation.”

    Black said he also disagrees with Mike South who’s been blogging that AB 332 is a fait accompli.

    “We can still block AB 332,” said Black.

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