About That Crush Video Posting

Im very pleased with the discussion it brought forth (and continues to bring forth).  It was interesting to see how it played out, most people got it but a few morons and in some cases people who didnt read it took away from it that I shot my girlfriends cat….

In following up on the story on of the things I came across was that at least as far as I could tell these were NOT crush videos, that was the mainstream media mis-categorizing them into a decidedly unpopular term.

While I do believe in property rights and less government it took me some time and reading some posters comments to figure out what it is that bothers me about this (and it always did bother me)

As I have said  I have killed many animals for food, I have a deep respect for nature and for what it provides for us and even if these people are killing animals in EXACTLY the same way that a farmer would albeit dressed very differently, I have a problem.

That problem is that it seems very wrong to me to film this for any sort of gratification, sexual or otherwise.  If you find it exciting or in any way pleasurable to see an animal (or a human) die before your very eyes then you really need psychiatric help.

Kayden said she wanted to write a piece on it and I look forward to her posting it.  Meantime thanks to everyone who participated and is still participating in this…Its how things get sorted out and its a fascinating read.



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About That Crush Video Posting

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  1. Well that is special. Just tell us something Mr. Mike,
    How did you get away with taking a gun to school in
    Georgia to shoot and eat Squirrels for dinner when you
    took you gun to school? That is the most interesting part of
    the story.

  2. I went to school in a rural area of Georgia, It wasn’t even uncommon. The bullets stayed in my pocket along with my pocket knife and the gun went unloaded into the coat closet this would have been 1965 back then it wasnt a big deal…today itd make national headlines….

  3. Sounds good to me. Again, its not 2014 and your not
    walking down the street in North Hollywood on Lankershim Blvd
    pointing that rifle at that age through Rob Blacks window while
    he is doing his internet show and your threating anybody.
    By the way, How did your family like eating those squirrels Mike?
    Like Beef jerky?

  4. It always seems funny that people don’t understand other cultures and their respective cuisine. Humans eat almost every animal you can imagine somewhere on earth.

    Seriously, everything from chicken to beef and then alligator, rabbit, turtle, squirrels, octopus, sushi, venison, insects or even scorpions and frogs….
    Monkey brains are considered a delicatessen.
    Fried tarantulas are sold by the pound in parts of Asia.
    Testicles, hearts, brains… you name it, someone has eaten it….

    I once ate alligator sausage without realizing it was “alligator” sausage. To be honest, it tasted exactly the same as regular sausage. Frog legs taste almost exactly like chicken.

    I personally couldn’t eat most of it, but I can understand how it provides essential nutrients the same way as chicken or beef does… or eggs… or milk… the list is endless.

  5. Hey you all…is the sky really red?
    Does frog legs taste like chicken? Does it smell like
    chicken and or pussy?
    What does Alligators sausage really taste like Lacey?

  6. squirrel is a little gamey I prefer rabbit…
    quail is excellent as is dove if done properly
    alligator tastes more like pork to me and frog legs do taste like chicken
    goat is actually pretty good….rattlesnake tastes a lot like a chicken/fish hybrid

    never had rocky mtn oysters and wouldnt try them but real oysters are great when raw and harvested fresh…

    Wild hog is as good as any pork you get in the store

    Im not a fan of Venison but Elk and Ostrich are both excellent

    I love most asian foods and have tried grasshoppers and a few other fried insects but Im not fond of em…didnt try the scorpions or what they call water bugs that looks like a roach to me…

    As you mau have guessed i didnt grow up in a city and it was normal for kids as young as 5 to have a .22 rifle back then as hunting was a big part of how we put food on the table but we were taught the proper handling and use of firearms at a very early age…at least myself and my brothers were.

    As you may have guessed we werent exactly affluent…That .22 rifle was a Christmas gift..actually THE Christmas gift.

    It was a different world back then no doubt

  7. Raw oysters are the bomb. Tabasco sauce and
    Its good…better than that frozen stuff from Ralph’s.

  8. i gotta admit…the first guy to break open what looks like a rock and look at the brown grey mass inside and say i think I will eat that……well he had balls….or he was DAMN hungry

    oh and i do like jerky…I make my own even beef and…alligator have made deer but again Im not a fan of venison….so not any more

  9. The sky is really fucking blue.
    If someone’s pussy tastes like chicken and/or frog… I would recommend you stop eating it and take the pussy to a doctor asap.
    Alligator sausage tastes just about the same as pork sausage. I probably wouldn’t have known the difference if someone didn’t tell me….

    New Orleans uses sausage in such a wide variety of dishes… from red beans & rice to breakfast to jambalaya, etc.

    I’m kinda picky about sausage when not used in a traditional dish.
    Green onion sausage is awesome. But, my favorite is chicken & apple smoked sausage.
    Grilled and slightly burnt…. yummy!!!!!

    Why do I suddenly feel like a pervert for talking about sausage on here? Lol.

  10. The best raw oysters on the planet are in New Orleans. #FACT
    Charbroiled grilled oysters on the half shell with a bernaise sauce are extremely popular.

    No one around here would dare eat frozen seafood… fuck that shit.

  11. @Mike –
    That would also apply to the same guy who milked a cow for the first time and then drank it… hahaha.

    That’s some perverted shit if you really think about it….

  12. I never did the hot sauce. Olive oil or butter and black pepper is how I go. Hot sauce would be good though. I’m going to have to try that.

  13. Now for the real question….Mike does your dog have a middle name? If so then we know you’re an official redneck hillbilly 😉

    We got pails, shovels and strainers to catch or harvest any and every kind of fresh and salt water creature…55 gallon drums with sand pit fire, a bit of corn and a few tomatoes and you had one hell of a party.

    @lacey how did they make that gator sausage to taste like pork? Every year in Florida we ate fresh gator and never once in sausage, jerky or fresh fried did it taste like pork..always a combo of chicken texture and a bit gamier but not quite duck.

  14. What’s your take on prepped crustaceans? if I’m whole eating lobster I expect to get my hands messy…don’t mind tails with a surf & turf combo but please don’t assume everyone needs the claws scored and tails split…ugh

  15. @Lurk –
    If I remember correctly, the piece I ate was an alligator/pork sausage so that might be why it tasted mainly of pork. I recognized the slight difference after they told me, but I wouldn’t have really noticed otherwise…

  16. Lobsters are eaten here similar to crawfish and crabs… meaning they eat just about everything… haha.

    It’s a big ball of mess!!! BIG!!!!!!!!
    For crawfish you eat the tail, the body, the claws and then you suck the head… essentially eating everything but the shell.
    The same thing goes for crabs. The claws are eaten first generally…
    Shrimp are basically the same except some actually eat the entire tail including the shell as well…. this isn’t very healthy with eating the shell, but people do it. Also, they don’t suck shrimp heads… only crawfish heads. They do suck all claws though…

  17. I had a Collie named laddie…LOL
    A Rip Rap Pointer Fritz another named Lucky
    A Lewellin Setter named Jewel
    a squirrel dog named Lulu…that laddie was pretty good with the squirrels too…

  18. Wtf no middle names?

    Lol friend named Bruce married to dawn dogs…”bud rose” aka buddddrooooooooo and “Becky sue” aka becccccky suuuuuueeee for hunting everything from deer to squirrel and neighbors lost cats 😉 dawn says the dentures didn’t affect his ability to draw out “dammmmmnnnnit dawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn” for a minute or more depending on how peter bed he is at the moment 🙂 now that’s a redneck 😉

  19. Lol told hubby early on the best food is like good sex…need a shower if you don’t want to advertise 🙂

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