According to Alexis Ford You Shouldn’t Be Shooting Right Now But Escorting Is OK? SMH

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Alexis Ford goes off on her Twitter about how the Industry should be shut down for months and people shouldn’t even think about shooting, its not safe etc…

YET, she has no problem going on an escorting tour across America where I highly doubt she asks for tests.

I am dumbfounded by the people in this biz with absolutely NO fucking sense.


82900cookie-checkAccording to Alexis Ford You Shouldn’t Be Shooting Right Now But Escorting Is OK? SMH

According to Alexis Ford You Shouldn’t Be Shooting Right Now But Escorting Is OK? SMH

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49 Responses

  1. This is the hypocrisy of this industry that I’m talking about. This is all some of these girls know, they only do porn to keep their hooker rates up. #fact!

  2. To quote one of the greatest big screen philosophers of all time, Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    LATATA girls escoting during a moratorium.

    Life is like a box of std’s, you never know what you’re going to get.

  3. I highly doubt she asks for condoms either.
    I don’t understand what the hell is wrong with these performers.
    They appear do be delusional and living in their own land of oz.
    They care more about money then their own health.

  4. LATATA sure is pretty quiet these days. But their probably all to busy booking ‘other jobs’ for their talent(prostitutes).

    But their is some good news. The Cameron B

  5. LATATA sure is pretty quiet these days. But their probably all to busy booking ‘other jobs’ for their talent(prostitutes).

    But their is some good news. The Cameron B

  6. But their is some good news, The Cameron Bay HIV Fund has raised a whopping $235.00 so far. At this rate they will be able to pay for one days medication by the end of the week.

    It just warms the heart to see how many compassionate, generous people there are in the porn industry. The same industy that raised almost one million dollars to fight measure b has so far come up with 235 dollars for this girl.

    How dare anyone question the good intentions of these fine upstanding citizens?

  7. @Mike: you’re expecting Alexis Ford to make sense? She’s never been one of the brightest bulbs in the box. This is a woman who started out naturally attractive and as soon as she was out of her A & E contract, she had an absurd full-on fuckdoll makeover in preparation for her freelance career. I can’t even look at her now.

  8. @Jilted …you’re looking at a cached page which you probably found by googling “alexis ford agency”. That page is not active on ATMLA’s website, because she’s not with ATMLA. You can view all active talent with ATMLA whose name starts with an A here . Shes not on there. In fact I don’t think she’s with any agency currently. At least I could not find her on any of their active sites. By the way…you realize the majority of talent in the business is with a LATATA agency right? So, since Alexis Ford is not with any agent, explain to me how this has anything to do with LATATA. others have said..yes Alexis is not the sharpest knife in the drawer….jesus

  9. Everyone repeat after me:
    (Are you brainwashed yet? If not, just keep repeating it over & over again until you somehow believe this bullshit!)

    “And, shame on Cameron Bay.. She’s so irresponsible!! How dare she bring HIV into the talent pool… what a fucking whore.
    I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and have never gotten an STD… EVER!”

    Give me a fucking break. I read an article not too long ago which quoted either a lighting or sound guy in which he said “I don’t how these girls do this? There was a gangbang scene recently where the girl ended up having her asshole torn during the scene and it was bleeding. Did she get medical attention? Where condoms used?
    So, the brilliant fucking solution to this problem was just perform double anal on her to keep the blood from coming out…
    When questioned, one of the males proclaimed “No, you don’t understand, it was her decision to continue the scene…”

    And, the porn industry has no fucking idea why the general public can’t quite grasp the idea that the porn industry isn’t a utopia of sexual expression???

  10. So this ONE girl is not with a LATATA agent. So then, what about all the others who are with LATATA, and are listed today as available for escort on the Luxury Comapnion, just to name one site.

    EVERY single LATATA agent knows that their gils escort with untested johns. It has everything to do with them.

    Voice, what percentage of the talent with a LATATA agency escort, I’d say a minimum of 50% what do you say? Any guess?

  11. I don’t disagree with you that many girls in the business escort, and that many of them do it in a risky way. Its just a fact. There are more girls in this business than the business can support, and so they look to other ways to make money. They figure, “well I dont really care who i fuck…and I can spend one hour with a guy and make $1000 or I can spend 6 hours on set and make $1000”. Again, though, agents are not baby sitters. They can’t force a girl not to escort. Again, I’ll make the point that everyone in this business talks about performers like they are children that need babysitters in order to do the right thing. How about this: how about the performers take responsibility for their own actions and stop escorting? Its that simple. But many of them wont, sadly, because they’re 20 year old girls who don’t think about the consequences of their actions, and it is difficult for them to turn down such an extreme amount of money that they can make in a very shot amount of time.

  12. Yup, it’s all about making the most money TODAY. Consequences and longer term finances are further down the priority list. It’s been that way for longer than I can remember, and isn’t likely to change any time soon.

  13. ” Again, though, agents are not baby sitters. They can’t force a girl not to escort.”

    They can refuse to represent them if they do though. They don’t care about safety and they just want the money. Chi Chi La Rue supposedly will boycott your ass if you ever did gay porn without a condom. She is doing quite well with her studio.

  14. @CPanzram well, that would eliminate a large amount of the talent pool…and anyway…say all agents decided to drop girls who escorted…it would be a full time job to keep track of that, and producers would still go and hire them anyway. Bottom line is…nearly NO ONE is talking about performer responsibility or putting the pressure on performers to make smarter choices. Everyone is just debating about how we should be babysitting them better.

  15. How bout the agents who are part of the escorting? Agents are not baby one aspect without fixing the other?sitters, but they do have legal responsibilities as licensed talent agents, and one of them is 1700.33, regarding health and safety of the performers they represent.

    Their is enough blame for EVERYBODY. What good is it to fix one part without the other?

  16. @Lacey: I remember reading this article. I believe the performer who said …” no, you don’t understand, it was her decision to continue the scene” was James Deen.. but he also said the performer was the one who came up with the idea for the scene and that this woman also owned the company. And that there is always a risk of tearing and bleeding when doing these type of scene… like you I found it bizarre that they would continue with scene and not stop…that’s fucking bizarre.

  17. @voiceofreason:
    So, because it would get rid of a lot of talent then it isn’t worth being safe, right? That’s what you said. Escorting puts variables into the mix we cannot keep track of. Since they’ll do it we should just live with it? What if they were all shooting drugs? Should we just accept it since we may lose a lot of talent?

    When the talent gets HIV or Hep C they aren’t worth any money anymore.

    Full-time job? I can hire these women to watch television with me. It wouldn’t be that tough. They advertise. Would some slip through the cracks? Yeah, but they would sign a contract knowing they would be terminated.

  18. The point is for producers not to hire high risk talent. If the mentality changes I’m sure there will be more money for a lot of studios. The mentality may have to be changed through law. It looks that way now. This didn’t have to happen. It happened because no one was really caring.

    Why hasn’t there been something like a liquor license required to produce pornography? Porn needs its own SAG. The regular SAG isn’t going to take them.

    These infections are happening because people are just saying “Oh well. Someone else will hire her or him. Might as well stick their dirty dicks in the females I invested money in.”.

    That works for you?

  19. @Cpan, I agree with the sentiment in you comment above but I think you are missing a crucial point. EVERYONE in the talent pool is at the risk level of the riskiest person in the pool. The degrees of seperation are to small to say that one person poses less of a risk than any other person.

    The performer who says, “I dont do that particular act” probably worked with someone who does.

    This so called system is full of cheaters. Even if there were only a small handful of cheaters, the entire pool would be at the higher risk, but the fact is, a very large percentage of the people in this system are cheating the system.

    To the female who says she is at less risk because she only does g/g, I wonder if she would say that after going down on Cameron Bay and lapping up her vaginal secretions for twenty minutes, and then working with Ms. Delgado the next day.

    There are tons of variables as CPan noted, which is why the risk level is just plain HIGH for everybody. And it could just as easily be said that the escorting isnt done outside the industry pool,it is the escorts johns who are being bought into the industry pool.

  20. @jilted
    I agree with what you are saying and the only true answer is to stop production. That is what it comes down to. It isn’t safe. You can’t make sex safe.

    You can make it safer. I feel shitty saying that, but I realize this is going to happen. There are obvious solutions to this in order to decrease risk. I’m sure there is a lot I’m not even thinking of. While every escorting or drug using girl may not be discovered it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to stop it. Drug testing and contracts stating no hooking would help. It may even raise the quality of talent.

    It is far too big now to properly control. In two days I could start shooting porn and call myself a studio. Who knows what my intentions are or what my actions will be. Therefore, limit those who can shoot. Those putting up the cash will obviously have the intentions to shoot quality product.

  21. Cpan,
    We know porn isnt going away, We know performers will cheat the system, we know people will get all sorts of stds and HIV. One thing needs to change, and that is PRODUCERS must be held accountable for what happens in their workplace, just like any other industry in the United States. This isnt a privacy issue, nobody is invading anybody’s bedroom, this is a workplace. If the industry wants to call themselves a legitimate industry then they have to play by the rules that everybody else plays by. Why they are allowed to violate so many laws is beyond me, but they do, and that is what must change.

    If PRODUCERS had to bear the cost of the consequences of what happens in their workplace then you bet they would demand change. Until this happens, and it may start happeneing sooner than you think, then there will be change.

  22. I totally agree. Trust me. What you are saying requires proper legislation and people to regulate what others are doing. That has to happen.

    I inherited 3 strip clubs when my grandpap died. (Apparently, I was more worthy than my brothers) I sold one of them to finish college and start a business selling sports equipment to schools, organizations, and boroughs and townships. I have 7 employees. If one of them got genital warts on the job I cannot imagine the hellstorm my business and myself would go through. HIV or syphilis? I would be homeless or in jail.

    Why do porn producers get this pass? I would have to be really fucking up to give my employees a disease, but they should have to adhere to the same standards and consequences that I would have to.

    If that can change then I think a lot of good stuff will follow.

  23. Hey, I know! Instead of SAG, they could name the adult union STAG.
    (I think I had way too much wine at dinner because this has me cracking up laughing at the moment and it’s not even that funny….)

    Other than that, SAG members have every right to sue the production companies, every producer, stunt coordinators, etc. depending on who is at fault. This ensures that on every level, people are held accountable for their actions and everyone assumes some sort of risk thereby forcing them to be “responsible.”
    The fact that porn performers are pretty much held accountable for absolutely nothing from a safety standpoint speaks volumes when wondering why everyone continues to say that porn performers need a “babysitter.” But, then you consider that the biggest consequence for performers would be contracting HEP. C or HIV yet they are perfectly fine just trusting a system that makes no fucking sense in protecting the performer from harm. The system is set up where it’s “Oh, you now have HIV, but we caught it early enough so that you didn’t infect the entire talent pool so that’s cool.” wtf?
    There is no way you can tell someone “Be responsible” and expect them to listen to you… there needs to be some sort of consequence to force performers to take responsibilty for themselves. They obviously are not that concerned about their health so maybe a financial consequence of some sort. This goes for the agents, proction companies and producers, as well.
    Just preaching to them isn’t really going to do anything… We’re not talking about the most morally ethical people on the planet here. Meh.

  24. The whole hooking thing happens. Okay. I recognized this porn star off a very popular Bay Area Hooker Website and she was advertising quickies at 100 dollars a pop. Still listed on the Type 9 models page, but 100 for a qq? I thought it was fake. I go to the hotel near the SFO airport and guess who is there. That exact Type 9 model who had the ad posted. I remember her vividly explaining to me the reason she decided to quit porn and hook and model instead is because Kevin from type 9 didn’t even notify her that Mr. Marcus caught syphilis and still booked her for a scene with him! I’m just some guy, but to hear that from a porn girl started my interest in all the outside TMZ bullshit that has become of this industry. If girls want to hook, that should be fine, but then they can’t do movies during that period. You hook, you should always use condoms. I know others say the girls don’t but that is not true. They probably all don’t but the majority do. Or demand tests if you don’t. I’m keeping it real here, seeing both sides of the spectrum. But the bigger picture isn’t these girls hooking. It’s how are we going to get porn back to the glory days where everybody wins? Right now that is looking far from ever being possible.

  25. Btw for the record. This girl didn’t actually do the scene. She heard from a GF in the model house??? That he had caught something and she apparently moved back to the bay area.

  26. @Lacey
    Exactly. Then the producers are going to do their best to hire the talent that is low risk because their asses will be on the line. The girl with an extensive criminal record may not be the safest person to hire. The guy who was in and out of rehab may not be the best person to include to your roster. You know, what normal people do when they hire. If you are positive that you wouldn’t buy a used car from them then don’t hire them.

  27. @mdxxx
    Everyone can win. However, “everyone” is going to be slimmed down.
    I’m not seeing this as horrible times. I believe something good for all of us will come out of this.

    Everyone who is in this industry can win again. That’s going to happen because only certain people will be making the product. More can come in, but they will have to have the money.

    This industry isn’t going to go away. It can’t. If it does then the government cannot control it other than busting folks, but that worked well with weed, didn’t it? If they regulate then it can be good and get rid of a lot of trash.

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