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I really don’t get all the hoopla over Charlie.  He is single, it’s his money, and if he wants to spend it on porn chick hookers and booze and whatever God bless him, just like if he wants to squander away the rest of it…It’s HIS.

It isn’t like this is his first dalliance with porn girls hell he was married to Ginger Lynn for God’s sake.  It’s easier to point out the porn girls Charlie hasn’t fucked than the ones he has…..and good for him, if that makes him happy why does anyone else even care?

Now for the porn chicks who are rushing to sell their stories to TMZ and radaronline…shame on you.  When you choose to become a courtesan (that’s hooker to you Kacey) you take on a certain professional responsibility and the most important part of that is you NEVER EVER give up a client.  You are being paid in large part for your discretion, if you go down you take the licks.

My friend Melissa Wolf went down and she got raped, she could have saved her 1.2M dollar house and walked away with a slap on the wrist if she had given up her clients, but she didn’t.  She understood that a good courtesan has honor and integrity.

Something Porn people severely lack.

Charlie, dude, yer hooking up with the wrong girls man, other famous people do it and keep it on the down low you should too.

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About Charlie Sheen

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