AHF Wants Performer Data From CET and TTS

The FSC is all up in arms because apparently AHF has presented both Talent Testing and Cutting Edge Testing with subpoenas for data that The FSC says includes private health data.

First off Im a tad skeptical because for all their bitching they didn’t run a copy of the subpoena, so we don’t know what it is they are asking for, if anyone can get me a copy I would appreciate it.

If they are indeed asking for private health data then I would have a problem with that but a subpoena is a court order and they have to comply or try to fight it and The FSC wasn’t offering up any legal assistance to fight the subpoena.  Lots of unanswered questions here.

122470cookie-checkAHF Wants Performer Data From CET and TTS

AHF Wants Performer Data From CET and TTS

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