About Those Chase Bank Closures

According to a conversation I had with a Chase executive AND the information that Lurking reader got independently the Chase account closures were NOT done to everyone associated with porn….only with those who had previous Terms of Service Violations.

These violations included primarily bounced checks and even more of a problem bounced deposits.

Imagine porn companies bouncing checks to talent….say it aint so…..

Now here’s the deal…IF you do not escort, have never had a bounced check or a bounced deposit AND had your account closed then contact me, I have someone that wants your story.

Im also told that if you wish to file a complaint against Chase it can be done here   Banks hate these complaints.


103770cookie-checkAbout Those Chase Bank Closures

About Those Chase Bank Closures

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10 Responses

  1. Chase bank is afraid of all the hookers stinky up the place and
    all those Male talent going in bragging about having butt sex with
    other guys. Big fucking deal.

  2. It doesn’t have to be a bounce/charge back… Could be deposits w bulk transfer or any one of umpteen myriad flags.. If you got a letter call and ask what TOS violation flag they found on your account.. If it was a one time deal you have a chance to get it recinded. Don’t bother with local branch as they get overridden by main risk/fraud dept here in ohio. Call number on letter and or main risk mgmt dept.

  3. Anybody who used to get those fucked up checks from that cocksucker
    Rob Black when that shot for him sure had fucked up their accounts.
    I wonder if Rob could even get a bank account without his meal tickets help? I wonder if he can even eat and shit without his meal ticket help?

    I wouldn’t be surprise if Rob Black isn’t shut down by Marc Randazza one of these day like he is going after Monica Foster websites.
    Rob Black talks a lot of shit like that piece of shit Donny Long.

  4. It’s one thing about the US banking system that really sucks: Someone can screw you (with a bad check, whatever) and you are responsible for it and can lose accounts over it, even if you did nothing wrong.

    Sucks to have to deal with them.

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