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While we are on the subject of miscellaneous stuff today I want to point something out.

First this blog loses money, plain and simple, it is the main reason I need a dedicated server.  Now Don’t get me wrong, it COULD make money, and quite a bit of it.  I certainly have the traffic and a well targeted audience.


I am VERY picky about my advertisers, if you see a person, company or product advertised here it means that that person, company AND product have passed my honest, good people test.  There is not an advertiser here that I would not personally do business with advertiser or not.

You won’t find ads here for people who steal from others in this industry, or people who abuse the customer with intrusive advertising, card banging or any kind of deceptive practices. So if you need the services of any of my advertisers you know you can deal with them and not worry about anything shady.



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About My Advertisers

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