A Tale Of Two States

Last Friday my day was pretty normal, I did my usual stuff to get ready, including putting my gun in it’s holster and going to the bank.  I made a deposit, the guard, an off duty cop, greeted me, as did the teller.  I wasn’t wearing a jacket or anything so the .38 special was in plain sight.

from  there I met a friend and we went to lunch at an Italian place, a national chain.  When the check came my meal had been discounted to half price.  I told the waiter I thought there was a mistake.  he said there is no mistake, that it was the managers policy that anyone with a gun got half off, that the mangement believes that he is less likely to have any problems while someone like me is there and that he welcomes us.

At the same time in Los Angeles Erik Everhard is shooting Cassandra Calogera.  They are shooting a pick up outdoors.  Cassandra has a B B Gun that’s a part of the pick.  it doesn’t have any BBs in  it, it doesn’t even have a CO2 cartridge in it to power it with the air compression needed to propel the non existent BB out of it. In other words its a toy gun.

LA’s Finest, having taken care of all the rest of the crime in the city witnesses this and springs into action to further protect the citizenry, and promptly place Miss Calogera under arrest for “brandishing a weapon in public”

Erik and Cassandra laugh and explain its simply a toy gun, with no BBs and no CO2 in it, noting that it doesnt even look like a real gun.

But Los Angeles is a city that doesn’t have tolerance for law abiding citizens who arm themselves, after all LAPD has done such a fine job of controlling gangs and violent crime, why would anyone but the police need to carry a weapn in public, hell people really shouldn’t even need them in their homes, but there’s that damn pesky second amendment thing.

Cassandra was charged and placed under arrest and taken to jail, where Erik bonded her out as quickly as he could. She now awaits trial on criminal charges.

Doesn’t it just make you feel nice and warm and safe that your city officials are using your money to protect you from threats to society like Miss Calogera brandishing a toy gun?  Nice to know they don’t have any serious problems with crime over there.

And people wonder why I never moved to Los Angeles.

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A Tale Of Two States

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  1. hey mike quick question. if a porn shoot requires a scene outdoors is the industry required to have a permit? i imagine that’s how hollywood movies are made but i don’t recall this ever being a problem for them.

  2. I honestly don’t know backspace, I don’t shoot in Cali. I did shoot once in Red Rock Canyon and was ticketed for not having a permit because it was a federal park.

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